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Andy Inman

Andy Inman

Madrid, Spain
Member since November 14, 2013
Andy is an energetic, creative, and versatile individual with extensive experience gained through over 20 years in IT services. He has worked in a range of roles encompassing software development, support, management, technical sales, and consulting. He is goal-oriented and results-driven. Originally from London, Andy now lives in Madrid with his wife and kids. He speaks Spanish fluently in addition to his native English.
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  • C, 12 years
  • PHP, 10 years
  • SQL, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 8 years
  • Drupal API, 8 years
  • jQuery, 8 years
  • Drupal 6, 8 years
  • Drupal 7, 4 years
Madrid, Spain
Preferred Environment
Linux, Git
The most amazing...
...system I've created is a Windows-based customer-service/CRM issue-tracking system, used and loved by over 200 companies in the UK and other parts of Europe.
  • Solutions Architect
    2004 - PRESENT
    • Provided consulting, design, and development services in Drupal 5, 6, and 7.
    • Designed and developed language/translation subsystems.
    • Designed and developed SOAP and REST interfaces.
    • Provided system maintenance and support services.
    • Architected and developed a bespoke financial analysis and reporting application (Drupal 7).
    • Contributed various open source projects to the Drupal community.
    • Gained expertise in using the Pantheon platform for Drupal.
    Technologies: Drupal, LAMP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Nginx, jQuery
    1990 - 2004
    Gemini Affinitas, Ltd.
    • Built and managed a successful company (20 employees).
    • Created a unique and highly regarded software product for CRM, client support, and customer service management.
    • Provided technical and management consulting to clients in the UK and Europe.
    • Recruited, trained, and managed an excellent team responsible for development, sales, and support.
    • Architected several bespoke solutions, including an online banking system for a specialized London bank.
    Technologies: Microsoft, Windows, Novell NetWare, ODBC, MS SQL, C
  • Consultant Systems Architect
    1999 - 2003
    • Co-architected a unique medical records storage and retrieval system.
    • Made major contributions to the company, successfully obtaining two US patents.
    • Designed and implemented further system features for data integrity and security.
    • Managed the small development team.
    • Defined a technical strategy for the potential product.
    Technologies: Windows, IIS, CGI
  • InterFAX Prices (Development)

    InterFAX serves tens of thousands of users, sending and receiving over 60 million fax pages a year.

    Their Prices page is provided by one of several custom Drupal modules I have developed for them. It displays price information dependent on factors such as chosen source and destination countries, selected package and chosen currency.

    On the surface it looks simple enough, but behind the scenes there is quite a lot going on...

    All text strings displayed are configurable and translatable by their own staff via a web-based UI.

    The module has to deal with multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency issues. For example, VAT (sales-tax) rates and whether prices should be shown inclusive or exclusive of VAT are country-dependent factors.

    Initial country selection is determined by the visitor's IP address, with language detected from browser language configuration. Arabic (RTL) language is also handled, which required some custom changes to the slider widget, as the jQueryUI slider does not support RTL as standard.

    AJAX is used to update the displayed information when the user changes a selection such as country.

    Source data is retrieved via SOAP and the InterFAX API, cached locally for enhanced performance.

  • EyeRecommend (Development)

    EyeRecommend is a Canadian network of independent optometrists. During 2013, I architected and developed their "Benchmarking" application. It allows each of their member clinics to compare a variety of key business indicators to aggregate data obtained from other members. For example, it can compare an individual clinic's percentage net profit to the median or 75th percentile of all their other clinics in Canada, just those in the same local area, or just those of similar size.

    This was a full cycle project. The client came to me with a set of business requirements and an outline of functional specifications. I developed the full solution, including remote installation on their server. Zero significant bugs were reported.

    The system provides web-based data entry and generation of in-page and PDF reports and graphs. The Drupal technology leveraged includes Entity API, Field API, Forms API, and Cache API. In addition, it features a PDF generation library and Google Charts.

    The system is available via their web-site at, but is not publicly visible.

  • Languages
    C, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Assembler, Bash Script, SQL
  • Libraries/APIs
    Drupal API, jQuery
  • Platforms
    Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drupal, Pantheon, Drupal 8
  • Tools
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