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Alex Standiford

Verified Expert  in Engineering

WordPress Plugins Developer

Canton, OH, United States
Toptal Member Since
January 26, 2017

Alex helps companies manage their WordPress websites in less time. He does this by building and customizing WordPress plugins and themes in a way that empowers the company to do its tasks more efficiently. He's been a developer for five years, focusing on WordPress plugins and themes. He works with modern workflow practices such as Composer, Gulp, and Grunt. He has built several WordPress plugins, including ones in the public repository.


Easy Age Verifier
SCSS, Git, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP
Easy Beer Lister
SCSS, WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP
JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Mustache, PHP




Preferred Environment

Git, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), WordPress, PhpStorm

The most amazing...

...WordPress plugin I've worked on is AffiliateWP. I spent two years working on this plugin, integrating many popular plugins like WooCommerce in the process.

Work Experience

Web Developer

2015 - PRESENT
Easy Age Verifier
  • Built a scaleable WordPress plugin that verifies a visitor's age when they visit the site.
  • Built the plugin using modern object-oriented programming practices.
  • Added support for future add-ons.
  • Implemented unique customization to the WordPress customizer that makes it easy to update and change how the verifier looks.
  • Provided ongoing support for the plugin which was added to the WordPress repository last year.
Technologies: SCSS, Git, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP

Web Developer

2015 - PRESENT
Easy Beer Lister
  • Built the plugin from the ground up.
  • Went through the approval process with WordPress to get the plugin added to the public repository.
  • Implemented custom post types, as well as a custom framework that allows breweries to create print-friendly menus from their website.
  • Implemented a core functionality that supports upgraded add-ons for the plugin.
  • Created an add-on that connects to the Untappd API and imports beer information into the website.
  • Created an add-on that imports beer information directly from a CSV file.
  • Built a website with WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads that facilitates the add-on upgrade purchases and keys.
  • Maintain and update the code with refactors.
  • Built thorough documentation via a GitHub wiki, explaining how developers can use the plugin.
Technologies: SCSS, WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP

Web Developer

2016 - 2016
  • Assisted the owner of this plugin by implementing sidebars in the WordPress dashboard. These sidebars include call to action forms that generate leads for the developer and potentially lead to conversions.
  • Worked extensively with Git to make updates and communicate the direction of the changes.
  • Worked with and modified an existing WordPress plugin to make improvements.
Technologies: JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Mustache, PHP

Back-End developer

2016 - 2016
Improv Piano Tips
  • Supported a front-end developer by implementing his design into a workable solution.
  • Implemented and customized several plugins including Lifter LMS, Ninja Forms, and WooCommerce.
  • Created several AJAX-based solutions for the website.
  • Built a functionality that allows the client to create his own custom Q&A quiz that determines what classes the website visitor should take.
  • Reduced the website's plugin count from over 20 down to 6.
Technologies: JavaScript, WordPress, PHP

Lead Media Developer

2015 - 2016
Brechbuhler Scales, Inc.
  • Redesigned the website from the ground up.
  • Implemented a system that makes it easy for the company to update their website in the future.
  • Implemented a way for the company to add or remove sales team members from different branch pages.
  • Implemented SEO-friendly schema code.
  • Implemented foundations for a long-term marketing funnel including an email campaign and content marketing campaign.
Technologies: Sass, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

Easy Age Verifier
Easy Age Verifier makes it easy for taprooms and bars to confirm their website visitors are of legal age. The plugin was designed to work out of the box, but can be easily customized in the settings page as well as a series of hooks and filters.

Easy Beer Lister

Easy Beer Lister makes it easier for brewers and bars to manage their beer information. Sort beers on your website, and create print-friendly menus.


JavaScript, PHP, HTML, SCSS, CSS, Sass


WordPress API, jQuery, Sage, Mustache, Slack API


Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Trello, PhpStorm, GitHub, Git, Slack, Bitbucket


WooCommerce, WordPress


HTML to WordPress, PSD to WordPress, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Ajax, APIs