Antonio-Radu Varga, Developer in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

Antonio-Radu Varga

SVG Developer

Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
Toptal Member Since
October 4, 2015

Radu believes that some of a programmer's key qualities should be the ability to constantly learn new things and adapt to new environments. Following this methodology, he has worked on a variety of full-stack projects, with Android being his central technology. Radu loves to work on music-related projects, as he is a jazz/classical musician. Creativity is a common asset he believes is useful in both programming and music.

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Aterra Designs
CSS, HTML, PHP, SVG, JavaScript
Google Maps, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ionic, Clojure
JTFM (via Toptal)
Adobe Illustrator, SVG, Highcharts, JavaScript, Clojure


Leipzig, Saxony, Germany



Preferred Environment

Xcode, Terminal, Sublime Text, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a home automation system that lets the user interact with hardware devices in their home and intelligently recreates their favorite actions.

Work Experience

2020 - PRESENT

Full-stack Developer

Aterra Designs
  • Added new features for the interactive floor plans tool that includes manipulating SVG and improving the web UI/UX.
  • Improved the development and deployment process by integrating Git in general and the Git Feature Branch Workflow.
  • Refactored old code into a much simpler and shorted one.
Technologies: CSS, HTML, PHP, SVG, JavaScript
2019 - PRESENT

Full-stack Developer

  • Implemented the back end with a REST API in Clojure.
  • Implemented a web dashboard for adding points on the map.
  • Refactored and continued development on existing Ionic 4 mobile code.
  • Worked with audio files in Ionic, including iOS and Android-specific code.
  • Managed the deployment and integrations via Heroku.
  • Implemented walks in Google Maps Ionic native (mobile).
  • Implemented walks management in Google Maps for JavaScript (web).
Technologies: Google Maps, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ionic, Clojure
2019 - PRESENT

Full-stack Developer

JTFM (via Toptal)
  • Implemented pixel-perfect designs from Illustrator files.
  • Manipulated complex code for SVG editing and exporting.
  • Created various chart customizations for HighCharts.
  • Imported and parsed Excel files directly in JavaScript.
  • Managed the deployment and integrations via Heroku.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, SVG, Highcharts, JavaScript, Clojure
2017 - 2018

Full-stack Developer

Blue Moon Analytics (via Toptal)
  • Created a multi-tenant, multi-database web server in Clojure for a single-page app that manages airplane transactions.
  • Created separate Clojure workers for complex tasks such as economical calculations and PDF reporting.
  • Built a UI as a single-page web app via Reagent/Re-Frame (React library for ClojureScript).
  • Managed staging and production via Heroku and its plugins.
  • Managed importing and exporting of data via Excel files.
  • Created charts for web viewing and PDF with HighCharts.
Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ClojureScript, Clojure
2017 - 2017

SDK Developer

Trinity Mobile Networks (via Toptal)
  • Implemented a VPN in Android.
  • Integrated Android NDK (C code integration for Android).
  • Heavily refactored old code to work more predictably and to adhere to new Android standards.
Technologies: C, Android
2016 - 2016

Mobile Developer

  • Implemented complex UI based on Sketch files.
  • Implemented an API client via Retrofit.
  • Created a complex scrolling mechanism.
Technologies: Retrofit, Android
2015 - 2016

Full-stack Developer

  • Implemented a single-page application in ClojureScript.
  • Implemented a web server and an API in Clojure.
  • Used WebSockets for communication between devices.
  • Created Android and iOS applications as WebView apps.
  • Used the Javascript Bootstrap library for the front end.
Technologies: JavaScript, Android, iOS, WebSockets, Clojure
2015 - 2015

Mobile Developer

  • Created complex reusable Android fragments.
  • Implemented an Android app from existing Objective-C iOS code.
  • Optimized images and video performance for efficiency.
Technologies: Android
2013 - 2015

Full-stack Developer

  • Designed and developed an intelligent home-automation system that allows users to interact with hardware devices via a mobile app.
  • Implemented an app allowing radio stations to interact live with their listeners.
  • Created a music player in Python on Raspberry Pi.
  • Implemented a server in Node.js.
  • Worked with various protocols for communicating with hardware devices.
Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Python, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, Android, Delphi
2012 - 2012

Android Intern

  • Gained familiarity with the Android framework.
  • Developed an app for city bus tracking.
  • Developed my coding skills as I had constant review from an expert.
  • Worked intensively with Google Maps API.
Technologies: Android


UA Midi Control

I created, designed, and launched a personal project for integrating the powerful audio interfaces from Universal Audio with MIDI. This eases the control of the various parameters, including volume, mute, sends, effects, and more, which was previously only possible using the mouse.

Interactive Floor Plans
I continued the development of an existing web app used by home builders to view and customize floor plans for their houses. My responsibilities included adding new graphic features for editing the SVG plan, reorganizing the UI and back-end elements, simplifying the deployment process, fixing older issues, and refactoring old code.


An augmented-reality app for 3D sound tours around the city. The mobile app was implemented in Ionic and Angular with a back end in Clojure and a web dashboard with Google Maps for adding walks.


I designed and implemented a web application that heavily relies on SVG to create various financial graphs from imported Excel files. The designs were created pixel-perfect for printing from Illustrator files.


I designed and developed a complex web application for organizing economic calculations of airplane transactions. I created the UI as a SPA in ClojureScript, the back end in Clojure, and separated Clojure workers for complex tasks. The production was managed in Heroku.


I improved and heavily refactored an already-started VPN app in Android. That involved some complex background operations that also used the Android NDK (C code).

An Android app for a security device of a startup in Berlin. I perfected my UI implementing skills, increased my Android technologies and libraries knowledge, and gained experience pushing code in a team and constant code reviewing.


I implemented an Android app that auto applies proxy settings. I investigated the details of the Android permission system, also going into the source code. That improved my understanding of the new Android 6 (Marshmellow).

An Android fitness app created in addition to an already existing iOS app. I implemented optimizations to show images and video streams as efficiently as possible. Also, I created a complex set of Android fragments to reuse views and subviews.


A customer service web and mobile chat application. I developed the webserver in Clojure, then the mobile-friendly web application in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Finally, I created the Android and iOS apps as web apps.

VIKI | Home Automation System
An intelligent home-automation system that integrates hardware devices from the user's home. I worked with different home electronics, such as TVs, audio amplifiers, lighting, temperature control, and more, communicating via protocols like TCP/IP, RS232, and Z-Wave. Technologies include Android, Delphi, JavaScript, and PHP.


This is a personal project which consists of a guitar tablature player for the web. I created everything for this app, except for the UI design. The player is implemented in ActionScript, the webpage in HTML5/JavaScript and the tablatures for different songs are transcribed by myself.

Raspberry Pi Music Player

I implemented a standalone offline music player for the Raspberry Pi in Python. The music was loaded via a USB stick, and a smart playlist would start automatically when it was plugged in.

Mobile Radio App

I performed full-stack development for a radio app. The server was implemented in Node.js for handling thousands of simultaneous WebSocket connections, and one web service was written in PHP with the use of an Apache web server.

The client's applications include a native Android app and a browser app that plays an audio stream, as well as a chat function, and downloads images and text through our API.

Analytics data was recorded and visualization was implemented into the web client.

Personal Website

A mobile-friendly presentation website for my musical and software projects. It was hosted on GitHub Pages using Jekyll.



Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Clojure, Swift, C++, C, ActionScript 3, Delphi, PHP, SQL, Flash ActionScript, Python, Objective-C, TypeScript


Luminus, Bootstrap, ClojureScript, Android SDK, Re-frame, Ionic, Angular


Retrofit, jQuery, JSON-RPC, Highcharts, Backbone.js, Google Maps, Google Maps API, Google Maps SDK, NDK, YouTube API, Retrofit 2, Sockets, WebRTC, Node.js, React


Reagent, Git, Sublime Text 3, Android Studio, Ableton Live, Jira, Terminal, Bitbucket, Eclipse IDE, NGINX, Sublime Text, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, Android NDK, Adobe Flash, Flash, Jekyll, GitHub Pages, Pivotal Tracker, Xcode, VPN, WebView


REST, Agile Software Development


Heroku, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bluetooth LE, iOS, Docker


JSON, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB


Smart Homes, Home Automation, Music Composition, Music Production, Musicianship, Music, Data Visualization, WebSockets, Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), Audio Production, MIDI, Audio, SVG, Smart TV, Networks, Reverse Engineering, SSH, Z-Wave, Bluetooth

Industry Expertise



2009 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - Cluj-Napoca