Aierpati Abulaiti, Quality Engineer and Developer in Miami, FL, United States
Aierpati Abulaiti

Quality Engineer and Developer in Miami, FL, United States

Member since April 24, 2020
Aierpati is a professional quality engineer with over six years of experience implementing automation frameworks for web, API, and mobile apps. He's well versed in producing results while using waterfall and agile methodologies. Aierpati has a demonstrated track record of evaluating test results and discovering potential software problems as soon as possible. He also has excellent analytical skills, remarkable deadline sensitivity, and a healthy respect for the client's budget.
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  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
    REST Assured, React Native, Allure Testing Framework, log4j, Gradle, JUnit...
  • Freddie Mac
    MongoDB, JSON, XML, log4j, REST Assured, Selenium...
  • Verizon
    REST, Postman, SQL, Selenium, SoapUI, UI, SOAP, Jira, TestNG, Jenkins...



Miami, FL, United States



Preferred Environment

Selenium, Allure Testing Framework, React Native, REST Assured, Bitbucket, Android Studio, Xcode, Cucumber, MongoDB, SQL, Jira, Postman, Maven, Gradle, Git, JUnit, TestNG, Appium, Jenkins, Java

The most amazing...

...thing I've built was a single repository system—enabling for 50% faster automation and a reduced the maintenance of scripts by over 70% on a React Native app.


  • Lead Quality Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    Royal Caribbean Cruises
    • Implemented Java-based mobile automation for crew applications using Selenium, Appium, Gradle. and other tool sets.
    • Implemented a single repository system for automation that allowed for 50% faster automation and a reduction of maintenance of scripts by over 70%.
    • Contributed to the creation of a reusable function library, leading to a reduction of duplication of code and scripting.
    • Assisted in demoing of the mobile application to the company’s vice president and board of directors.
    • Implemented and achieved single-script runs across multiple platforms, decreasing code by 50%, and becoming the new standard across the entire program.
    • Implemented the use of debugging tools, adding the ability to analyze stack traces, code, and log files.
    • Worked with engineers and project leads to triage and prioritize issues for resolution.
    • Worked in all stages of application testing including UI, back end, functional, and regression.
    • Ensured that test automation coverage was addressed for major features in a sprint.
    Technologies: REST Assured, React Native, Allure Testing Framework, log4j, Gradle, JUnit, Appium, Selenium, Java
  • Senior Test Automation Analyst

    2018 - 2019
    Freddie Mac
    • Conducted research regarding financial service, financial status, credit history, and underwriting risks to understand system requirements thoroughly.
    • Developed and executed automated test scripts in REST Assured for API validation using a Cucumber framework; managed all automation code with Git as source control and ran automation scripts on Jenkins.
    • Developed BDD scripts with Cucumber/Java and defined behaviors and steps.
    • Implemented API automation scripts to validate XML and JSON formatted files.
    • Designed and developed a Java-based automation framework for functional and regression testing using Selenium, Java, Maven, and JUnit from scratch.
    • Participated in formal reviews to identify problems and determine whether the product meets all applicable requirements.
    • Designed clear, concise, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test cases.
    • Analyzed and communicated test results to management then made recommendations for product improvements wherever necessary.
    • Collaborated with the QA supervisor and ensured adequate floor coverage to confirm coverage and consistency of standards applied.
    • Assisted the supervisor in driving alignment and resolution of issues concerning disposition of non-conformance or interpretation of specification.
    Technologies: MongoDB, JSON, XML, log4j, REST Assured, Selenium, Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Cucumber, JUnit, Jenkins, Maven, Java
  • Automation Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    • Assisted in the creation and prioritization of requirements for the implementation of the automation framework using Java.
    • Implemented a new process to expand the existing test with automation resulting in a 10% increase of defects caught resulting in improved regression quality.
    • Collaborated with product and development teams to plan suitable verification, validation, qualification, and testing methods.
    • Managed test execution and defect logging and tracking using Jira.
    • Implemented Jenkins as a continuous integration tool to schedule and run automated test scripts.
    • Demonstrated an ability to self-motivate and be flexible within a fast-paced environment.
    • Improved our existing test automation frameworks and infrastructure and support engineers in writing additional UI tests.
    • Designed and implemented a test strategy to improve efficiency in both manual and automation testing.
    • Attended team meetings to give the project status updates and discuss any technical issues in the project.
    Technologies: REST, Postman, SQL, Selenium, SoapUI, UI, SOAP, Jira, TestNG, Jenkins, IntelliJ IDEA, Java
  • Quality Engineer

