Angel Mena Sancho, ITIL V3 Foundation Certified Developer in Valencia, Spain
Angel Mena Sancho

ITIL V3 Foundation Certified Developer in Valencia, Spain

Member since January 20, 2019
Angel is a data analyst engineer with a master's degree in logistics from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He focuses mainly on designing and optimizing databases so that they respond promptly and display relevant data easily. During his most recent work at DHL Supply Chain, Angel had the chance to design several programs to optimize the transport network for Ford Europe inbound materials, including some overseas routes.
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Valencia, Spain



Preferred Environment

SQL Server, MS Excel, MS Access, Power BI

The most amazing...

...program I've ever built combines ETL with a forecast for volumes including exception management for wrong data.


  • IT Senior Support Analyst

    2002 - PRESENT
    DHL Supply Chain
    • Created a transport system to synchronize demand from an external database in Oracle that mainly contains suppliers, plants, parts, demand, and packaging and calculates the forecast volumes per route. The information is transformed in SQL Server stored procedures and the front-end is MS Access and the final output is entered to the program that designs the transport routes.
    • Built an assumptions system to guess the most suitable packaging that may be assigned to a part in the cases that it still has not been entered in the system. It has about 15 different rules and gives traceability to the operator to understand which rule has been applied.
    • Constructed a strategic system to show the real demand (in trailer linear meters) ordered for the next days per route in order to request the number of trailers to be ordered in the following days.
    • Developed several EDI programs to read demand or arrivals and upload the information in the servers to have visibility of the forecast and the actual demand.
    • Optimized several SQL Server databases to analyze the main reason and make the corresponding changes in the indexes in some cases, sometimes creating the processes to archive or remove obsolete information and sometimes supporting the developers to follow best practices to reduce the workload in the servers. One recent achievement was for a C# program that took almost 20 minutes to open, after the migration of the code to a stored procedure to do all hard work it took only 15 seconds.
    • Created the main program that stores the information about KPIs that is exported to QlikView to obtain the final reports. Also supported the team that developed the QlikView dashboards with best practices, especially when linking with the database server.
    • Designed and developed an ETL tool in C# to move data across databases to create a data warehouse that several advanced users can query to extract the relevant information.
    • Built an automatic archiving system for the EDI files in order to keep a ZIP copy in a tidy manner so that the system archives them following clear criteria (YYYY-MM-DD-FileName) so that every file can be easily found. Additionally, the system removes the temporary or obsolete files.
    • Managed the jobs in the main SQL Servers and finding and fixing issues when any of them fails.
    Technologies: Windows Server, SQL Server, C#, MS Access, MS Excel (VBA), Power BI, QlikView
  • Computing Services Department Manager

    2002 - 2002
    Hurtado Muebles y Decoración, S.A.
    • Fostered relations with suppliers searching for a solution to establish a VPN between two factories to work in a WAN.
    • Found and fixed the performance issues in the existing UNIX server that was producing delays.
    • Supported the migration to a new factory to keep everything working during the move.
    Technologies: Unix, Oracle, SQL Server, Windows, Sculptor, VPN
  • Computing Services Department Manager

    1997 - 2002
    Primer Grupo Gestión Inmobiliaria
    • Maintained computers (hardware and software) and the servers (Unix, Windows, and Windows NT) with the corresponding network permissions.
    • Coached two IT juniors.
    • Designed and maintained the corporate web and the intranet with Windows NT and IIS.
    • Designed and maintained a system to oversee the mortgage management from the moment of the signature until all taxes had been paid, controlling every single step along with alarms if some steps are pending and close to the end date.
    Technologies: Informix-4GL, Unix, Delphi, SQL Server, Windows NT, MS Exchange Server, Linux, IIS
  • Computer Systems Designer and Analyst

    1997 - 1997
    Primeramano Editorial, S.L.
    • Maintained computers and configuration of a new network (Novell) and assigning permissions to the users.
    • Created a program in Clipper to maintain a database for the properties and export the current data to XPress to publish in a newspaper.
    • Provided support to the users on the different sectorial programs and offering them tailor-made solutions.
    Technologies: Clipper, Windows, Novell
  • Computer Systems Analyst

    1996 - 1997
    General Española de Recursos Humanos S.L.
    • Maintained computers.
    • Created the infrastructure designs with the IT suppliers.
    • Designed a system to enter the CV in a database it where was possible to conduct searches based on different criteria.
    Technologies: Windows, Clipper, Delphi
  • Computer Systems Analyst

    1995 - 1996
    Hippo Gestión, S.A.
    • Maintained computers.
    • Designed and developed a program in Informix-4GL to manage the number of trips that the agencies can book internally.
    • Created an application in Windows to book hotel rooms. The system allows to enter the stock of rooms per day and allows the agencies to book if there is availability.
    • Maintained the main server in Unix.
    Technologies: Informix-4GL, Unix, Gupta (SQL Windows)
  • Computer Systems Designer and Analyst

    1993 - 1995
    Ortopedia Vicente, S.A.
    • Maintained the computers.
    • Designed and developed a program in Clipper for the billing system including EDI (by floppy disk) to the national health services.
    • Maintained relations with IT suppliers.
    • Connected the billing system with the accounting system.
    Technologies: Clipper, MS-Dos


  • Fixing Performance Issues | Hospital Clínica Benidorm (Development)

    This is a database with more than 100 GB of information for several thousand patients and over the past 15 years, it was often crashing.

