Andriyan Ivanov, Full-stack JavaScript Developer in Varna, Bulgaria
Andriyan Ivanov

Full-stack JavaScript Developer in Varna, Bulgaria

Member since July 19, 2019
Andriyan is a versatile full-stack JavaScript developer who is very passionate about DevOps culture and infrastructure design. He began his career at 17 and has been working in the web industry ever since. He is exceptionally good at architecture, automation, testing, and implementations (real-time audio/video, chat, WebRTC, and intelligent OAuth authentication). Andriyan follows TDD principles to create robust, high-quality code to deliver exceptional products that perform well.
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  • Toptal
    REST, APIs, Docker, Node.js, React, JavaScript
  • DAZN
    REST, APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), BrowserStack, Selenium, AWS, Drones...
  • Adaptemy
    REST, APIs, Webpack, Mocha, Web Workers, React, AngularJS



Varna, Bulgaria



Preferred Environment

Google Hangouts, Zoom, Slack, Zsh, Visual Studio Code, Linux, MacOS

The most amazing...

...product I led my team of concept artists to rebuild was the universe of a large, web-based game from a pirate saga to a space sci-fi in less than four months.


  • Growth Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    • Developed new and reimagined existing front-end solutions using React.
    • Developed a GraphQL back end using Ruby and JavaScript.
    • Created automation and deployment pipelines for CI/CD.
    • Created containerized apps for development and cloud deployment using Docker.
    • Organized training for Docker and general DevOps practices.
    • Collaborated with product owners and stakeholders directly.
    • Applied agile principles during rituals and regular meetings.
    • Reported and documented ongoing and future work using modern project management tools.
    Technologies: REST, APIs, Docker, Node.js, React, JavaScript
  • Senior Full-stack Engineer

    2018 - 2019
    • Developed microservices using Node.js and AWS tooling.
    • Participated in the architecture of serverless solutions using AWS Lambda.
    • Designed infrastructure as code within the AWS cloud using Terraform.
    • Deployed single-page micro-front-end applications using React and MobX.
    • Developed CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and Drone CI.
    • Created end-to-end automation using Selenium and BrowserStack.
    • Containerized multiple applications as Docker images.
    • Applied TDD principles and wrote a automated unit tests using Mocha and Jest for both front-end and back-end solutions.
    • Applied agile methodologies during rituals and regular meetings.
    • Designed Datadog monitoring dashboards to be used by high level non-tech employees to aid in technical support.
    Technologies: REST, APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), BrowserStack, Selenium, AWS, Drones, Jenkins, Docker, Terraform, Node.js, React, JavaScript
  • Senior Front-end Engineer

    2017 - 2018
    • Implemented progressive-app technology into an existing AngularJS SPA using CacheAPI, LocalStorage, and Web Workers.
    • Refactored the existing codebase's build process using Webpack to decrease the time for build and deployment.
    • Refactored a large portion of the application from functional to OO format with more modular structure.
    • Created numerous unit tests based off of the existing code to allow for regression testing and stability.
    • Developed an SPA application for designing and testing mathematical expressions using React.
    Technologies: REST, APIs, Webpack, Mocha, Web Workers, React, AngularJS
  • Senior Full-stack Engineer

    2017 - 2018
    • Involved in the engineering and architecture of a social network. It provides its users with the means of real-time communication and pay-on-demand services.
    • Developed a fancy UI single-page application using Angular.
    • Implemented a real-time audio/video chat using Websockets, Twilio, and WebRTC.
    • Implemented an intelligent OAuth authentication engine with JWT with full refresh capabilities based on Redis-stored refresh tokens.
    • Engineered the back-end platform using Sails.js and MongoDB.
    • Implemented the GeoIP "find users near me" discovery tool using MongoDB.
    • Created a socket server for real-time data exchange based on socket-cluster technology.
    Technologies: REST, APIs, WebSockets, WebRTC, Twilio, Sails.js, MongoDB, Cluster, Socket.IO, Node.js, Angular, JavaScript
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2015 - 2016
    EPAM Systems
    • Assisted with internal applications for enhancing the employee experience in the company using AngularJS.
    • Designed an intelligent front-end UI/UX for managing auto-trading rules.
    • Collaborated on multiple applications as part of a large FX trading platform.
    • Used AngularJS, D3.js, and React to create rich UI/UX solutions for FX trading.
    • Followed TDD principles to create robust, high-quality code.
    • Participated in agile rituals and organized work using Jira and Confluence.
    • Collaborated directly with the product owner and business analyst stakeholders.
    Technologies: REST, APIs, Mocha, AngularJS, React, JavaScript
  • Senior Full-stack Engineer

