Alexander Bartash, Full-stack Developer in Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
Alexander Bartash

Full-stack Developer in Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka oblast, Ukraine

Member since February 22, 2019
Alexander is a capable and creative leader and software engineer who focuses on high standards of quality and accuracy. His broad profile and ability to learn and identify tendencies in complex systems helps him quickly find problems, gather requirements, and deliver high-quality solutions in a timely manner. He's developed and led successful and production-ready B2B and B2C solutions for small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.
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  • Own Product
    Ant, Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA, JFlex, JRebel, SAP Hybris, SAP, Java
  • Techmates Group
    Ant, Content Management Systems (CMS), CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring...
  • Techmates Group
    CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring, Java, SAML, Oracle, SAPUI5, SAP RFC...



Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka oblast, Ukraine



Preferred Environment

Jira, IntelliJ IDEA, OS X, Linux

The most amazing...

...job was to lead adoption of SAFe Agile framework in a Fortune 500 company and improving their B2C solutions which led to exceeding their historical revenues.


  • Founder, Developer

    2014 - PRESENT
    Own Product
    • Created a product which is Intellij IDEA plugin which provides IDE support for developing SAP Commerce (Hybris) projects.
    • Developed a community around this project over many years.
    • Designed and developed a parser and lexical analyzer for a custom SAP Hybris data description language called Imex for syntax highlighting, validation, and automatic formatting in IntelliJ IDEA.
    • Designed and developed import of SAP Commerce (Hybris) project into Intellij IDEA which changed the way all Hybris developers in the world do their daily work in IntelliJ IDEA.
    • Discovered problems in Hybris development and implemented corresponding features in the plugin to use IntelliJ IDEA's capabilities to save developer's time, increase quality of the work, and make Hybris development easier.
    • Contributed to strategic planning regarding customer and product development, continuous learning, analytics, marketing, and sales topics.
    • Provided sales and technical support to users to help them overcome any difficulties they might have.
    • Created marketing materials like written materials and video guides both using simple tools and professional filming crews; presented the product at conferences.
    Technologies: Ant, Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA, JFlex, JRebel, SAP Hybris, SAP, Java
  • Team Lead (SAP Hybris Consultant)

    2018 - 2019
    Techmates Group
    • Provided expert support to the client regarding eCommerce domain or any related technical topics like SAP Commerce (Hybris) with integration into SAP MDM and ERP and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a CMS.
    • Took an active role in the company's transformation to adopt the SAFe framework and led several teams organized into Agile Release Train.
    • Communicated with the client regarding SAFe training, requirements gathering and analysis, actively participated in PI planning and sprint planning events.
    • On-boarded new team members, built and led teams, trained new leaders, and coordinated with multiple cross-functional teams all over the world.
    • Actively participated in the development of the application architecture.
    • Provided expert support in questions related to Akamai CDN deeply integrated into the infrastructure across all environments.
    • Led product release activities and was closely working with Hybris Cloud Services and Adobe Cloud regarding production and lower environment maintenance.
    • Supported multiple B2C web sites which all are a part of a bigger system based on customized SAP Hybris ecosystem.
    • Led fixing and enchanting (radically redesigning, refactoring, performance tuning of an existing solution with the goal to improve customer conversion, cart abandonment, and increase revenue).
    Technologies: Ant, Content Management Systems (CMS), CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring, Java, Akamai, Adobe AEM, SAP Master Data Management (MDM), SAP ERP, SAP Hybris
  • Senior Software Engineer (SAP Hybris Consultant)

    2015 - 2018
    Techmates Group
    • Gathered requirements and conducted planning with the internal team and customer and multiple globally distributed third party-vendors working for the customer.
    • Helped to build a Hybris support team and then an entire organization from the ground up to support the project.
    • Performed refactoring of live B2B Hybris storefront and backend to improve performance and adjust functionality to meet the latest business requirements.
    • Developed asynchronous order creation and processing involving real-time and async communication with third party systems like Vendavo, SAP CRM, Oracle R12 product configurator and a custom product configuration solution based on SAP UI5 framework.
    • Implemented a framework to support a huge amount of complex security rules while sustaining exceptional performance of the system under high load by designing and implementing a custom security framework tailored according to the client’s needs.
    • Created custom secure single sign-on solutions including SAML and MYSAPSSO.
    • Wrote a lot of detailed technical documentation for the client.
    • Developed a custom highly configurable framework for real-time communication with SAP CRM through JCo RFC calls.
    • Automated testing including black box testing and UI testing.
    • Troubleshot problems spread across multiple systems like SAP Hybris, SAP CRM, and Vendavo.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring, Java, SAML, Oracle, SAPUI5, SAP RFC, SAP JCo, SAP CRM, SAP Hybris
  • Senior Software Engineer (SAP Hybris Consultant)

