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Alex Gievsky, C++ Developer in Moscow, Russia
Alex Gievsky

C++ Developer in Moscow, Russia

Member since April 17, 2015
Alex makes apps and games with C++, Objective-C, Java, and C#. His domain and experience are around iOS, Android, Mac, and Blackberry platforms. He has exceptional cross-platform, "write once – run everywhere" background. Being skilled in arts and design, he is passionate about his all-inclusive approach and about working in teams.
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  • C++, 11 years
  • iOS, 5 years
  • Cross-platform, 4 years
  • Objective-C, 4 years
  • UIkit, 4 years
  • Android, 3 years
  • Swift, 3 years
  • Java, 2 years
Moscow, Russia



Preferred Environment

Xcode, IntelliJ, Git, Heroku, Vagrant

The most amazing... I've made is reTales, a cross platform RPG with nonlinear storytelling, progression trees, and complex economy.


  • Senior iOS Developer

    2018 - 2018
    Johnson & Johnson - Health IT (via Toptal)
    • Updated deprecated UI layers, tutorial screens, and voice recognition modules with manual input.
    • Improved networking API stability.
    • Fixed concurrency issues.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, AutoLayout, CocoaPods, Voice Recognition, UIKit
  • Mobile iOS Swift Developer

    2017 - 2017
    Inada Consulting, Limited (via Toptal)
    • Designed the app's UI with complicated custom views.
    • Designed the app's API client.
    • Created model test schemes.
    • Developed the app's logic.
    Technologies: Swift, Stripe, Alamofire, Core Data (Cadmium), Swagger, Auto Layout, MVVM, XCTest
  • iOS SDK Developer

    2017 - 2017
    FIDEL (via Toptal)
    • Created an iOS SDK and wrapped it into a custom pod.
    • Created an Android SDK and wrapped it into a custom Gradle plugin.
    • Wrote UI/unit tests for both iOS and Android SDKs.
    Technologies: iOS, Android, Swift, Java, CocoaPods, Gradle,, Ion
  • TCPA Lead App

    2017 - 2017
    Bursor & Fisher, P.A. (via Toptal)
    • Designed the UX/UI for both platforms.
    • Developed an iOS app to capture leads.
    • Developed an Android app to capture leads.
    • Developed an Android BroadcastReceiver-based widget.
    Technologies: iOS, Android, Swift, Java, CocoaPods, Gradle, Git
  • iOS Developer

    2016 - 2016
    Verto Analytics (for Cisco; via Toptal)
    • Updated the user interface in compliance with the latest iOS guidelines.
    • Improved usage statistics: Added parameters showing traffic consumption by any particular date on a daily basis.
    • Updated the speed test API.
    • Introduced a new projected overage value, a statistically-based parameter predicting data plan excess.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, Core Data, GCD, Auto Layout
  • HTML5 Developer

    2016 - 2016
    Maths Online (via Toptal)
    • Developed core logic with JavaScript.
    • Developed platform-specific wrappers for iOS (Obj-C) and Android (Java).
    • Developed the app's design from scratch with Adobe Illustrator.
    Technologies: Cocos2D, JS, Obj-C, Java, Adobe Illustrator
  • Mobile App Developer

    2016 - 2016
    Mindway Media (via Toptal)
    • Created a cross-platform, multi-resolution drawing app.
    • Extended and improved the Cocos2d-x UI.
    • Created an image layer to export pictures to Photo Library.
    Technologies: Cocos2d-x, C++, Objective-C, iOS
  • iOS Developer

    2016 - 2016
    NALSA (via Toptal)
    • Converted a legacy project to a newer version.
    • Redesigned all the UI to be compatible with Auto Layout.
    • Updated deprecated libraries and APIs.
    • Fixed animation-related bugs.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Auto Layout, Core Animation, SQLite
  • Founder

    2011 - 2015
    • Delivered over 70 mobile apps for clients all over the world on iOS and Android platforms.
    • Gathered a distributed team of 12 specialists.
    • Established a development pipeline and processes from scratch.
    • Conducted several training sessions for the employees in domains like architecture, rapid prototyping, automation, and UX.
    Technologies: Objective-C, C++, Java, Cocos2d, Cocos2d-x, Unity, UIKit, Core Services, Retrofit
  • Team Lead

    2013 - 2014
    Lemon Tree Studio
    • Developed high-quality apps for a European customer.
    • Developed and delivered two mobile games of our own.
    • Estimated, reviewed, analyzed, and approved the projects' budgets.
    • Introduced and directed activities so that products were developed on schedule.
    • Directed code review and quality assurance in general.
    • Conducted technical interviews.
    Technologies: C++, Objective-C, Java, iOS, Android, Unity
  • Invited Instructor

    2013 - 2013
    Omsk State Transport University
    • Taught the basic concepts of CS and software development to a group of fourteen students.
    • Taught software development techniques and processes, including Agile, code review, versioning, testing, and more.
    • Conducted final exams.
    Technologies: OOP, C++, Java, Design patterns, Git
  • Developer

    2009 - 2011
    • Integrated Lua scripting into the game engine end editors.
    • Developed various internal tools and editors for animation/particle systems, scripting, GUI, cut scenes, and levels.
    • Optimized rendering.
    • Developed unit tests for the game engine and game logic.
    • Developed tools for artists and designers.
    Technologies: C++, DirectX 8, Lua, MFC, Qt
  • Developer

    2008 - 2009
    • Developed browser-based games for a few hosting providers in Russia.
    • Managed client requirements and project lifecycle.
    • Collaborated with remote artists and sound designers.
    • Integrated game code into client CRMs.
    • Developed resource exporting plugins for FlashDevelop.
    Technologies: FlashDevelop, Haxe, Flash Builder



  • Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, C++, Clojure, Java, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    UIkit, Cocoa, Core Data, ReactiveCocoa
  • Libraries/APIs

    Facebook Open Graph API, Butterknife, CocoaPods, PubNub, Node.js
  • Tools

    Android Studio, Git, Xcode, Gradle, Eclipse IDE, Adobe Illustrator, IntelliJ, Sketch, Adobe Experience Design (XD)
  • Paradigms

    Cross-platform, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming
  • Platforms

    iOS, Android, Parse, Heroku, Firebase
  • Other

    User Experience (UX), Game Design
  • Storage

    SQLite, PostgreSQL


  • Master's degree in Software Engineering
    2015 - 2016
    Innopolis University - Innopolis, Russia
  • Master's degree in Computing Machines, Complex Systems, and Networks
    2008 - 2013
    Omsk State Transport University - Omsk, Russia
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
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