Alexander Kozlov, Developer in Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia
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Alexander Kozlov

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Performance Developer

Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia
Toptal Member Since
February 19, 2016

Alexander is a dynamic, results-oriented architect and software engineer with 20+ years of experience and a passion for coding. He has been working for companies ranging from the Fortune 500 list to some small local businesses. He also has experience as a startup founder. Alex's core competency lies in the world of scalable websites and web applications, cloud SaaS and PaaS, blockchain, desktop software, and games development.


Startup Collaboration Platform
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Flask, Vue, Blockchain, Python, PostgreSQL...
Bootstrap, Pyramid, Python, MongoDB, SQL, Big Data, JavaScript, HTML, Java...
Pixit GmbH
Website Integration, 3D, Printing, PDF, Linux, MacOS, Windows, wxWidgets, C...




Preferred Environment

Git, Bitbucket, Agile Software Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google BigQuery, Docker, Vue 2, Python, JavaScript, Flask, Python 3, Architecture

The most amazing...

...web platform I've built is a collaboration platform for software engineers to create software together.

Work Experience

Founder | CEO | Lead Architect

2017 - PRESENT
Startup Collaboration Platform
  • Created and started a company with a team of other freelancers (started with three, grew to 11 people) who I've been managing throughout time on active development (2017-2018).
  • Created a still running SaaS collaboration platform that has an option to create your own crypto-token project, organize an ICO and a bounty program.
  • Implemented my own framework combining the functionality of tools like GitLab, Slack, and Google Docs into one.
  • Combined: Teams and projects marketplaces, cloud storage, integrated file manager, cloud documents editor and messaging, issue tracker, a payment system in fiat and on the blockchain, automated deployment of blockchain smart contracts and ICOs.
  • Designed a very detailed whitepaper for a blockchain project aiming to explain the project to future users and investors.
  • Attracted over USD $1 million in ETH and BTC investments by running an ICO of DGZ token.
  • Finished a massive marketing campaign for the ICO and the project, which included participation around the world in blockchain enthusiast conferences, internet marketing, and community management.
  • Organized a bounty campaign, which involved users in sharing referral links, which provided an investment bonus when buying DGZ tokens in the ICO.
  • Designed special smart contracts using Solidity in Ethereum Virtual Machine, which were to make mandatory automatic payments in fiat to team members who collaborated to the project created, executed, and finished on the platform.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Flask, Vue, Blockchain, Python, PostgreSQL, Amazon EC2, SQLAlchemy, Docker, Ethereum, Solidity, Vue 2, RESTful Web Services, Web3.js, Smart Contracts, Elasticsearch, Python 3, Fintech, APIs, Architecture, Zoho, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Web App Development, Full-stack, GraphQL

Developer | Business Liason | Architect | Development Director

2011 - 2017
  • Developed a micro-website that collects big data from many users who visit Ford, Hyundai, Dodge, and Cadillac dealer websites. The back end gathered data about user interactions on the platform, much like Google Analytics.
  • Created "Autoplatform," a highly-scalable management system for the data collected from the dealers' websites. The service generated vehicle descriptions with a highly-customizable set of options and exported the selected data through a REST API.
  • Developed the second project called "NextGenDealerSite(NGDS)," which utilizes the REST APIs of the "Autoplatform" to build a set of available vehicles for the selected local dealer to display on a website that is also built using this tool.
  • Allowed the developed system NGDS to be supported by over 1000 Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Jaguar, and Land Rover dealers for their websites, all on different domains.
  • Worked on the third project that consisted of adding a "Build and pay" layer on top of the NGDS. As the name suggests, users of the websites could preorder a customized vehicle to be delivered to the dealer and then purchased by the customer.
  • Managed the team and looked for ways to improve, solving issues myself along the way.
  • Created big integration projects with Hyundai, where our customers developed a set of solutions to replace the current outdated solution with limited functionality.
Technologies: Bootstrap, Pyramid, Python, MongoDB, SQL, Big Data, JavaScript, HTML, Java, REST APIs, Web Dashboards, Less, HTML5, RequireJS, REST, Complex Data Analysis, Django, Python 3, APIs, Architecture, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Web App Development, Full-stack

