Antoni Mysliborski, Developer in Funchal, Portugal

Antoni Mysliborski

Android Developer

Funchal, Portugal
Toptal Member Since
September 11, 2017

Antoni is an experienced developer with an extensive background in enterprise systems, currently focusing on mobile apps. During the past 15 years, he has worked for established corporations, government agencies, and startups allowing him to easily adapt to different organizational cultures. As a fast learner, Antoni can easily pick up new technologies, allowing him to work effectively and adhere to best practices.

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Mobile Apps Developer
Protobuf, Memcached, Jetty, iBeacon, Rx, Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Kotlin, Java...
Rasoul Holdings (via Toptal)
Firebase, Dagger 2, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Retrofit, RxSwift, RxJava...
Mobile-5 (London)
Libraries, ReactiveX, Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Java, Android


Funchal, Portugal



Preferred Environment

Git, IDEA IDE, Xcode, AppCode, Android Studio, MacOS

The most amazing... I’ve developed and designed was a Dublin city guide for AerLingus airlines with offline data synchronization and the use of iBeacons.

Work Experience

2012 - PRESENT


Mobile Apps Developer
  • Developed Android applications for Polish and French branches of Sanitech.
  • Created iOS and Android app CityBcon for AerLingus - an offline Dublin City Guide including support for iBeacons-triggered special offers and information (iBeacons in iOS only).
  • Built Android app for Polish startup - prototype of a social network allowing users to organize events based on location.
  • Created a web application presenting complicated Excel documents as web forms based on Google Docs for UK-based architecture office.
  • Developed the prototype of a very fast message exchange server based on Jetty, Memcached, and Protobuf.
Technologies: Protobuf, Memcached, Jetty, iBeacon, Rx, Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Kotlin, Java, Android
2017 - 2019

Android and iOS Developer

Rasoul Holdings (via Toptal)
  • Developed Android social media related app Tudoo.
  • Co-developed iOS version of Tudoo app.
  • Developed new Android version of language-exchange app Idyoma.
Technologies: Firebase, Dagger 2, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Retrofit, RxSwift, RxJava, Swift, Kotlin, iOS, Android
2013 - 2017

Senior Android and iOS Developer

Mobile-5 (London)
  • Developed apps for both big, established companies (camera producer, big transportation company, events organizers, fast-food chain, newspaper publisher) and startups (social apps, augmented reality app, etc).
  • Contributed to both iOS and Android native apps (depending on project requirements), using each platform best practices and a number of different libraries.
Technologies: Libraries, ReactiveX, Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Java, Android
2005 - 2011

Developer, Technical Team Leader

PB Polsoft (Poland)
  • Contributed to different projects in different roles for government agencies, banks, and telecom companies (like WBK, ministry of environment, TPSA).
  • Served as developer, architect, technical leader, and team leader depending on the project.
  • Managed teams of up to 20 people.
  • Designed system architectures.
  • Developed all of the projects using enterprise-level software stack (like J2EE), and designed to work in multi-user, concurrent environment with emphasis put on security, consistency, and correctness.
Technologies: JavaScript Libraries, Templates, HTML, Ajax, Web Services, WebSphere MQ, iBATIS, Hibernate, GWT, JBoss, WebSphere, Oracle Database, Spring, Jakarta EE, Java
2002 - 2005

Developer, Team Leader

Wokiss Association (Poland)
  • Designed and developed proprietary public information portal system (including CMS) successfully deployed in over 150 polish local government offices.
  • Managed a team of several developers, graphic designers and consultants.
Technologies: MySQL, PHP


Android App for Stagecoach UK

The app was built for the biggest bus company in the UK. It featured journey planning, bus searches, displaying live times of buses, buying tickets, etc. with a strong emphasis on security. Payments were processed with the use of Braintree API and optional Android Pay.

I was a lead programmer in this project and responsible for creating project architecture and foundations. The app was using reactive patterns and a number of standard Android libraries

iOS App for Greggs Fast-Food Chain

The purpose of the app was to increase retention of customers by providing them with an incentive program, convenient payment options, the possibility to browse the menu, or locate the nearest store.

