Ahmed Elsayed, Developer in Marsden Park, New South Wales, Australia
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Ahmed Elsayed

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Quality Assurance Developer

Marsden Park, New South Wales, Australia
Toptal Member Since
March 3, 2021

Ahmed is a senior quality engineer with a total experience of 11 years, with a great experience designing high-quality frameworks, writing automation scripts using a wide variety of technologies, including Selenium, Katalon, Appium, APIs, RF Jenkins, Java, C#, and Groovy. With exposure to several enterprise applications, he is capable of tackling different challenges and come up with innovative solutions. Ahmed communicates remarkably well and has worked with and managed teams of varying sizes.


Caterpillar - CFO - Financial Services Division -VST
Quality Assurance (QA), Test Automation, Manual QA, Playwright, Azure, C#.NET...
Test Automation, Java, Groovy, Selenium, Appium, REST Assured, Katalon, Jenkins...
HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), HP LeanFT, IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM)...




Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Java, Selenium, Katalon, Jenkins, Robot Framework, APIs, C#.NET, Playwright

The most amazing...

...thing I have designed was the automation framework for the government insurance organization and for the ministry of interior in KSA.

Work Experience

QA Automation Engineer

2021 - 2024
Caterpillar - CFO - Financial Services Division -VST
  • Set light processes that ensured that a high quality level is in place by adhering to Gherkin format when writing user stories and acceptance criteria. Defined the lifecycle of the ticket until its closure.
  • Introduced test automation and integrated it with the developer's code in such a way that it runs the regression suite automatically after each push to a PR.
  • Introduced load testing for the features that are anticipated to receive a large volume of users.
  • Built and trained a team of four QA engineers who are equally excellent in manual and automation.
  • Delivered more than 100 releases to production, almost bug-free.
Technologies: Quality Assurance (QA), Test Automation, Manual QA, Playwright, Azure, C#.NET, Azure Cosmos DB, APIs, Apache JMeter, Robot Framework, Python, Mobile App Testing

Test Automation Lead

2015 - 2021
  • Designed and developed an automation framework for web, mobile, and API apps for one of the government entities, using Java, Selenium, Appium, and RestAssured. Trained team members on how to use it and kept it updated and enhanced with new features.
  • Implemented the quality assurance to quality engineer (QA2QE) program by training the manual testing team to transform to testing automation using Java and Selenium and giving them the required support and mentorship.
  • Automated tests for more than 20 projects for the government and private sector in Saudi Arabia of different sizes and natures, including web applications, mobile applications, APIs, batches, and databases using Robot Framework and Selenium with Java.
  • Updated an automation technology stack from legacy scripts written in HP QTP to use the latest technology stack like Selenium, Java, Jenkins, and Bitbucket.
  • Implemented the integration with a third-party test management tool (IBM rational quality manager) to update execution records once test automation is executed and link the automated scripts to run from RQM.
  • Designed and implemented the framework for integration with test data management tools (Delphix) to prepare test data and reset the database to the ready state upon completion of automation.
  • Designed and implemented virtual services using SoapUI, Groovy, and IBM rational integration tester (RIT aka green hat) to speed up the testing process by mocking external service responses and tailoring the response based on different test cases.
  • Developed the automation framework for one of the government entities using Katalon and Groovy, gave the required training and support for the framework, and integrated it with RQM, Gitlab, and Jenkins.
  • Automated performance tests for multiple online services using JMeter and Groovy that could uncover performance issues prior to production and helped with handling a load of 100,000 simultaneous users.
  • Used SoapUI and Postman as supportive tools to validate web services and API responses manually before automating tests using JMeter and RestAssured.
Technologies: Test Automation, Java, Groovy, Selenium, Appium, REST Assured, Katalon, Jenkins, Git, Apache JMeter, SoapUI, Postman, QA Automation, Automated Testing, Manual QA, QA Test Plan Management, QA Testing, E2E Testing, Playwright