    2014 - 2015
    Techmates Group
    • Developed a B2C store for a retailer in western Canada of hunting, fishing, and camping gear and apparel that provides advice and merchandise for outdoor sports and activities.
    • Customized SAP Hybris Accelerator front end and back end according to client’s needs including implementation of complex asynchronous and configurable UI managed by CMS, based both on clients mockups and own design.
    • Developed product checkout flow and payment integration including order processing and fulfillment with communication to client’s warehouse management systems.
    • Performed product catalog customization with product variants, custom products search requirements, product comparison, social integration, promotions, “find in store” functionality, and checkout.
    • Customized HMC, HAC, Backoffice, Product, and Order Management Cockpits to meet custom order processing flow requirements.
    • Customized Customer Service Cockpit to better fit customer’s sales and service assistance processes.
    • Performed project refactoring to migrate it to the latest SAP Hybris version.
    Technologies: Payment Gateways, Ant, Content Management Systems (CMS), CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring, Java, SAP Hybris
  • Team Lead

    2013 - 2014
    JEVERA Software Solutions
    • Led development of a start-up in the food industry starting from the earliest stages intended to become a social project to help people choose healthy food among many alternatives.
    • Performed market evaluation, the gathering of business requirements, prototyping, and architecture development.
    • Led design and implementation of data mining solution.
    • Led team training, management, and the actual implementation of the application.
    Technologies: Jsoup, Mockito, PostgreSQL, Spring, Hibernate, Ehcache, Apache Lucene, Play Framework, Gradle, Java
  • Software Developer

    2013 - 2014
    JEVERA Software Solutions
    • Developed many different back-end software, which is a backbone for a large international telecommunication provider. Some of the projects had been developed from scratch, some were legacy systems with strict API and performance requirements.
    • Developed cross-systems integrations that heavily relied on communication with each other through SOAP and REST web services, sometimes with encryption, sometimes communicating though legacy protocols like CORBA.
    • Performed refactoring of some of those large legacy systems to make them work inside an OSGi container with the goal to be used on many different projects as a foundation for business logic and be integrated into CI systems used on those projects.
    • Developed back-end systems that use relational databases and required business logic to be wrapped into transactions with proper error handling. A lot of attention has been dedicated to development using custom DSL or tools like Apache Camel.
    • Developed a state of the art environment provisioning infrastructure using tools like Vagrant and Puppet for a large enterprise project with lots of components, which were being developed and released independently from each other.
    Technologies: Ivy, Ant, Gradle, Vagrant, Puppet, Mockito, OSGi, Oracle Database, Spring, Apache Camel, SOAP, CORBA, Java
  • Software Developer

    2012 - 2013
    JEVERA Software Solutions
    • Developed a commercially successful B2B web application for data analysis/BI tool for a global B2B market with state of the art UI intended to work both on PC and iPad with exceptional performance and integrations into other client’s systems.
    • Designed and developed ETL subsystem with very strict performance quirements for collecting and transforming analytical data from several heterogeneous sources: IBM DB2, IBM Lotus Domino, NoSQL storage, and LDAP structures.
    • Helped the client to compose and fix business requirements and technical documentation.
    Technologies: Subversion (SVN), ETL, IBM Db2, Lotus Domino, SiteMesh, HTML, JavaScript, Spring, Mockito, Vaadin, Gradle, MongoDB, Java
  • Software Developer

    2012 - 2013
    • Assisted in troubleshooting and developing solutions for on-line monitoring, control, and analysis of large-scale ComEC and LEC installations over mobile networks.
    • Tracked and fixed bugs to make sure the product meets quality requirements.
    • Analyzed application performance and memory requirements, and helped improve the results.
    • Communicated with a cross-functional distributed team to identify problems and find proper solutions.
    Technologies: JBoss AS, GlassFish, GPRS, GSM, Modbus Protocol, SMS, TCP/IP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, Java EE, JSF


  • Hybris Integration IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

    This is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin that provides IDE support for Hybris projects. I founded this project and have been developing the software and community around it for many years. This project changed the way all Hybris developers in the world do their daily work. It saves time, it increases the quality of the work, it makes Hybris development easier. In a few words, it provides all the features you would expect to have in a modern IDE while working with some framework or technology. It was well received by the community, users loved it the moment they saw it. Currently, it has thousands of users all around the world and I am also providing support to the users and helping them to overcome any problems they have with the product.

