Anton Tanchuck, Developer in Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
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Anton Tanchuck

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Lock-Free Programming Developer

Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
Toptal Member Since
May 12, 2015

Anton has a passion for algorithms and coding challenges as well as a lot of experience in developing both managed and native code for Windows and Windows CE operation systems, including all levels from UI to kernel modules. This, combined with years of experience creating multi-platform applications (from OS X to Windows and even some RTOS) and excellent communication skills, makes him a great addition to any international team.


Windows PowerShell, Python, Linux, CORBA, Java, C++11
OS X, Linux, Windows, Python, Boost, Qt, Objective-C, C++
ThreadX, Windows CE, C++, C#, .NET




Preferred Environment

Qt Creator, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, C#, C++, Qt, OS X, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is a scripting engine with arithmetic support for testing communication and logic of medical devices through a proprietary RF protocol.

Work Experience

Senior Software Developer

2014 - 2016
  • Created a sophisticated build system that incorporated SVN and synchronized changes from a Windows station to a remote Linux box and executed the build on the other side.
  • Added new features to the back-end of a risk analysis system in the investment banking infrastructure ( C++11).
  • Updating the system for integration testing of the back-end.
Technologies: Windows PowerShell, Python, Linux, CORBA, Java, C++11

Senior Software Developer

2013 - 2014
  • Created a multi-platform C++ application.
  • Wrote UI and integration tests.
  • Created a module to gather application usage statistics.
  • Integrated LDAP information for status reporting.
Technologies: OS X, Linux, Windows, Python, Boost, Qt, Objective-C, C++

Senior Software Developer

2010 - 2013
  • Created business logic for handheld devices controlling insulin delivery pumps.
  • Providing access for a C# application to a Windows CE driver layer.
  • Creating a sophisticated scripting engine to test communication between handheld devices and insulin pumps, with the ability to simulate any side in the testing environment.
  • Created a quad-copter stabilization system.
Technologies: ThreadX, Windows CE, C++, C#, .NET

Software Developer

2007 - 2010
  • Created state-of-the-art USB redirection on Windows CE platform.
  • Built a serial port redirect and simulation on Windows CE.
  • Developed a fax device simulator connected to virtual serial port to be able to get fax transmissions through the internet.
Technologies: System Service & Hardware Control, Windows Kernel Drivers, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), Win32 API, Windows, Windows CE, C++, C

C++ Spell Checker
A tree-based container to find words with a specified Levenshtein distance.

USB Device Redirector

Redirect USB devices plugged to your Windows CE thin client to your RDP connection and use it like it was plugged to a remote machine.


C, C++, Python, C#, Objective-C, C++11, Java, R, XML


Win32 API, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC)


Git, CppCMS, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial, Qt Creator


Windows CE, Windows, MacOS, OS X, ThreadX, Linux, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


JSON, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL


Saetta Web Server, CFWheels, Windows Kernel Drivers, System Service & Hardware Control, Lock-Free Programming, CORBA


Windows PowerShell, Qt, .NET, Boost, Django


Concurrent Programming, Scrum

2002 - 2007

Specialist Degree in Radio Engineering and Radio Location

Zaporizhia National Technical University - Zaporizhia, Ukraine