Andrey Adamovich, Developer in Riga, Latvia

Andrey Adamovich

Software Developer

Riga, Latvia
Toptal Member Since
January 1, 2015

Andrey has over fifteen years of professional software design and development experience in a variety of industries. He has a great deal of programming language and technology knowhow, and over the past three years has specialized in software delivery process automation, DevOps, and performance-oriented software architecture.

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HTML5, Groovy, Java
Puppet, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Oracle WebLogic Portal, WebLogic, Jakarta EE...
Puppet, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Web Services, Jakarta EE, Java


Riga, Latvia



Preferred Environment

Subversion (SVN), Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Linux, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've optimized is JVM/web performance for a bunch of high-load websites.

Work Experience

2011 - PRESENT

Software Architect

  • Led a five-person development team.
  • Defined architecture and created initial prototypes for several projects.
  • Wrote technical project specifications and design documents.
  • Designed and delivered several training courses for clients.
  • Participated in client offer preparation.
Technologies: HTML5, Groovy, Java
2006 - PRESENT

Senior Architect

  • Designed and developed complex (JEE) web applications for Danish tax authorities.
  • Optimized cross-project operations and introduced delivery process improvements.
  • Analyzed JVM and application server performance and performed tuning for the application to scale to thousands of concurrent users.
  • Organized several internal training sessions to leverage development effectiveness.
  • Performed several architecture and code reviews.
Technologies: Puppet, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Oracle WebLogic Portal, WebLogic, Jakarta EE, Java
2013 - 2014


  • Designed and developed a messaging system based on Oracle Service Bus, JMS, ElasticSearch, and Redis.
  • Created a service code generation framework to streamline service pattern reuse.
  • Configured infrastructure provisioning automation to handle dozens of servers with similar setups.
  • Analyzed and tuned service bus and JVM process performance.
  • Wrote architecture and developer guideline documents.
Technologies: Puppet, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Web Services, Jakarta EE, Java
2013 - 2014

Application Performance/Delivery Pipeline Analysist

  • Analyzed and tuned NesClub application (JVM) performance.
  • Reviewed infrastructure provisioning procedures and code (Puppet).
  • Made operations team peer reviews to analyze and improve internal processes and workflows.
  • Helped with configuring virtualized environments for better performance.
  • Helped with introducing a procedure for continuous application performance monitoring.
Technologies: Jenkins, Puppet, Java
2012 - 2013


  • Trained the development team in best coding practices.
  • Performed a code review of several large Java code bases.
  • Analyzed performance of production JVMs.
Technologies: Hibernate, Spring, Apache Tomcat, Java
2005 - 2006

System Analyst

  • Conducted system analysis, technical design, and architecture improvements.
  • Implemented system components and estimated, implemented, and tested different development tasks.
  • Prepared technical documentation.
  • Performed business domain analysis and modeling for a banking loan application.
  • Wrote technical design specifications of several business components.
  • Designed and implemented common project architecture components like domain auditing framework using annotations, logging framework, context storage, rules engine, etc.
  • Defined developer guidelines and best practices for the common framework and the technologies used in the project.
Technologies: BEA AquaLogic Service Bus, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Oracle WebLogic Portal, WebLogic, Jakarta EE, Java
1999 - 2005

Senior Developer

  • Developed an in-house CRM solution.
  • Integrated PBX and e-mails into the internal call center.
  • Developed an InterBase data replication solution.
  • Developed COBRA-based system for Latvian AirSpace Control.
  • Maintained the company's website.
Technologies: Java, Perl, Delphi


Groovy 2 Cookbook

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Groovy DSL for SSH



Java, Bash, SQL, Groovy, HTML5, HTML, Delphi, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, UML, Perl, MathML, Scala


Selenium, Mockito, Hibernate, GEB, JUnit, Spring, Scalatra, Catalyst, AngularJS, jBPM


Puppet.js, Ratpack, Twitter API, jQuery, LinkedIn API


Java Concurrency, Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, YourKit, Eclipse Memory Analyzer, Censum, JVisualVM, JConsole, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse IDE, Logstash, Apache JMeter, Puppet, Apache Tomcat, Git, Subversion (SVN), JBoss Drools, gnuplot, Microsoft Visio


Agile Software Development, Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven Development (TDD), DevOps, Continuous Deployment, Functional Programming, Concurrent Programming


JSE, Java EE, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Database, Jakarta EE, Windows, SharePoint, Mule ESB, Red Hat Linux, Linux, Android, Debian Linux, Docker


Oracle WebLogic Application Server, Oracle WebLogic Portal, WebLogic, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Web Services, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), BEA AquaLogic Service Bus, Data Warehouse Design, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Architecture


Oracle PL/SQL, Firebird, Neo4j, Oracle 11g, Hazelcast, Apache Derby, MariaDB, JBoss AS, Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, MongoDB, InterBase, MySQL


2002 - 2004

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Latvian State University - Latvia