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Arseniy Zhizhelev

Arseniy Zhizhelev

Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast, Russia
Member since September 16, 2013
Arseniy is a passionate software developer, scientific researcher, and entrepreneur with proven ability to develop scalable and sophisticated server solutions. He has extensive expertise in complex software development and in solving challenging problems that require a strong scientific background.
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  • Java, 16 years
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 16 years
  • Scala, 6 years
  • Linux, 6 years
  • Redmine, 3 years
  • Jenkins, 3 years
  • Functional Programming, 3 years
  • Concurrent Programming, 3 years
Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast, Russia
Preferred Environment
Scala/Java, Linux Ubuntu, Idea/Eclipse
The most amazing...
...thing I've created is the SpeechPortal platform for applied spoken dialog systems.
  • Innovation Developer
    Cotiviti Labs
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Developed a formal language for business rules that reads like English based on lambda calculus.
    • Implemented a scalable constant memory streaming event processing engine.
    • Developed a scalable constant memory streaming crawling solution for monitoring a bunch of websites for content changes.
    • Operated a domestic content management solution along with the crawler using Ansible/Terraform for a couple of months.
    • Implemented DSL for specifying test criteria (specs) of complex business rules.
    Technologies: Scala, Ansible, Terraform, AWS
  • Senior Developer and CEO
    2011 - PRESENT
    • Developed a sophisticated real-time natural speech dialog application platform SpeechPortal.
    • Created an open source real-time functional reactive programming (FRP) framework SynapseGrid.
    • Built the Speech Assistant dialog application on the SpeechPortal platform.
    • Programmed a taxi ordering dialog application.
    • Created a company website.
    • Developed a complex natural language regular expressions library.
    • Implemented SKY probabilistic parser.
    Technologies: Scala, Java
  • Senior Software Developer
    2014 - 2016
    • Created a new game control and logging tool for Allods-online MMORPG on the modern technology stack.
    • Implemented a rather general architectural approach to build the system that reduces maintenance effort. The domain model is described with ontology and is separated from the system level.
    • Implemented event sourcing + TimeMachine, which allows the user to reconstruct the state of world's objects at any past moment.
    • Replaced a legacy logging facility with Kafka.
    • Created a database with table inheritance, partitioning, custom types, and incremental materialized views.
    • Implemented a distributed fault tolerance architecture for ETL and other long running processes.
    Technologies: Scala 2.11, Play 2.3.9, Postgres 9.4, Slick 3.0, Kafka 8.2
  • Branch Director
    2008 - 2011
    • Arranged and managed development processes.
    • Hired ~20 employees (screened 100+ candidates).
    • Consulted on architecture for multiple projects.
    • Created an inventory DB application.
    • Handled initial training and testing of new team members.
    Technologies: Java
  • Lecturer
    Voronezh State University
    2001 - 2011
    • Taught several courses in computer science and computer-related professional subjects, including spoken dialog systems, Unix system administration, control systems, decision-making systems, and project management.
    Technologies: Unix
  • Development Department Head
    Open technologies 98
    2005 - 2008
    • Established a team of programmers from scratch (up to 8 developers).
    • Created a real-time alarm monitoring system (WPF) with complete testing environment to model buildings.
    • Created a three-tier contract administration program.
    • Created a prototype application for business information extraction from emails and a templating engine using MS Word.
    • Created a nifty utility to represent a SharePoint portal as an XML-infoset for processing the whole portal with XSL.
    Technologies: C#, WPF, WWF
  • Speech portal (Development)

    A sophisticated framework for creating natural speech dialog applications. It is multichannel, parallel, and robust (24x7). Has built-in automatic speech recognition, speech synthesis, language parser and template engine, partial knowledge representation library. It stands apart for its intellectual dialog management framework and algorithms.

  • SynapseGrid (Development)

    Functional reactive programming framework for Scala. Allows fine-grained functional composition and processing of real-time data-streams.
    Has Akka-concurency support and natural fine-grained concurrency.

  • Languages
    Scala, Java, C#, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, SQL
  • Libraries/APIs
    Slick, jQuery
  • Tools
    Jenkins, Redmine, Apache, Ansible, Terraform
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming, Concurrent Programming
  • Platforms
    Linux, Joomla
  • Storage
    PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, H2, JSON
  • Misc
    Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information extraction, Speech Recognition, Machine Learning (ML)
  • Frameworks
    Play Framework, ASP.NET, Bootstrap
  • Assistant (lecturer) degree in CS
    Voronezh State University - Voronezh
    2001 - 2011
  • Ph.D degree in Economics
    Voronezh State University - Voronezh
    2001 - 2005
  • Masters degree in Phisics
    Voronezh State University - Voronezh
    1996 - 2001
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