The app was built using MVVM architecture, using behavior pattern and extensive use of observers.

I was the only iOS programmer, building the app from scratch to the first released version until I was assigned to another project.

Android App for Canon Europe

The purpose was to educate users on more advanced options of the camera and to introduce users to other equipment produced by the company including lenses and flashes.

The app featured content downloaded from the CMS with many different custom presentation types such as exercises, interactive maps, lenses comparisons, and more.

I was lead programmer of Android version of the app

CityBcon - Dublin City Guide with iBeacons

CityBcon was a mobile app, an innovative city guide developed for startup TripCrystal with an association of Irish airlines Aer Lingus. It featured offline map and data, with the option to build a custom guide with two-way synchronization between devices and website, and the use of iBeacons spread out around the city to notify users of interesting places and special offers. Cooperating merchants were able to add their own offers, including the setting of special rules such as offers displaying at specific times, requiring touching designated beacon to claim, etc.

I developed this application from scratch, including the design of UX and advising the client on how to best implement the required functionalities. Two apps were created - a fully featured iOS app and a limited-in-functionality Android app. I also extended the existing back-end CMS app to provide API required by the application.

Unfortunately, this project was canceled due to business reasons.

Corporate Banking System for WBK

WBK is one of the leading Polish banks.

The objective of the project was to create a web-based front-end for corporate clients that would replace the existing stand-alone application and offer, at least, the same user experience as a native app. The secondary goal of the bank was to push as much processing, such as sorting or filtering data, as possible to the client app to avoid server strain. This meant we had to make sure that the app would be able to handle thousands of records without degrading performance.

We were using GWT and PureMVC for front-end, and Spring for the back-end. All the data and business operations were handled by bank core systems, exposed as SOAP WS, so it had to be processed before sending to the client.

I was the lead programmer and co-author of architecture in this project.

Document Flow Management System

This project objective was to automate the flow of documents in big organizations, especially government offices, according to definable processes. It was built in client-server architecture. The front-end was written with the use of AJAX - a first in the company (it was still a new thing back then), and the back-end in Spring/Java. The system included a custom process editor and engine.

My role was to propose the architecture - my main goal was to make it lighter and easier to develop, hence I proposed significant changes to the technology stack used - like using Spring and Dependency Injection instead of Service Locator (which was standard in J2EE), iBatis instead of pure JDBC, etc.

I was the technical leader and product owner, managing approximately 20 people, helping them to solve difficult problems and making sure that the whole work produced would be consistent and fit together.

Public Information Portal System for Local Governments

I designed and developed, from scratch, a highly customizable portal and CMS framework in PHP based on the concept of portlets (from IBM Websphere). The system was successfully deployed in over 150 communal and provincial offices.

I managed a team of two other developers and several consultants and graphic designers.

During this project, I developed a custom HTML parser to clean HTML code produced by MS Word (most of our clients had their materials prepared in this format) that provided much better results than any available software at that time.



Java, Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, PHP, HTML, SQL, CSS


Android SDK, Rx, GWT, iBATIS, Dagger 2, OAuth 2, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Core Data, JPA, Laravel


RxJava, RxJava 2, ReactiveX, Retrofit 2, REST APIs, Jackson, Google Maps SDK, Protobuf, RxSwift, Retrofit, Alamofire, Fabric, Google API, Facebook API


Android Studio, IDEA IDE, Git, AppCode, Jetty, Xcode, Braintree SDK


Android, JEE, iOS, MacOS, Jakarta EE, Oracle Database, WebSphere, JBoss, WebSphere MQ, Firebase


JSON, SQLite, Realm, Memcached, MySQL


Design Patterns, Functional Reactive Programming, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Scrum, Agile Software Development


OkHttp, iBeacon, Libraries, Web Services, Ajax, Templates, JavaScript Libraries, GitFlow


2011 - 2011

Oracle Certified Master in Java EE 5 Enterprise Architecture

Oracle - -

2000 - 2005

Master of Science Degree in Computer Science - Software Engineering

Poznan University of Technology - Poznan, Poland



Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect