Alex Vidor, Computer Vision Developer in Frenchtown, NJ, United States
Alex Vidor

Computer Vision Developer in Frenchtown, NJ, United States

Member since August 26, 2015
Alex is a full-stack Web Developer and Software Engineer, with a focus in scientific computing. A foundation in physics has allowed Alex to thrive in the digital laboratory, giving him the tools necessary to tackle novel problems in high-dimensional signal detection and structural engineering. Alex aspires to make a lasting impact with his work, motivating him into unsolved challenges with an adaptive style and disciplined inventiveness
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  • MATLAB, 3 years
  • JavaScript, 3 years
  • Python, 3 years
  • CSS3, 3 years
  • Computer Vision, 2 years
  • Flask, 2 years
  • Three.js, 2 years
  • React, 1 year


Frenchtown, NJ, United States



Preferred Environment

Linux (Ubuntu), Git, Atom, vim

The most amazing...

...discovery I've made is a family of discrete-time dynamical systems with orbits describing mesmerizing and chaotic tessellations.


  • Full-Stack Developer

    2016 - PRESENT
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    • Created back-end, API, and web client for a service that annotates deep-zoom medical imagery.
    Technologies: Flask, SQLAlchemy, SciPy, React.js
  • Lead Software Engineer

    2012 - PRESENT
    Folded Structures Company LLC
    • Implemented full-stack and API of the FoldStar CAD web-app for engineering folded structures (Python and Three.js).
    • Developed a robust, configurable MATLAB package driving a novel framework and algorithms for hyperspectral signal-detection and object classification.
    • Developed a suite of Maple modules for generating and manipulating CNC G-Code from complex geometric data.
    • Developed MVC front-end to a FoldStar MATLAB client using native OO and event frameworks.
    • Participated in the design and manufacture of folding materials with emergent structural dynamics.
    • Contributed to projects for NASA, AFRL, and the U.S. Army.
    Technologies: MATLAB, Python, JavaScript, Maple, CNC


  • FoldStar Designer (Development)

    FoldStar CAD software gives engineers and designers access to a powerful mathematical library for generating folded structures with an intuitive set of graphical, cross-sectional controls. A performance-oriented interface driven by the Three.js WebGL library interacts with the proprietary mathematical engine through a JSON API.


  • Languages

    CSS3, JavaScript, Octave, HTML5, Sass, Python
  • Frameworks

    Flask, Jinja, Java Agent DEvelopment (JADE), Knockout.js
  • Tools

    Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Apache, Inkscape, Git, Gimp, Maple, MATLAB, Gulp.js, Scikit-image, Chrome Developer Tools
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Snap.svg, NumPy, Three.js, jQuery, SQLAlchemy, Immutable.js
  • Platforms

    Linode, Linux
  • Other

    Computer Vision, Linear Algebra, Quantitative Calculus, Digital Signal Processing
  • Paradigms

    Model View Controller (MVC), REST


  • Bachelor's degree in Physics
    2006 - 2011
    Brown University - Providence, RI

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