CDO | Architect | Developer

2010 - 2013
Pixit GmbH
  • Picked up a very broken, unstable, and generally incomplete C++ wxWidgets project and made it a far better software for personalized product creation.
  • Created an innovative set of software (downloadable app, web app, app responsible for printing) for personalized products authoring and printing (such as t-shirts, cups, calendars, on-demand books, and more.).
  • Architected a significant part of the project and generated ideas for future features to be added to the product.
  • Contributed to the product in development winning the "Best innovation" award of Baden-Wuerttemberg land of 2011.
  • Created integrations with the website responsible for the communication with the customer.
  • Created software responsible for converting internal formats (used to save space) to PDF to be sent to the printer.
  • Contributed to the selling of the developed solution to one of the two biggest companies in the industry of personal product design and delivery. The solution is still used nowadays.
Technologies: Website Integration, 3D, Printing, PDF, Linux, MacOS, Windows, wxWidgets, C, C++, Magento, Image Processing, Server-side PDF Generation, APIs, Architecture, Web App Development, Full-stack


2009 - 2010
Telma/Teleca — SonyEricsson
  • Solved complex performance and power consumption issues that Sony Ericsson devices had with Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Reviewed and had the (mostly) final word regarding the technical design of all features done in a 30+ person team.
  • Helped develop the first Sony Ericsson Android device.
Technologies: C#, C, C++, Windows Mobile, MSVS, IBM Rational ClearCase, Android, APIs, Architecture, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Web App Development, Full-stack

Developer | Architect

2000 - 2010
Motorola Mobility
  • Architected the UI subsystem of Motorola phones, leading a team of 150+ developers and testers from a tech perspective.
  • Played the role of performance and memory champion for the team and held two "Bravo" awards from Motorola for significantly raising their devices' performance (50% faster performance) with elegant low-risk engineering solutions.
  • Contributed to the "Black Hats" team, responsible for solving some of the very hot and costly bugs for the devices.
  • Reviewed the design of all features in development. Designed multiple cell phone systems and acted as a leading UI architect for Motorola RazrV3 phone.
  • Trained new hires for seven years, with most of them then successfully growing into professionals at Motorola.
Technologies: Mobile, Real-time Systems, IBM Rational ClearCase, Unix, Solaris, Assembler, ARM, C++, C, APIs, Architecture, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Full-stack


2009 - 2009
Telma/Teleca — Kyocera
  • Developed lots of code myself and also performed a regular code review for team members (30+ developers).
  • Solved complex issues related to a compilation toolchain and improved compilation significantly. Improved memory leak analysis.
  • Designed a unit test solution for modules of cellphone code (like JUnit).
Technologies: ARM, C, C++, BREW, Automated Testing, Architecture, Full-stack

Software Developer | Technical Lead

2008 - 2009
  • Converted a very high-level task from the company's leaders, investigated OZON-NN's business needs, built technical requirements, and continued with the development.
  • Implemented CRM and inventory management custom solutions that are proven reliable as they are still used in the company.
  • Owned and was responsible for all technical and organizational work for that project entirely.
Technologies: CRM Systems, Inventory Management Systems, Requirements Analysis, ASP.NET, VB.NET, JavaScript, APIs, Architecture, Full-stack

Logicalls Dashboards

An interesting and cool project made here at Toptal to present dashboards for call center customers. The data comes from Five9 and is displayed to customers depending on their access level in the form of "close-to-realtime" dashboards.

Built with AWS Amplify and Vue.js. The data processing is done by Apache Airflow.

Online and in-person healthcare platform

I've developed an online and in-person subscription-based healthcare platform.
The platform offers online health video consultations with doctors, in-person visits arrangement, medication purchases and pick-ups, lab test scheduling, and much more.

For this project, I was the leading architect, developed the 1st prototype, and handled the code review along with coding the back end and the front end.

