Andrew Leek, Developer in United States

Andrew Leek

Software Developer

United States
Toptal Member Since
October 15, 2012

Web Developer with over nine years of experience producing dynamic, interactive websites and rich internet applications. Extensive experience with taking complex algorithms from concept to functionality. Works well both individually and as part of a team.

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WordPress, Joomla, Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CreateJS, JavaScript, XML...


United States



Preferred Environment

Git, Adobe Flash Builder

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a mesh deformation system wherein a single mesh could be accurately deformed to match differing underlying structures

Work Experience

2007 - PRESENT

Web Developer/Independent Contractor

  • Conceptualizing and programming tools for 2D mesh deformation and manipulation.
  • Simultaneously developing HTML5/Flash interactive applications utilizing the CreateJS Suite.
  • Optimizing flash performance using the Apparat framework.
  • Integrating facial recognition and capture capabilities.
  • Building progressively enhanced SEO friendly AJAX backed websites.
  • Development and implementation of coding frameworks for video game production.
  • Creation of Flash e-learning modules and applications.
  • Development of standalone Flash applications for kiosks and touch-screens.
  • Developing content management systems in Flash and PHP.
  • Setup, customization and installation of Wordpress and Joomla content management systems.
  • Creation and setup of MySQL databases with interfacing via PHP and AMFPHP.
  • Developing assistive technology Flash applications.
  • Designing and programming Flash video capture and playback components.
  • Setup and utilization of Flash Media Server.
  • Programming dynamic XML driven photo galleries and audio/video jukeboxes in the Adobe Flash environment.
  • Producing dynamic JQuery driven multi-lingual websites.
  • Dynamic PDF generation with TCPDF.
  • Creating and utilizing PHP server-side scripting.
  • Social network integration.
  • Designing and programming interface and navigational aspects of websites.
  • Implementation of websites, including: domain setup and website upload.
  • Interfacing with 3rd party payment systems for online purchasing.
  • Content creation, including: Animation, Graphics, and Sound Effects.
  • Creating visual style guides, including: Typography, Layout, Color and Graphical Elements.
  • Collaborating with artists and designers to develop and produce unique visual content.
  • Successfully working with clients to achieve projected goals on time and within budget.
  • Working independently and in team oriented environments, while managing simultaneous projects.
Technologies: WordPress, Joomla, Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CreateJS, JavaScript, XML, HaXe, Flex, Flash
2003 - 2007

multimedia developer

University of Kansas Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center
  • Role: Lead designer and programmer for all multimedia interactive's for the University of Kansas Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center.
  • Designing interface and navigational aspects of websites and interactive kiosks.
  • Creating visual style guides for websites and interactive kiosks, including: Typography, Layout, Color and Graphical Elements.
  • Creating content, including:  3D Animation, Video, Audio, Graphics, Photography, Motion Graphics.
  • Collaborating with multiple departments to create and develop educational materials.
  • Programming dynamic flash interactive's utilizing menu and video playback components.
  • Implementation of websites, including: "going live" and interfacing with Cold Fusion databases.
  • Implementation of interactive kiosks, including: operating system modification, interfacing with 3rd party input systems and installing backup power systems.
  • Resolving system and software compatibility issues.
Technologies: Adobe ColdFusion, Flex, Flash
2000 - 2003

production assistant

6 Productions
  • Role: Graphic Designer and Videographer for daily news broadcasts and regional television programs.
  • Designing and creating still and motion graphics for all daily news broadcasts.
  • Creating graphical elements, including: Logos, Lower-thirds, Full-page Graphics, Over-the-shoulder boxes, Chromakeys and Motion Graphic Segments.
  • Collaborating with print and web departments for cross-utilization of digital graphics, video content.
  • Consistently performing well during high-pressure situations while meeting evolving project deadlines in a team-oriented environment.
  • Live concert and television show videographer.


Bar design

I designed and built a bar in Shanghai China.  My responsibilities included: Logo Design, CNC fabrication of bar sign, CNC fabrication of bartop, lighting design and construction work.


I build interactive sculptures, bringing together multiple layers of design and abstraction, including: 3D Design, Interaction Design, Programming, Video, Microprocessors, Sensors and Robotics.



CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, HaXe, XML, PHP


Adobe Flex, Flex


jQuery, CreateJS


Final Cut Pro, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Maya, Cinema 4D, Adobe Flash, Adobe ColdFusion, Git


MacOS, Joomla, WordPress, Linux




Adobe Flash Builder


2002 - 2006

Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts - Sculpture

University of Kansas - USA

2000 - 2001

Advanced Certificate Degree in Interactive Multimedia Design

Johnson County Community College - USA