Agustin Daniel Perez Paladini

Agustin Daniel Perez Paladini

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
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Agustin Daniel Perez Paladini

Agustin Daniel Perez Paladini

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Member since July 23, 2013
Agustin is a self-starter, a hands-on developer who loves innovation and technology. To him, software development is not just a job, but a hobby and a passion as well. He is an excellent communicator and an enthusiastic learner.
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  • C++, 8 years
  • Standard Template Library (STL), 6 years
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 6 years
  • Linux, 6 years
  • Qt, 5 years
  • Algorithms, 4 years
  • C, 3 years
  • Boost, 3 years
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Preferred Environment
Linux, C++
The most amazing... I've created is a prototype platform for web services (real-time games), developed for a local startup.
  • Participant at Director of Engineering Program
    Hubert Burda Media Holding KG
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Led a variety of projects for different clients (tech and non-tech oriented) with durations ranging from two to four months.
    • Gained an understanding of each problem and adapted to myriad new company cultures, environments, processes, and tools.
    • Proposed, designed, architected, and/or implemented solutions and alternative solutions.
    • Analyzed and handed over projects after implementation.
    • Analyzed data and developed algorithms and ideas for clustering and intent detection.
    • Implemented back-end services to hit different systems with different technologies.
    • Implemented end-to-end solutions (back-end and front-end on a browser extension).
    • Analyzed 24-year-old complex software and produced documentation and recommendations for how to change the current system, technology, possible problems/solutions, pros and cons, and risks.
    • Created new services (API) and a test framework to perform stress and load tests to simulate peak traffic hours and be compliant with technology constraints (response time, database types, etc.).
    Technologies: Python, JavaScript, Browser Extension, Security, Map Reduce, Big Data
  • Technical Director, 3D Engine
    Zoobe Message Entertainment GmbH
    2014 - 2016
    • Started working in the already existing 3D tool based on an open source app with C++, wxWidgets, Ogre 3D rendering engine.
    • Later created the second version (own) of the 3D tool, using wxWidgets and later one being in charge of the design + architecture + implementation (technical side) of the current company product ZoobePro using Qt as the main UI Framework.
    • Collaborated to create some features for the engine of Zoobe.
    Technologies: C++, STL, Ogre3D, SFML, Google C++ Test, Qt, WxWidgets, Google ProtocolBuffers, FFmpeg, CMake, Qt Creator, Visual Studio, Mingw, Linux, Windows, VLC, QtAV, Python
  • Senior C++ Developer
    Intel ASDC (Harriague & Asociados)
    2013 - 2013
    • Worked for Intel ASDC in the AppUp project.
    • Developed new features using C++ and C#.
    • Worked on the AppUp core.
    • Developed additional auxiliary tools used by the AppUp core.
    • Improved the code base and design as needed.
    Technologies: C++, C#
  • Senior C++ Developer
    Dreamworks Animation (Globant)
    2012 - 2013
    • Worked on the rigging tool used by "riggers" to create movies.
    • Developed new features and maintained the rigging tool (using C++).
    • Added features and functionality to be used by the Python interface.
    • Worked with many different tools (profiles, debuggers, compilers, etc.) and libraries (TBB, Boost, OpenGL, STL, etc.).
    • Developed on the Linux platform, creating a highly complex software product.
    Technologies: C++, Python
  • Co-Founder, C++ Software Developer, Tech Lead
    RID Software
    2011 - 2012
    • Worked as a C++ tech lead and developer for this startup project.
    • Developed a server providing different web services like real-time platforms for multiplayer games, wall of comments, sweepstakes, voting platforms, etc.
    • Participated in the marketing and commercial area to develop feasible projects and cost estimates.
    • Gathered ideas and formulated software requirements.
    • Created the system's architectural and high level designs (using UML).
    • Divided tasks and coordinated the development process (using TDD).
    • For this project, we used C++ for the main server (and C to modify the web server library) and the framework used by the applications. Using UnitTest++ as the test framework, linux as platform and SFML and OGRE for the 2D and 3D applications (with C++ also).
    Technologies: C++
  • Software Developer
    Intel ASDC (Harriague & Asociados)
    2010 - 2010
    • Worked on the AppUp (application store) client-side for the Windows platform.
    • Developed using C++ and C#.
    • Utilized Scrum methodologies.
    • Handled bug fixing and development of new features.
    Technologies: C++, C#, JavaScript
  • Teaching Assistant
    UNC - FaMAF
    2009 - 2010
    • Worked as the teaching assistant for Operating Systems as well as Algorithms & Data Structures.
    • Created various data structures in C (linked lists, hashes, graphs, etc.).
    • Implemented a simple Bash, kernel Linux FIFO, fake file system, and more.
    • Checked and reviewed student projects.
    Technologies: C
  • C++ Software Developer
    CityFestival Disco (Córdoba)
    2009 - 2010
    • Worked as a freelance C++ developer.
    • Developed a system able to show Bluetooth cellphone messages on different screens for a nightclub.
    • Developed on Linux using C++, Qt, and Bluez in the server-side.
    • Developed client-side in J2ME for mobile phones.
    • Gathered system requirements in conjunction with the marketing team.
    • Investigated libraries, the Bluetooth protocol, target hardware, and more.
    • Designed and developed the server and client software as well as the necessary libraries (Bluetooth dongle abstraction, etc.).
    • Designed and implemented the protocol and security system to avoid letting unregistered cell phones send messages.
    • Implemented GUI to check and filter sent messages.
    Technologies: C++
  • Freelance Game Developer
    Lofty Vision
    2006 - 2008
    • Developed a 3D rally advergame using a scripting-based game engine for the Windows XP platform.
    • Developed another 3D rally advergame using a 3D game engine for Windows XP.
    • Developed a 3D Memotest game using a 3D Game engine for Windows XP.
    • Worked as the sole developer, responsible for designing and implementing the game in conjunction with members of the graphics and sound teams.
    • Worked in an unstructured environment, producing top quality software.
    • Communicated with the client to relay project status and more.
    Technologies: C-Lite
  • Final Degree Project (Development)