    After implementing performance optimizations and the maintenance plan, it is now working quite well—supporting about 200 simultaneous users (doctors and finance).

  • Improve SQL Server performance | Pikolinos (Development)

    This is a set of performance improvements in some indexes, views, and database triggers that left some programs out of service and was fixed after the improvements. The database is being used by more than 200 simultaneous users and the size is about 300 GB.

  • Performance Optimization | Logistics company (Development)

    I optimized several SQL Server databases in order to search for the root reason, verify the changes in a QA environment and make the corresponding changes in production.

    This involved sometimes creating archiving processes or just removing obsolete information. I spent spare my spare time encouraging developers to follow best practices to reduce the workload on the servers. One recent personal win was reworking a C# program that initially took almost 20 minutes to open. After migrating the code to a stored procedure—where it does all of the hard work—it now takes only 15 seconds.

  • Extracts from Oracle Database | Logistics company (Development)

    I extracted ad hoc queries from an external Oracle database to import in the main SQL Server database or exporting to Microsoft Access or Excel to give to some power users the possibility to extract the relevant information.

  • Improvements on the Main KPI System | Logistics company (Development)

    I migrated an existing KPI system in MS Excel into SQL Server. Part of the job was to modify the structure. This was done to normalize it, enable it to be queried from different perspectives, and also to export the summaries into Excel, QlikView, and Power BI to obtain the final dashboards.

  • Database Archive | Logistics company (Development)

    I created the main archiving/removal system to move the old data to the archive database and remove definitively the obsolete data (older than five years).

    The system is based on SQL Server stored procedures and launched from SQL Server Jobs, giving visibility of the results in audit tables to understand the results for each different database.

  • EDI | Logistics Company (Development)

    I created several programs to get files from FTP, upload them into internal databases, and transform them when required. The information is visible for the users by a Microsoft Access front end so that they can export to Excel to share with third-party teams.

  • Migration of a Microsoft Access Database to SQL Server (Development)

    There was a Microsoft Access database that had to make several calculations and took about eight hours. That process was launched once per week and a user had to click to start each different step.

    Once it was migrated to SQL Server, I implemented some performance improvements so that the process runs during a database job, overnight and takes about 30 minutes. So, it can be launched automatically every day and nobody has to click and wait anymore.

  • Creation of a Reporting System Using Excel VBA (Development)

    On this project, I created a very detailed reporting system that reads from an existing database, summarizes the transport incidences, shows the ones pending of payment, and summarizes the ones that are in each different status.

    There are two main groups of reports: monthly and quarterly with completely different layouts and filtering criteria. Additionally, for an incidence and per user request, the system prepares an official form (in Excel format) and inserts it in a draft email with also a predefined format in HTML that can be sent to the relevant stakeholders after manual revision if required or just as the system generated it if not.

  • VBA Enhancements to Financial Model for an important investment company (Development)

    For a financial model, I created a series of macros to reduce repetitive work and allow the user to focus on analyzing the data to make the best business decisions.

  • Development of a Main Billing System Synchronized with a Suite CRM | Editorial Rubio (Development)

    Over the course of 18 years, I've developed and maintained the billing system in Microsoft Access with SQL Server and connected it with the accounting system for finances with Suite CRM (MySQL) to allow the sales department to visualize the bills per customer and also included different data exports to Excel to send bills per EDI or to see sales statistics graphically.


  • Languages

    SQL, Excel VBA
  • Tools

    Excel 2016, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Power BI, Git, IBM Informix-4GL
  • Storage

    SQL Server 2016, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server DBA, MySQL
  • Paradigms

    Clean Code
  • Platforms

    Windows Server, QlikView, Citrix, Oracle, Unix
  • Other

    Project Management, ITIL V3 Foundation Certified


  • Master's degree in Logistics
    1992 - 1993
    Polytechnic University of Valencia - Valencia, Spain
  • Computer engineer's degree in Informatics
    1987 - 1993
    Polytechnic University of Valencia - Valencia, Spain
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL 2016 Database Development — Certified 2018
  • 70-762 Developing SQL Server Databases
  • 70-778 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI
  • 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL version 2016
    JULY 2018 - PRESENT
  • Integral Logistics Seminar
    DHL Supply Chain
  • DePICT Project Management
    DHL, Warwick (UK)
  • ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
    APMG International

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