Anton Shuleshov, Software Engineer and Developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Anton Shuleshov

Software Engineer and Developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Member since May 27, 2021
Anton is an IT professional with 20 years of hands-on experience in various technology stacks to develop, deploy, and support heavy-loaded applications. He designs and implements deployment automation of secure, scalable, and high available cloud solutions. With knowledge of PHP, Python, Javascript, Java, C#, and Go, he can identify an issue or bottleneck at the application level.
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  • Wizshops
    Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Terraform, Helm, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Amazon RDS...
  • Eve Virtual
    Twilio API, Agora, Azure DevOps, Azure App Service, Azure SQL Databases...
  • M.H. Alshaya Co.
    Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Cloud Services...



Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitLab, Azure Cloud Services, Linux, Kubernetes, Terraform, ELK (Elastic Stack)

The most amazing...

...thing I've designed was a cloud infrastructure for an eCommerce marketplace with 2 million monthly users and achieved zero downtime during three years.


  • Head of Engineering

    2020 - 2021
    • Designed and implemented on-demand deployment of environment for new tenants for a SaaS startup using AWS EKS, RDS, KMS, Go, and Terraform.
    • Set up GitFlow and deployment process using GitLab and GitLab CI, Terraform, and Kubernetes.
    • Designed and implemented architecture of data analytic applications based on Amazon managed services.
    Technologies: Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Terraform, Helm, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Amazon RDS, MySQL, ProxySQL, Go, Python, Bash, Amazon KMS, AWS Lambda, DevOps, AWS DevOps, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Jira, Atlassian Jira, GitFlow, AWS, PHP, SaaS
  • Head of Engineering, DevOps, CTO

    2020 - 2021
    Eve Virtual
    • Configured CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps to deploy front-end and back-end applications.
    • Hosted .NET Core application on Azure App Services backed by Azure SQL database. Configured Azure Front Door with load balancing, WAF, and CDN.
    • Configured application logging, monitoring, and tracing with Azure App Insights. Created several dashboards in Azure and Power BI.
    • Hosted several front end React applications on Azure Static Websites with Microsoft CDN.
    • Implemented an authentication service based on Azure AD B2C.
    • Distributed stress tests with JMeter and Kubernetes In Azure Kubernetes Service.
    • Configured multizone failover and HA for Azure SQL Database.
    • Designed and implemented video-conferencing browser application based on Twilio and Agora API.
    • Designed and implemented chat and signaling system for multiplayer game-like application using PubNub API, Agora RTM, Azure WebRTC, Azure SignalR Service, and Azure Functions.
    Technologies: Twilio API, Agora, Azure DevOps, Azure App Service, Azure SQL Databases, Azure Front Doors, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Azure Application Insights, Azure Active Directory B2C (ADB2C), Apache JMeter, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), CI/CD Pipelines, Terraform, PubNub, Azure Web PubSub, SignalR, Azure Functions, .NET Core, Azure, Azure Active Directory, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Jira, Atlassian Jira
  • IT Consultant

    2020 - 2020
    M.H. Alshaya Co.
    • Conducted research of requirements and justification of selecting an architecture and cloud platform for the new eCommerce project.
    • Researched available platforms for the eCommerce marketplace.
    • Implemented eCommerce search services using Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Search API, Python, Flask, Azure Blob storage, and OpenAPI.
    Technologies: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Cloud Services, OpenAPI, Swagger, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Search, Python, Flask, Jira, Atlassian Jira, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Atlassian Confluence
  • Head of Engineering, Infrastructure, Architecture, Cloud, DevOps

    2014 - 2020 - eCommerce Marketplace, Dubai, UAE
    • Migrated cloud infrastructure nodes from Amazon AWS to Google Cloud Platform—20+ VMs, databases, load balancers, log, and monitoring systems. Reconfigured CI/CD.
    • Configured automation delivery of code to environments using GitLab CI. Set up deployment environments and configured CI/CD pipelines for automation. Switched deployment from direct to CI/CD.
    • Set up monitoring and alerting services for applications and infrastructure using Zabbix, Grafana, and Elasticsearch.
    • Configured multiple content delivery networks—Akamai, CDNetworks, G-Core, Cloudflare, Cloud Front, and Google CDN. Automated invalidations and included into CI/CD process.
    • Created ETL scripts (bash) to load transactional data to Google BigQuery.
    • Created ELT solution based on Apache Airflow and Kubernetes to load data to data to external systems (BigQuery, Google catalog, and Facebook catalog).
    • Designed and developed a real user monitoring (RUM) solution to collect metrics from the user's browser using Akamai's opens source tool "Boomerang" and stream to Elasticsearch thru Logstash.
    • Adopted Git flow to specific software development lifecycle. Designed CI/CD and pipelines accordingly.
    • Designed and set up a "canary" deployment scenario for a monolithic PHP/MySQL application.
    • Designed several microservices and communication between them using Google Pub/Sub.
    Technologies: Google Cloud, AWS, Nginx, PHP, Python, Linux, Apache HTTP Server, Akamai, Grafana, ELK (Elastic Stack), Zabbix, Google Pub/Sub, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), F5 Networks, Apache Airflow, ProxySQL, SQL Server 2012, Hyper-V, Cisco, GitLab CI/CD, CI/CD Pipelines, Redis, Docker, Asterisk, Bash Script, ETL, Google BigQuery, Tableau, High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR), Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), DevOps, AWS DevOps
  • Head of IT Department

    2007 - 2013
    XM LTD, Kharkiv, Ukraine
    • Developed the company's eCommerce website using ASP.NET C# and connected it to ERP. Hosted on-premise and configured routing, connections, security, and disaster recovery.
    • Led the IT-related company's activities, including internal projects, collaboration with vendors and providers, IT budgets.
    • Designed and implemented a disaster recovery plan. Moved physical servers to virtual machines on Windows Hyper-V. Configured high availability and failover.
    • Introduced a monitoring and alerting system based on Zabbix 1.4.
    • Switched an analog Panasonic phone system to Asterisk PBX. Developed a plugin for ERP to connect call center agents to Asterisk PBX from the desktop OS.
    • Designed and implemented a local network. Switched from 802.3a network to 802.3i and later to 802.3u network.
    • Designed and implemented the interconnection between the head office and remote branches using IPSec VPN and Cisco equipment.
    • Implemented centralized OS patching using Windows Software Update Server and protection with Kaspersky Antivirus.
    • Designed and installed an intrusion alarm and surveillance system for critical company premises.
    Technologies: ASP.NET, Hyper-V, Proxmox, SQL Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows SBS 2003, Hardware, Asterisk, CCTV, Computer Networking, Cisco, Linux, Android, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Antivirus Software, C#.NET, Bash, Windows PowerShell
  • Software Engineer

    2000 - 2007
    Kharkivmetall JSC, Kharkiv, Ukraine
    • Developed and supported the ERP system. Maintained the POS and other office devices.
    • Developed and maintained the company's website in ASP and JavaScript.
    • Supported end users, their workplaces, and the peripheral equipment.
    Technologies: JavaScript, VB, ASP, Windows, Network Architecture


  • | UAE's Marketplace

    At, I led a journey of the transition from an old legacy way of deployment, integration, and hosting processes to new, cutting-edge technologies and services.

    We reached zero downtime during three consecutive years and reduced the risk of buggy code in production. We dramatically decreased the cost of infrastructure on another cloud and optimized the number and usage of services. And last but not least, I designed and implemented a multi-CDN approach of delivering traffic to end users. The service automatically switched the CDN for end users based on the current traffic quality in their location. We reduced the cost of traffic and increased the overall quality.

  • Authentication Service Based on Azure AD B2C

    In Eve Virtual, we implemented authentication based on AD B2C. I created user flows and custom policies. Also, I created Azure Function to get certain data from the database during authentication flow. And we migrated user accounts from the legacy system to AD B2C. The team designed UI forms, and we hosted customized login forms. The team designed the email template used in user flows for OTP, reset password, and email verification.

    All configuration files, technical profiles, and related assets were stored in Git (Azure DevOps) and CI/CD pipelines were configured to deploy updates automatically to staging and production environments.

  • SaaS for eCommerce

    An eCommerce SaaS service for secure and seamless creation of eCommerce application instances (initially designed for WooCommerce but can be used for any web application).

    Instances were hosted as deployments in a shared Kubernetes (AWS EKS) cluster. Each of them uses a separate database in a shared MySQL Cluster (AWS RDS) and a separate file system in a shared NFS (AWS EFS). All secrets were generated and stored in AWS KMS (separate instance per tenant)

    All automation was done using terraform. I created a separate workspace per tenant, and all states were stored in S3.

    CI and CD for application were implemented in GitLab CI—test and build images, push to the container registry (AWS ECR), and schedule rollout.

    Terraform configuration was stored in Git repository in Gitlab, and CI/CD was configured to update core infrastructure and tenant's instances thru pipelines.


  • Languages

    Bash, Bash Script, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C#.NET, Java, UML, Go
  • Tools

    GitLab CI/CD, Terraform, Nginx, Apache HTTP Server, ELK (Elastic Stack), Zabbix, Hyper-V, Azure Search, Agora, Azure Active Directory B2C (ADB2C), Apache JMeter, Helm, GitLab, Jira, Grafana, Asterisk, Apache Airflow, Tableau, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Azure App Service, Azure Application Insights, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Amazon EKS, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Atlassian Confluence, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS ECR
  • Paradigms

    DevOps, Azure DevOps, ETL
  • Platforms

    Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Windows, Google Cloud Engine, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Proxmox, Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, WordPress, WooCommerce
  • Storage

    Cloud Environments, Google Cloud, Redis, Azure Cloud Services, MySQL, Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Databases, Amazon EFS, AWS S3
  • Other

    AWS, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR), Software Engineering, Akamai, Network Architecture, Computer Networking, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), ProxySQL, CI/CD Pipelines, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Atlassian Jira, Prometheus, Windows SBS 2003, Hardware, CCTV, Cisco, Antivirus Software, Google Pub/Sub, F5 Networks, Google BigQuery, Azure Front Doors, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Azure Web PubSub, Amazon RDS, Amazon KMS, CDNetworks, AWS DevOps, AWS RDS, AWS Route 53, SSL Certificates, GitFlow, SaaS
  • Frameworks

    Swagger, ASP, Windows PowerShell, Flask, .NET Core
  • Libraries/APIs

    OpenAPI, Azure Cognitive Services, Twilio API, PubNub, SignalR


  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    2000 - 2005
    National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute (KhAI) - Kharkiv, Ukraine


  • Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Specialization
    APRIL 2020 - PRESENT

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