    This project is related to the publication, "Software for the measurement of hydrodynamic parameters in a 2D wave channel using high-resolution video cameras". The developed tool captures wave height in a laboratory in real-time using a webcam (image processing).

    This project was developed using C++, Qt and Qwt for the GUI, OpenCV as the image processing and image capture library, tinyxml, and other math libraries.
    The tool runs on Linux platform

  • Megafauna (Development)

    This project will be an educational 3D pre-historic virtualization of areas in Argentina where you can move around, retrieve information regarding animals, plants, and more.
    This project is being developed using open-source tools and libraries and will be multi-platform and free-to-play. Ideally, this project will be used by museums and universities.
    Technologies involved include:
    * C++, Boost, STL.
    * OGRE
    * CMake
    * git
    * Test Driven Development

  • Nano-cure (Game Jam 2013) (Development)

    A game developed in the 2013 Game Jam.
    Technologies involved include: C++, Bullet, Irrlicht.

  • The Last Fireman (Game Jam 2011) (Development)

    A game developed in the 2011 Game Jam using C++ and SFML.

  • CordobaZombie (Development)

    This project is a "hobby" startup that began some time ago as a little project and has now become a mid-sized project with multiple people involved.

    It is a 3D strategy game developed with C++.
    In addition, it is open source project; the main wiki can be found here:
    Main responsibilities include:
    * Read and research about whatever is needed to accomplish the objectives (pathfinding algorithms, IA, unit locomotion, sound system, collision system, physics, rendering, GUI, filesystem, etc).
    * Filter features into feasible and unfeasible.
    * Design modules.
    * Divide and assign tasks and help the other developers of the project.
    * Improve compilation and configuration system.

    Technologies used include: C++, CMake, git, OGRE, OpenAL, and vorbis.

  • Director of Engineering Program, Hubert Burda Media Holding KG (Participant) (Other amazing things)

    The program will have a duration of 12 months. It begins with a two-month bootcamp (onboarding university) in Munich where selected candidates will receive intensive preparation (both theoretical and practical) in order to succeed in five different two-month rotation assignments.

    Each assignment will consist of leading a specific technical project with a team from one of the companies in the Burda Digital Group. Possible assignments may be with the companies Cliqz, XING, Chip, BurdaDirect, and Tomorrow Focus AG/HolidayCheck.

    Technologies: JavaScript, Python, Browser extension development, Web services, AWS, Docker, Map Reduce, Big Data, Go

  • Languages
    C++, Java, C, Python, XML, JavaScript, SQL, C#
  • Frameworks
    OGRE, Qt, Boost, Django
  • Libraries/APIs
    SFML, Standard Template Library (STL), OpenCV
  • Platforms
    Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android
  • Tools
    TinyXML, CMake, Eclipse IDE, Mercurial, Visual Studio, AccuRev, Crucible, JIRA, Git, SVN
  • Paradigms
    Agile Software Development, Concurrent Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming
  • Misc
    Data Structures, Algorithms, BlueZ
  • Storage
    Redis, Cassandra
  • Master's degree in Computer
    FaMAF (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) - Cordoba, Argentina
    2007 - 2012
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