Arnold Drita, Software Developer in Tirana, Albania
Arnold Drita

Software Developer in Tirana, Albania

Member since November 30, 2019
Arnold has spent the last decade coding everything from 3D games, desktop, and mobile apps to complex front-end and back-end microservices architectures. His breakthrough was founding a very successful fintech startup called Softmogul. While there, Arnold acted as the sole product owner, CTO, and tech lead for all of the stacks and simultaneously managed DevOps, security, networking as well as scalability and performance.
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Tirana, Albania



Preferred Environment

Scrum, Git, Xcode, IntelliJ, Docker, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've developed was a real-time hotel reservation calendar in Canvas which retrieved data asynchronously from WebSockets and RabbitMQ on Kubernetes.


  • Chief Technology Officer

    2016 - PRESENT
    Softmogul, Inc.
    • Started from scratch and built the most advanced all-in-one cloud and type of mobile property management software.
    • Was accepted at Plug and Play tech center accelerator and raised a record-setting $2-million series A for the Albanian startup ecosystem.
    • Managed and led the development team and organized it into smaller agile teams.
    • Implemented scrum and made sure everyone happily followed the rituals while meeting the sprint goals.
    • Served as a product owner for all products, distributed across three development teams and one design team.
    • Implemented DevOps, CI/CD, and in-house development scripts/tools.
    • Performed code reviews and managed the release of all the projects.
    • Designed, implemented, managed, and maintained the microservices architecture across all three environments (development, staging, and production).
    • Researched, designed, and engineered business solutions to real-life problems by meeting with the clients.
    • Designed and developed four mobile apps and nine products that were spread across 30+ services on 50+ repositories; they were also deployed on AWS while using a large number of their cloud services.
    • Implemented the best coding practices for all back-end services across multiple communication protocols (GRPC, HTTP, WebSockets), encodings (JSON, XML, Protobuf, CVS) across our Node.js, Go, and PHP back-end services.
    • Developed our own framework for React that handled the modularity of the Redux components, asynchronous network events with Rx JS and Redux-Observable and much more.
    • Implemented best practices on our Swift iOS development team and migrated to MVVMC.
    Technologies: DevOps, Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Amazon Web Services (AWS), iOS, Realm, Git, CSS, Amazon Route 53, MySQL, AWS, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Grafana, Prometheus, Envoy Proxy, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, Node.js, Go, Lumen, Laravel, PHP, Electron, React Native, React, Swift
  • Solutions Architect | Partner

    2016 - 2019
    Softlab Albania
    • Interviewed and hired the team that would later make up the company.
    • Consulted with all of the company's clients to map out their requirements and provide solutions (both technical and non-technical).
    • Ensured that the requirements and deadlines were met by the team.
    • Technically led the team by providing solutions, solving problems, and training the members as well as helping out in the deployment process.
    • Took on the role of project manager/product owner for multipled projects.
    • Worked on projects for both international and large national clients.
    Technologies: Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Git, CSS, MySQL, React Native, Bootstrap, jQuery, Laravel, PHP
  • Team Leader | Trainer

    2014 - 2017
    Albanian Informatics Tirana Olympiad Team
    • Trained the Albanian Olympics team in algorithms and data structures.
    • Organized boot camps during the summers, gave lectures as well as led the team to the Olympiads sites.
    • Represented the Albanian team at BOI 2014 Turkey as a deputy team leader where my team won the first-ever bronze medal in Albanian history.
    • Served the Albanian team at BOI 2015 Bulgaria as a deputy team leader.
    • Led the Albanian team at BOI 2016 Cyprus.
    Technologies: Data Structures, Algorithms, Java, C++, C
  • Teaching Assistant

    2013 - 2016
    Epoka University
    • Worked as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Algorithms & Programming (CEN 111), C & C++ Programming (CEN 112), and Analysis of Algorithms (CEN 303).
    • Prepared and graded homework assignments.
    • Provided support during exams.
    • Taught practice lectures.
    Technologies: Algorithms, Data Structures, C++, C
  • Full-stack Developer

    2010 - 2016
    • Worked as a freelance developer for various projects in different technologies.
    • Shipped projects both in Albania as well as in various international markets.
    • Took on projects and single-handedly developed the project end-to-end (back end, front end, Android, and iOS).
    • Worked with the latest trends/technologies as they came out.
    Technologies: Realm, MySQL, Git, CSS, AngularJS, jQuery, Cordova, Ionic, Laravel, PHP, iOS, Android, Swift, Java
  • Android Developer

    2015 - 2015
    • Worked on iOrder: an Android app that will be used by the largest nationwide food/beverage distribution companies to manage and keep track of the activity of all their sales team, orders, clients, inventory, invoices and so on.
    Technologies: MySQL, Git, PHP, Subversion (SVN), Java, Android


  • Reception | Hotel PMS

    Reception is a complete and simplified hotel property management system, designed to perform and deliver memorable guest experiences. It's the most efficient way to manage hotels of all sizes, today and tomorrow.

    • Complete check-ins and check-outs in a matter of seconds
    • Move reservations by simply dragging and dropping them to different rooms
    • Have all the booking channels integrated and easily reachable from the screen
    • Create detailed profiles for your customers
    • Personalize their stay with notes and reminders
    • Create custom packages for different customer groups at any time
    • Automatic updates for your availability and prices in booking channels
    • Identify and apply discounts for returning customers
    • Keep track and oversee all your payments inside the app
    • Accept any type of payment method and never miss a payment again
    • Your customers can split invoices and/or pay by any method that they prefer (i.e., card, cash, and check)
    • A unique and feature-packed dashboard
    • Reports on customers (including frequency, nationality, gender, spending, type, and more)
    • Reports on revenue (including, frequency, occupancy rates, customer type, gender, channel, age group, and more)
    • Reports on taxes

  • Cashier | Point of Sale

    Cashier is a flexible and free point-of-sale app for your iPad. Designed with hospitality in mind Cashier is ideal for your restaurant, bar, shop and all other services your hotel has to offer.

    Cashier allows you to accept debit and credit cards straight from the app transforming your iPad into a mobile POS.

    It's fully integrated with the reception app, Cashier, which allows you to take orders and accept payments when your guests check out on the front desk.

    • Cloud-based
    • Add products through a simple and intuitive interface
    • Item variants, modifiers, and inventory
    • Fully integrated with Reception
    • Organize your orders through tickets
    • Unlimited users with role-based permissions
    • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX
    • Send and print receipts
    • Apply discounts and issue refunds
    • Compatible with receipt printers and kitchen ticket printers

  • Scheduling | Booking Manager

    Managing venues or any space a property has to offer, has never been simpler. Scheduling is an app that allows you to organize in a few taps and a time-based distribution all your services and spaces like spas, saunas, meeting rooms, pools, and more.

    • Cloud-based
    • Manage all venues and spaces a property has to offer
    • Geared towards a professional and business use
    • Organize a time-based distribution of all your services and spaces
    • Sell services or products

  • Housekeeping Room Maintenance

    Housekeeping is an app designed to facilitate the process of room maintenance. It is quick and intuitive to learn.

    Fully integrated with the Reception app and Softmogul platform, making sure all rooms are on their actual status.

    • Task management
    • To-do lists
    • Notifications
    • Mark room as dirty (needs a cleaning), clean, or needs an inspection or repair
    • Report lost-and-found products
    • Team communication
    • Charge the minibar
    • Report room damages
    • Cloud-based

  • SAT | Student Assessment and Training

    I developed the student-assessment-and-training system for Epoka University's computer engineering department (a system similar to CodeForces, TopCoder, and the like).

    This system enables students to practice solving algorithmic-type questions in their language of choice and the results are evaluated by an automated judge. Using the system, professors can manage practice exams and homework with flexibility on managing groups, mentors, collaborations, generating reports/grades, deadlines, multiple ways to evaluate solutions, maximum flexibility in adding new languages, and so on.

    This system was later on used at the New York University of Tirana as well.

  • is a digital platform that serves as an online meeting place for researchers and providers of professional services. The platform offers many advantages to its users, including the ability to be self-seekers and service providers to define the conditions for cooperation, schedules, and costs.

    I worked on the Laravel back end as well as the cross-platform React Native application.

  • Kolibri

    Kolibri is a news app that selects the latest and best news from multiple national sources and summarizes them to present in a short and crisp 60 words or less format.

    I worked on developing the back end as well as the cross-platform React Native application.

  • Nibblit

    Your new best foodie friend! Nibblit doesn't just cover dietary requirements, it recommends venues based on your interests, tells you where all the current hype is and has full facilities and a food review function.

    I worked on developing the backend as well as the cross-platform React Native application

  • Buletin

    Buletin, an Android app similar to Flipboard for Albanian magazines and newspapers. It's the first of its kind in Albania and features Material Design and transitions that were just released by Google as well as a custom DOM parser (which I built for displaying DOM elements as native Android elements).

  • Ask Dr. Discovery

    Ask Dr. Discovery can enhance your museum experience by answering questions in a way that is understandable and engaging for all ages and science knowledge.


  • Languages

    PHP, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, C, Go
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, Lumen, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React Native, Redux, Express.js, Gin-Gonic, Gorm, Ionic, PHPUnit, Electron
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Stripe, Stripe API, jQuery, React
  • Tools

    Git, Jenkins, Docker Compose, Amazon ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry), Amazon EBS, Amazon SQS, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Trello, Slack, Envoy Proxy, Grafana, AWS SDK, AWS ELB, Jira, Amazon ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service), RabbitMQ, Amazon EKS, Gulp, IntelliJ, Xcode, Subversion (SVN)
  • Paradigms

    Microservices Architecture, Agile Software Development, DevOps, Scrum, Unit Testing, Test Automation
  • Platforms

    Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), iOS, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, MacOS
  • Storage

    MySQL, Realm, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), SQLite, Elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • Other

    Amazon Route 53, Prometheus, Algorithms, Data Structures, Product Owner, WebSockets, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Scrum Master, Infrastructure, AWS, Cordova, Kubernetes Operations (Kops), Jaeger, Shell Scripting, Architecture
  • Industry Expertise



  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2013 - 2016
    Epoka University - Tirana, Albania

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