The following is integrated into the system:
• Stripe
• Lockers system for medications pick-up (TZ Lockers)
• WebRTC video and audio calls
• Cordova, PWA, Ionic

Real Estate Marketplace

As a lead developer, I was responsible for developing a real-time marketplace and trading platform for commercial real estate investments. The team had seven developers and a few testers who were reporting to me. I was organizing the project work, working with the founders to understand (and invent) requirements, and doing code reviews for each line of code integrated.

About the marketplace: Real estate developers are invited to list their properties on the website and then use it for managing that property and provide reporting to their investment partners. Investment partners have the ability not just to receive on-time reports and interactive dashboards to track their investments—they receive a liquidity platform if they decide to sell their investment to another person. Moreover, real estate developers can utilize the platform to organize the fundraising for their new projects.

An Instantaneous Virtual Queuing System

I have developed an instantaneous virtual queuing system which is a progressive web app and a native app for the App Store. Built with AWS Amplify and Vue.js, It is a serverless application with heavy use of lambda functions.

A user can save an available queue spot through the search system in the closest store and then get a QR code to enter the store. The QR code can then be scanned to check if the user can enter the store and keep the number of visitors under control.

The system supports multiple permission roles, camera QR code scanning, and advanced and fancy dashboards for reporting.

Food and Services Delivery Platform for the UAE

A UAE client requested a couple of other software developers and me to create a highly scalable platform for managing multiple brand stores in the UAE. The participating brands and their stores are food deliveries, restaurants, car repair shops, veterinary clinics, beauty salons, and pharmacies.

All of the system parts were created from the ground up and included:
• Web platform "" built on Vue.js and an app in the App Store for users to access services, delivery, and more.
• Back-end system "Dimensions" with a web interface for the admins to access and manage all the stores' parameters, see statistics on sales, deliveries, manage inventory, and so on, built with PHP Laravel and Vue.js.
• In-store monitoring system for all the incoming food orders for the kitchen to start preparing with all the details needed, from the kitchen to the client who's receiving the order. This was built with Vue.js and uses a highly scalable MongoDB.

After the project was finished and deployed, the website and apps went public. The business runs to this day.

I consider this project a fantastic achievement!

AI Perfume Recommender

A special project requested by a small local shop of perfumes in the Emirates.

The project was an experiment for the client and a fun challenge for me. I implemented the website with the AI algorithm that recommends perfumes based on users' taste, previous buys, and personality traits.

The recommender increased the shop's sales by around 800% for the items recommended by the algorithm. It was requested for the recommender to focus first on the least selling items.

Tech stack: Vue.js, Python, Flask, TensorFlow

ETL Process Recreation Using Airflow and BigQuery for Freshbooks

The development included the migration and recreation of an ETL process from an old solution to a solution that uses Airflow and Google BigQuery. The old solution was very limited in functionality and the new solution allowed for quick and flexible interpretative results.

Instabee App — India's First Multilingual ERP

Instabee is an app available as a web app, iOS, and Android app for the Indian market. The app is an advanced ERP system that has the following functionality:
- Accounts and general ledgers
- Sales and billing
- GST invoicing
- Production planning
- Fully integrated stock and inventory management
- Multi-user setup
- Analytical dashboards
- Customer support system.

Leading a professional freelancers' alliance, I developed the back-end system, the web app, and the publication to both app stores. I performed the work organization and lots of coding, together with the architecture of the system.

Startup Collaboration Platform

A platform for collaborative project development based on a blockchain.

I ran the company that developed the platform and have been doing significant parts of the coding myself.

The product is huge and includes features like teams and projects marketplaces, cloud storage, integrated file manager, cloud documents editor and messaging, issue tracker, a payment system in fiat and on the blockchain, automated deployment of blockchain smart contracts and ICOs, and much more.

SaaS for — A Swiss Startup

A team of other freelancers from different fields and I have actively participated in developing a SaaS solution for Semilimes.

I was assigned as a CTO for the startup and therefore was responsible for the major part of the system's technical implementation.

To develop and support the software, I interviewed and hired 30+ professionals, and I was responsible for the work process organization throughout the whole development cycle.