    2015 - 2017
    HSBC Bank
    • Created and implemented a modular-driven automation framework using TestNG, Selenium, and Java (Object-oriented programming).
    • Assisted in creating reports of the test results and automation blocker in the application using Maven.
    • Collaborated with development and product teams to implement a robust automation solution to cover gaps in both development and design.
    • Created an XML-based test suite with Jenkins integration so automated scripts can be run and scheduled in different environments with unique testing configurations.
    • Wrote detailed bug reports to assist developers with eliminating bug issues found during testing.
    • Assisted diverse support team delegations in manual and automated test plan production.
    • Monitored updates of existing and new automated test suits and infrastructures.
    • Prioritized QA tasks, optimized testing processes, and suggested improvements for application design and features while in persistent communication with developers and management.
    Technologies: Case, Scrum, XML, VersionOne, Maven, IntelliJ, Jenkins, TestNG, Selenium WebDriver, Java
  • Junior Quality Engineer

    2014 - 2015
    • Collaborated with developers and product to define test requirements bases on business and system requirements.
    • Assisted in the creation of a custom automation framework using Selenium and TestNG.
    • Managed the release process for the execution of manual regression test cases.
    • Created a custom defect report using HP Quality Center to communicate and prioritize any issues discovered.
    • Coordinated and implemented a peer-review process to identify potential gaps in test cases.
    • Prepared and presented clear-and-concise quality-assurance briefing materials.
    • Enforced test development standards in coordination with senior management.
    • Verified all aspects of software-development lifecycle maintenance.
    • Provided the engineering team with technical guidance and support as needed.
    Technologies: Regression, TestNG, Selenium, Test Cases, HP Quality Center (QC), Java


  • CrewApp for Cruise Ships

    CrewApp is an internal React Native application that's specifically designed for crew members on a cruise ship. By using the CrewApp, a crew member is able to send and receive 1:1 chat messages, view the itinerary, news, events, folio, maps, and edit their account profile.

    I was a lead quality engineer on the project, responsible for building the automation framework, mobile devices management, coverage, and reports. I also assisted in demoing the mobile applications to the company's vice president and board of directors.

  • Loan Product Advisor

    Loan Product Advisor gives you access to Freddie Mac's credit requirements and their view of your credit risk so you can easily assess your loan's overall underwriting risk.

    1. Assess your loan's overall underwriting risk by evaluating it against Freddie Mac's credit requirements.
    2. Review criteria including purchase eligibility, risk data, and collateral representation and warranty relief.
    3. View solution options including fixed-rate/ARMs, Home Possible®, and super conforming mortgages.

    I worked as a senior test automation analyst and automated tests in REST Assured for back-end API validation. I also created the framework, ran Jenkins jobs, participated in reviews, made recommendations for product improvements, and collaborated with the QA supervisor to ensure adequate floor coverage.

  • My Verizon

    My Verizon gives you complete control to manage your account and plan, upgrade devices, access Verizon Up rewards, and monitor your data—baskically to keep up with your account. The Feed updates you on your usage and also gives you other account notifications so you're always in control.


  • Frameworks

    Selenium, Appium, TestNG, JUnit, React Native, Allure Testing Framework
  • Tools

    Jenkins, Git, Maven, Postman, VersionOne, Jira, Gradle, REST Assured, Cucumber, Xcode, Android Studio, Bitbucket, IntelliJ IDEA, SoapUI, IntelliJ, HP Quality Center (QC)
  • Paradigms

    Agile, Behavior-driven Development (BDD), REST, Scrum
  • Other

    UI Automation, Mobile Device QA Automation, Test Planning, Test Case Creation, REST API Automation, log4j, SOAP, UI, Case, Test Cases, Regression
  • Languages

    Java, SQL, XML
  • Storage

    JSON, MongoDB, MySQL, Couchbase
  • Libraries/APIs

    Selenium WebDriver


  • High School Diploma in Computer Science
    2010 - 2013
    Cha Bu Cha Er Third High School - China

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