Senior Quality Analyst

2014 - 2015
  • Automated the tests for the traffic system using HP UFT and Visual Basic script, including vehicle ownership transfers, internal and international authorizations, and many other modules.
  • Automated the regression tests for the healthcare system using Selenium and C# and adopted the Selenium grid for faster execution as well as for enhancing the quality by testing on multiple browsers.
  • Implemented performance testing using JMeter to measure the performance of different real-time services.
  • Automated the regression tests of the healthcare system using HP LeanFT and C# and adopted integrating the automated test execution with RQM for better governance.
  • Developed mock services using SoapUI to mimic real third-party services that require real live data.
Technologies: HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), HP LeanFT, IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM), Selenium Grid, SoapUI, HP UFT, C#, Apache JMeter, Automated Testing, Manual QA, QA Test Plan Management, QA Testing, E2E Testing

Senior Software Engineer

2012 - 2013
  • Established the test process for the company including defining the testing design process, defect cycle, and entry and exit criteria.
  • Participated in designing and developing Blueberry, an HR management platform, and Aldealer, an eCommerce website, using VB.NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Server 2012.
  • Did functional testing on Aldealer. Prepared test cases, executed them, and reported defects using Microsoft TFS.
  • Conducted automation testing for Blueberry using the Microsoft Coded UI tool to validate regression test suites.
Technologies: VB.NET, SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET, Coded UI Tests, TFS, Manual QA, QA Testing, E2E Testing

Test Engineer

2009 - 2012
  • Performed manual functional testing for the billing product catalog of the TABs system, the main application for more than 50 telecom operators. It depended on Oracle forms technology stack and C++ batches.
  • Performed UAT onsite functional testing for the friends and family referral promotion for VIVA Kuwait.
  • Performed UAT onsite functional testing for an invoicing system in Lebanon for one of the top three mobile operators.
  • Handled functional manual and automated testing using HP QTB for payment products, which was developed using Java.
Technologies: Telecommunications, Oracle, PuTTY, Batch, Billing, Manual QA

Automation For Walem

A Robot framework-based project to automate Walem, a web application offering food delivery services consisting of three parts:

1. Restaurant owners can register their menus, branches, and shift hours.
2. Drivers can register their available hours and payment methods.
3. Customers can use the mobile app to order.

Automation Framework with C#

This framework was built with C# as a baseline for test automation projects, it includes many features that will make the automated scripts easier, these features include:
- Excel sheet utilities in a form of SQL statements
- Reporting features
- Parallel execution
- Selenium grid integration
- Data generator libraries
- Page object model pattern

Automation Script Generator

This project accelerates the scripting process by generating the required UI automation script in Page Object Model pattern, it takes an HTML page as an input and generates the required scripts using a simple interface, it supports generating scripts in the following formats:
- HP QTP script
- LeanFT scripts
- Selenium C#
- Convert from QTP to LeanFT
- Convert from LeanFT to Selenium
- Generate Excel test data files

This application was created using C#.

Java Framework Template

This is a sample data-driven Java framework; it is simple yet powerful by its distinctive data-driven feature by simply using a YAML file to set up the test data for tests, add new tests, or update existing ones.

JMeter Framework

This project describes how to create a reusable JMeter script that takes into consideration the following aspects:
1: Reusability
2: Maintainability
3: Extension

It uses the following components to achieve our target:
1: Simple controller
2: Transaction controller
3: Module controller
4: Test fragment
2003 - 2007

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Assiut University - Assiut-Egypt


Certified Ui Path Developer



Certified Test Manager



Certified Agile Tester



Foundation Certificate in Software Testing



Selenium Grid, Playwright


Katalon, REST Assured, Apache JMeter, Jenkins, Postman, SoapUI, Git, IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM), Cucumber, GIS, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), PuTTY, TFS, C#.NET WinForms


Selenium, Robot Framework, Appium, ASP.NET, TestNG


Test Automation, Testing, Automated Testing, E2E Testing, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Coded UI Tests

Industry Expertise



Java, C#, Groovy, Assembly, C++, Pascal, Prolog, VB.NET, Batch, Python, C#.NET


Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Oracle, Azure


SQL Server 2012, Databases, Azure Cosmos DB


HP UFT, QA Testing, QA Automation, Test Automation Frameworks, Quality Assurance (QA), Regression Testing, Manual QA, QA Test Plan Management, APIs, HP LeanFT, Agile Software Testing, Test Management, UiPath, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Calculus, Networks, Digital Design, eCommerce, Physics, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, Information Engineering, Systems Analysis, Computer Graphics, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Structures, Probability Theory, File Structure, Billing, Mobile App Testing

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