Semilimes platform is an infinitely scalable and effective ERP system that allows businesses to manage their resources, run projects, communicate with teams, and more. Running on Semilimes gives you complete control over your business and provides you with an overview from different perspectives. Managing your customers through the integrated CRM, running your finance and accounting, handling sales, controlling your warehouse, and much more, can all be taken care of through the interactive and easy-to-use interface.

Table Booking Website for a Japanese Hotel Chain

A Japanese hotel chain, The Peninsula, has requested a team to make a specialized website. This website allowed to create a table reservation at the desired restaurant in one of the hotels around Japan, choose the desired menu for the desired number of guests and then send the invitations to future attendees by email or by link.

Two other professionals and I have implemented all code in the front-end UI/UX and the back end.

Yellow Cucumber

A SaaS service to automatically parse and download data from the web. Similar to I was the author of the idea and the project's main developer.

Stack: Python, Pyramid, Less, Bootstrap, REST, Microservices, Scalability, AWS

Wow Date

A simple and fast website showing you how many whale heartbeats happened after your birth.
It was a one-day project which I did as a pet project. I was fully in charge of everything, from the idea through development to deployment.

Stack: Python, Pyramid, HTML5, Bootstrap

Gambling Service with Text/image Recognition for Football Matches on Xbox360 or PC

The project was a unique gambling service, which allowed for bets to be placed on football matches in a videogame on Xbox360 or PC. The service included screen recognition, the website for placing bets, twitch streaming automation, and the infrastructure to connect it all.

The project required building a wireless data transmission between an Xbox360 and a PC using a special device connected to the Xbox joystick. The device was used to start a livestream of a football match on, capture the console's image, and then recognize the match's score.

Match results recognition was used in connection with the bet system and website. Users could bet real money previously added to their account balance on a winning team. Then, they are matched with a user whose bet is proportionally opposite, and when the match is over, the winner gets the bank. The profile system allowed to withdraw the funds to PayPal or credit card for a small fee.

Once the development was done, the client had launched a successful niche service, which was unique at the time and therefore received a large audience interested in gambling and sports.

AutoPlatform and NextGenDealerSite — Projects for the Automotive Industry

This is a set of projects for the automotive industry.

The first one, named "Autoplatform," used the data collected from Ford, Hyundai, and other websites and was essentially a scalable and versioned management system for this data. The service allowed to generate vehicles with a highly customizable set of options, manage dealers' inventory, marketing campaigns, and much more. The data was collected from different sources and then available through a set of REST APIs.

The second piece was a project named "NextGenDealerSite(NGDS)," which utilized the REST APIs of the "Autoplatform" to generate a fully functional website for each dealer of some particular OEM in an automated fashion.
Language: Python

The third project was adding a "build and price" layer on top of the NGDS, which was planned (but didn't happen due to commercial reasons) to be integrated into the main OEM website with a long fetched goal of taking the ownership and support over the whole OEM website.
Language: Python

I was the architect for all projects and wrote significant parts of the code myself.

Data Analytics Website for Ford, Hyundai, Dodge, and Cadillac

I developed a number of microsites which was seamlessly integrated with the websites of a few largest car manufacturers—such as Hyundai, Ford, Dodge, and Cadillac. These microsites were used to advertise the latest models planned to be produced and allowed users to execute build-and-price for these vehicles. While doing that, I have been collecting detailed metrics on users' behavior, and then, made them run through a special data model to understand user demand for various configurations (e.g., engine size, colors, different options, and more).

The results then can be used (and in few cases were used) to adjust initial production plans for the vehicle, saving millions of dollars by producing configurations that users want and skipping on low-demand configurations.

At the time, the website had to be adapted to work with IE 7-8. The back end was in Java.

Pixit Photobook

A software that allows you to design a photo book with your photos, a cup with a print, and many other personalized products which are then delivered right to your door.

I was leading the project and did 90% of all coding. I was driving the project from the technical side, defining and implementing solutions for multiple features. This software was the first of its kind to integrate 3D representation of a product created and many other unique features.