    2014 - 2014
    • Oversaw the development of a new administrative UI for a person-matching platform.
    • Created fancy, web-based components using AngularJS.
    • Implemented smart state management for managing a large mesh of data assets.
    • Created a sophisticated system for RESTful communication with the platform's API.
    Technologies: REST, APIs, C#.NET, AngularJS, JavaScript
  • Senior Full-stack Engineer

    2013 - 2013
    First Online Solutions
    • Created and released a Magento store for children's clothing.
    • Mentored junior employees into using better practices in their day-to-day work such as code organization and version control.
    • Implemented GitLab to be used company-wide for internal version control.
    • Designed a system for real-time chat support using Node.js and Websockets based off of Sails.js.
    • Developed my first single-page application using AngularJS.
    Technologies: REST, APIs, WebSockets, Sails.js, AngularJS, Node.js, Magento, JavaScript, PHP
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2010 - 2012
    Web Matrix
    • Participated in the development of a penny-auction platform using the Symphony PHP framework.
    • Designed and developed an iCal replica as a Joomla event-calendar plugin.
    • Designed and debugged MySQL stored procedures used as an intermediary between a JavaScript and Flash application.
    • Designed a storyline, unit, environment, and multiple other assets for an online game.
    • Led a team of freelance concept artists into creating the UI/UX for a web-based game.
    Technologies: APIs, Symphony, MySQL, Joomla, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2005 - 2010
    • Collaborated with many clients on multiple web based projects. Worked as an affiliate and created numerous marketing assets and ran many large traffic acquisition campaigns.
    • Designed traffic tracking and affiliate engines before the time of Google Analytics.
    • Created large networks of blogs for traffic acquisition and exchange.
    • Designed and programmed numerous custom-built web sites from scratch.
    Technologies: MySQL, JavaScript, PHP
  • Software Engineer

    2004 - 2005
    Mansion Productions
    • Assisted a team in the building of a large-scale affiliate platform.
    • Implemented traffic tracking, asset management, CMS, and mailing functionality.
    • Integrated numerous payment platforms as part of the platform's processor cascading feature.
    • Collaborated with hundreds of clients as an immediate response support developer, handled emergency deployments and bug fixes, and coded client-specific customizations.
    • Began developing my OOP skills for the first time in my practice.
    Technologies: JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
  • Web Developer

    2002 - 2004
    Virus Advertising
    • Began my professional career as a software developer, building websites using PHP and MySQL.
    • Developed multiple websites for various company clients.
    • Designed a system for booking work for a "Work & Travel" program ran by one of the company's clients.
    • Participated in the design of many UX projects, working closely with designers.
    Technologies: MySQL, JavaScript, PHP


  • DAZN - Life Sports Broadcasrting

    Assisted the team in reimagining version two of the application platform and worked as a full-stack developer responsible for creating well-tested and robust back-end applications following the microservice architectural pattern. As a front-end developer, I implemented stakeholder requirements for a user-rich web experience by building sophisticated React micro-front-end applications. Besides front-end and back-end development, my duties included designing infrastructure as code using Terraform within the AWS cloud platform and creating performance and end-to-end testing using Locust and Selenium.

  • Glimpse Me - Social network for Social Funding

    Created a robust Node.js back end using Sails.js and socket-cluster, allowing users to interact in real-time using text and video chat based on WebRTC. Engineered a responsive front-end application using Angular v4 to allow for a modular and feature UI. Created many of the features, including OAuth using refreshable JSON web tokens, GeoIP member search, and payment transactions.

  • One of the World's Largest News Organizations

    I work as a full-stack developer in one of the leading news outlets in the world. My daily routines include developing full-stack solutions with Node, React, and a handful of other JavaScript (and other)-based technologies in a microservice architecture environment.

    I developed both back-end services, as well as front-end pages, that are fully SEO optimized, trackable, and logged. Apps run on AWS, Heroku and deployments are live, which is achieved by heavily testing code in automation.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, HTML, SQL, C#.NET, PHP, Sass
  • Frameworks

    AngularJS, Sails.js, Vanilla JS, Angular, Next.js, Selenium, Jest
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, Socket.IO, WebRTC, jQuery
  • Paradigms

    Test-driven Development (TDD), REST, Microservices
  • Other

    Single-page Applications (SPA), APIs, WebSockets, AWS, Web Workers, Symphony, Full-stack
  • Tools

    Terraform, Jenkins, Zsh, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, BrowserStack, Cluster, Mocha, Webpack
  • Platforms

    Docker, AWS Lambda, MacOS, Linux, Visual Studio Code, Twilio, Magento, Joomla, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    MongoDB, MySQL

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