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Ali Tlisov

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Embedded Systems Developer

Moscow, Russia
Toptal Member Since
January 19, 2017

Ali has been writing programs for more than a decade using C/C++ (15+ years), Python (10+ years), MATLAB, Simulink, Haskell—as well having extensive knowledge in control systems, embedded devices, signal processing, micro controls, and more. He is a great problem-solver, a good team-player, and has worked in teams of all sizes.



Preferred Environment

Git, GNU Toolchain, Linux, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've done is self balanced unicycle project with control designed from first principles equations and user presense detection system with tricky dsp.

Work Experience


2015 - PRESENT
  • Developed all of the balance control for the self-balanced unicycle, motor control, and digital signal processor (DSP).
  • Implemented the orientation estimation using MEMS.
  • Used MATLAB/Simulink for a model-based design of a product. Used Fixed Point Toolbox and Code Generator to produce embedded C code for MCU with a fixed-point and multi-rate architecture.
  • Embedded C programming for STM32 MCU.
  • Used Python for data acquisition tools and telemetry.
  • Managed the Moscow team of software developers, CAD designers, and electronics engineers.
Technologies: PMSM, Fixed-Point Toolbox, MEMS, Code Generators, Simulink, MATLAB, Embedded C

Lead Software Developer

2013 - PRESENT
Institute for Electronic Control Computers Named After I.S. Bruke
  • Developed robotic exo-prosthetic devices mostly concerning sensor processing.
  • Did DSP, MEMS and magnetometers data processing, calibrating, and Kalman filtering.
  • Implemented unique force-torque sensing for manipulation. Utilized genetic algorithms to search for the best place for strain gauges installment.
  • Performed system dynamics simulation. Used a model based design and code generation.
Technologies: Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Python, MATLAB, C, C++

Head of the Monitoring Systems Development

2012 - 2014
OJSC - Scientific and Technical Center of Federal Grid Company UES
  • Developed an overhead lines monitoring system; involved dynamic line rating and real-time ampacity calculation.
  • Was involved in the development of an electrical vehicle charging station.
Technologies: SQLAlchemy, C, C++, COM, Python

Head of the Electronics and Software Group

2004 - 2012
  • Developed automation devices for oil & gas and the chemical industry.
  • Implemented the HART protocol for an electropneumatic positioner and passed certification with the HART Communication Foundation.
  • Developed the electopneumatic positioner's firmware. Used model predictive control to achieve best performance.
  • Developed a solenoid valve with feedback control for the core position capable of making core magnetic levitation.
Technologies: Python, Simulink, MATLAB, C++, Embedded C


2002 - 2004
  • Developed on-board systems and complexes of automatic control and navigation for atmospheric and space vehicles.
  • Wrote the requirement specifications for software and conducted tests.
Technologies: UML, C, C++

• Developed the Unicycle device. Used a model-based design and code generation to speed up the development process.
• Derived all the equations for the 3D motion of a device in SymPy, designed the mathematical models, and synthesized the control algorithm in MATLAB.
• Designed a user presence detection algorithm.
• Worked as the CTO of the Moscow team of software developers CAD designers, and electrical engineers.

Robotic Exo-Prosthesis
• Developed most of the sensor portion.
• Performed MEMS calibration, orientation estimation using Kalman filtering.
• Did force/torque measuring.
• Designed a genetic algorithm to find the best positions for strain gauge placement.
• Designed and implemented an optimal force/torque estimation algorithm.

Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

• Designed and implemented the adaptive control for an electro-pneumatic positioner.
• Implemented the HART communication protocol and enabled the device to pass the certification for the HART Communication Foundation.


Python, C, Simulink, Embedded C, C++, Julia, UML, Modelica, Haskell


MATLAB, GNU Toolchain, Git, LaTeX


Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, MSP430, Code Generators, MEMS, Fixed-Point Toolbox, PMSM, COM, FreeRTOS, Mbed, Doxygen, NixOS


SciPy, PyQt, NumPy, Pandas, SQLAlchemy


Functional Programming


STM32, Windows, Linux, Bluetooth LE





1998 - 2004

Master's Degree in Control Systems

Bauman Moscow State Technical University - Moscow, Russia