The product became the best innovative product of Baden-Wurttemberg land in 2010.

Automated Stock Trading System

In 2008, I created a trading software and a bot for this software to automate the trade on the Russian stock exchange.

The most powerful feature for that time was that the software collected real-time data like currently opened bids and then, overnight, ran a set of robots—around 10,000—to see which one is making the best income. The software launched the most effective algorithm on the next trading day. It is high-frequency trading, and daily turnarounds were around $400,000 with a deposit of $1,000, which generally doubled every two weeks. But the algorithm wasn't scalable; higher deposits didn't mean higher income, and this work was stopped after the exchange introduced commissions for placed bids. It was fully my project, from the idea to implementation.

Stack: C, C++, Windows, COM, Trading

CRM/ERP Tool for Ozon-NN

A complex ASP.NET-based web tool with heavy use of JavaScript for OZON-NN was requested due to their expansion. The tool was essentially a CRM and inventory management solution developed solely by myself after getting a very high-level task explanation from OZON-NN, analyzing business needs, and creating technical requirements.

VB.NET has been used as the main development language.

The developed solution proved to be reliable because it is still used in the company.
1998 - 2003

Master's Degree in Automated Systems

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


SEI CMM Level 5



Vue, Node.js, REST APIs, jQuery, SQLAlchemy, RequireJS, Vue 2, Web3.js, Stripe API, Stripe, wxWidgets, DirectX, ASPX, Facebook API, TensorFlow, Twitch API, AWS Amplify, Google Maps, React


PyCharm, PhpStorm, IBM Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Visual C++, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon CloudWatch, Subversion (SVN), Slack, Asana, Bitbucket, Git, Jira, Pytest, Visual Studio, Apache Airflow, Figma, Confluence, Perforce


Django, Bootstrap, Pyramid, ASP.NET, Flask, Laravel, Tailwind CSS, WebApp, Vuetify


HTML, SCSS, CSS, SQL, Python, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Bash, ARM Assembler, C++, C, Python 3, XML, VB.NET, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), C#, Visual Basic, Object Pascal, Delphi, Solidity, Python 2, GraphQL, Assembler, Less, CSS3, Java, R


Requirements Analysis, Kanban, Agile Software Development, REST, CMMI, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), DevOps, Real-time Systems, Automated Testing, Microservices, ETL, Refactoring


Blockchain, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Amazon EC2, Windows, Linux, AWS Lambda, Ethereum, Android, BREW, Windows Mobile, MacOS, Solaris, Unix, Mobile, Joomla, Web, Xbox 360, Xbox, iOS, Magento, Internet Explorer


PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Databases, JSON, Redis Cache, Elasticsearch, Microsoft SQL Server


Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Google BigQuery, Algorithms, Requirements & Specifications, APIs, SaaS, Architecture, Performance, Low Memory Constraint Development, Memory Profiling, Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Data Structures, API Integration, Cloud Platforms, Full-stack Development, Full-stack, Software Architecture, Web Development, Business Analysis, Technical Leadership, Fintech, Web App Development, Web Scraping, Scraping, WebSockets, Amazon RDS, Trading, Image Recognition, Stock Trading, Stock Price Analysis, Text Recognition, AWS DevOps, Smart Contracts, CRM APIs, Know Your Customer (KYC), CI/CD Pipelines, Containerization, API Connectors, Zoho, Data Warehousing, Data Scraping, ARM, PDF, Printing, 3D, Website Integration, Big Data, CRM Systems, Inventory Management Systems, MSVS, COM, Websites, Scalability, Pjax, OAuth, Design, Printables, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Gambling, Twitch, LiveStream, Google Play Store, App Store Acceptance Process, App Store, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Invoice Management, Inventory Management, Billing, Customer Support, Code Architecture, Data Mining, Web Dashboards, Complex Data Analysis, Image Processing, Server-side PDF Generation, RESTful Web Services, Analytics, Code Review, Data Build Tool (dbt), App UI, App UX, Dashboard Design, Dashboards, Reports, Integration, Web Scalability, Sharding, QR Codes

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