  • Maytag B2C Online Store

    This is a B2C store which lets clients buy their product. On this project, I led the team in implementing the solution and communicating with the client on a daily basis to gather requirements, architect the solution, and provide strategic alignment.

  • Whirlpool Online B2C Store

    This is a B2C store that lets customers buy various Whirlpool products. I communicated with the client to gather requirements and architect the solution. I then led the team to implement it, and led production deployment and support.

  • KitchenAid B2C Online Store

    This is a B2C online store. I closely worked with the client's business stuff and technical teams to gather requirements, develop a plan on how to refactor and redesign the existing solution to improve performance, customer conversion and reduce cart abandonment rate, as well as architecture new solutions to open new revenue streams for the company. Then I led the implementation of the composed road-map and delivered the solution into production, winch was a complete success for the client and me personally.

  • Maytag B2B Commercial

    This is a B2B solution intended to help customers review and select products for their business and then find distributors assigned to their area for making the purchase. It also provides documentation for products which customer might have already purchased.

    I worked with the client's business people to gather requirements then architect the solution and lead the team developing it while also actively participating in the development process.

  • Steel Explorer

    It is a B2B web application intended to help assess keys markets, study dynamics for different periods, compare with indicators of related markets, see most important events and understand the detailed market picture, receive historical statistics and future forecasts to see market dynamics, understand competitors in domestic and export markets, and explore their plans.

    I worked as part of the team developing the solution from scratch till production support.


  • Languages

    Java, SQL, UML, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Less, XML, SAML
  • Frameworks

    Spring, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Apache Camel, JSF, Vaadin, Mockito, Play Framework, JSP, Hibernate, OSGi
  • Tools

    SAP Hybris, Jira, Gradle, Subversion (SVN), Apache Ant, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Apache Maven, Apache Solr, Lotus Domino, Puppet, Vagrant, Ivy, JRebel, JFlex, Maven, SAP RFC, SAPUI5, Mercurial
  • Paradigms

    Unit Testing, REST, Refactoring, Agile, ETL, Continuous Delivery (CD), Design Patterns, Kanban, Continuous Integration (CI), Desktop App Development, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Storage

    NoSQL, Relational Databases, MongoDB, MySQL, JBoss AS, IBM Db2, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Web Services, Full-stack, Performance Tuning, Leadership, eCommerce, Concurrency, Cryptography, TCP/IP, SMS, Modbus Protocol, GSM, GPRS, GlassFish, SiteMesh, CORBA, Ant, Ehcache, Content Management Systems (CMS), Payment Gateways, SAP ERP, SAP Master Data Management (MDM), Adobe AEM, Akamai, SAP, SAP CRM, Linux Administration, Information Security, Network Administration, SOAP, Leadership Development, Interviewing, Full-text Search, Scripts & Utilities
  • Libraries/APIs

    Apache Lucene, Jsoup, SAP JCo, jQuery, Vue.js 2
  • Platforms

    Linux, OS X, Java EE, Oracle Database, Oracle, Docker


  • Master's Degree in Computer Systems and Networks
    2012 - 2014
    Chernihiv State Technological University - Chernihiv, Ukraine
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2008 - 2012
    Chernihiv State Technological University - Chernihiv, Ukraine


  • P_HYCD_62 - SAP Certified Development Professional - SAP Hybris Commerce 6.2 Developer
    MARCH 2017 - PRESENT
  • Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5
    JUNE 2016 - PRESENT
  • hybris Commerce V5 Certification
    MARCH 2016 - PRESENT
    SAP Hybris
  • hybris Core Platform V5 Certification
    MARCH 2016 - PRESENT
    SAP Hybris
  • M102: MongoDB for DBAs
    MongoDB, Inc.

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