Amer Zavlan, Software Developer in Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Amer Zavlan

Software Developer in Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member since November 3, 2017
Amer is a skilled developer who's always willing to learn something new and keeps his eye out for interesting challenges to take on. He is especially passionate about game development (using C++, Unreal Engine, and Unity3D), but he's eager to undertake projects in other technologies such as Angular 2/4, .NET Core, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Android, and Python.
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  • PrimeTime
    Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints)
    Node.js, TypeScript
  • Z-Games
    BGFX (C++), Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints), Unity



Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Preferred Environment

Git, C++, OpenGL, Unity, Unreal Engine, ECS

The most amazing... I've worked on was a mind-controlled multiplayer (network) game; built with the MindSky device and the Unreal Engine.


  • Senior Game Developer

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Created shader effects (HLSL and Material Nodes).
    • Developed an ability system.
    • Created base systems (such as health, animation notifies, and more) for other programmers.
    • Built keyframe animations (of scale, rotation, shader effects, and more).
    Technologies: Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints)
  • Back-end Software Engineer

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Applied object-oriented programming paradigms.
    • Worked in a Scrum-based development environment.
    • Developed for Node.js- and TypeScript-based projects.
    • Worked successfully in test driven development.
    • Developed microservice architecture.
    Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript
  • Lead Game Programmer

    2016 - 2018
    • Programmed games using ECS (Entity-Component-System) architecture.
    • Developed games using EC (Entity-Component) architecture.
    • Created shader (including raytracing and other advanced effects) and particle effects.
    Technologies: BGFX (C++), Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints), Unity
  • Lead Front-end Engineer

    2016 - 2017
    • Managed and strove to bring out the best in my team members.
    • Taught other people Angular 2+ in order for us to use their skills later on.
    • Wrote automation scripts in Grunt.
    • Learned .NET Core and helped developed the back-end.
    • Created a webcam chat using WebRTC and SignalR library (WebSockets wrapper).
    • Contributed to a public repository of a C#-to-TypeScript converter. We used it in order to convert C# classes to TypeScript interfaces so that everything on the front-end is type-safe and complies with the back-end.
    • Enriched a public repository for Angular 2 dropdown features which helped make it more generic.
    • Built my own caching system that drastically improved website performance (used WebStorage and Observables).
    • Became highly skilled with observable programming pattern.
    Technologies: Angular 2, Angular 4, .NET Core, Pug (formerly Jade)
  • Android Developer

    2015 - 2016
    • Used the MVP pattern (model-view-presentation) in my project work.
    • Utilized the Retrofit HTTP library in my development work.
    • Learned how to structure an application architecturally.
    Technologies: Android, Java
  • Back-end Developer | Machine Learning Team Member

    2014 - 2015
    Personal (
    • Developed the front-end and back-end of the admin page.
    • Optimized queries (by introducing paging or restructuring data itself in order to make optimized queries).
    • Built MapReduce tasks that would process big data.
    • Optimized a certain MapReduce task to reduce its running time by 15% and as well reduce the result size by 50%.
    • Wrote utility scripts for HBase that could be used by the Ops team.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Java, MapReduce, HBase


  • Languages

    Java, Java 6, Pug, C++, JavaScript, JavaScript 6, Java 8, C#, GLSL
  • Frameworks

    Unreal Engine, Angular, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Unity, Unity3D, Monogame, OAuth 2, .NET Core, Cycle.js, Django
  • Libraries/APIs

    SFML, SDL, OpenGL, React, Facebook API, Node.js, Sockets, Socket.IO, Blender Scripting API, WebGL, Facebook Login, Instagram API, WebRTC
  • Paradigms

    REST, MVC Design, MapReduce, Agile, Scrum
  • Platforms

  • Other

    Game Development, Games, 3D Games, Game Programming, Engines, 2D Games, Game Engine Programming, Facebook
  • Tools

    Blender 3D, Blender, Gimp
  • Storage

    MySQL, HBase


  • Master of Engineering degree in Internet of Things, Information Technologies
    2016 - 2018
    International Burch University - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technologies
    2013 - 2016
    International Burch University - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • High school diploma in General with an Informatics Focus
    2009 - 2013
    Turkish-Bosnian Sarajevo College - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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