Attila Szeremi, Software Developer in Budapest, Hungary
Attila Szeremi

Software Developer in Budapest, Hungary

Member since March 15, 2018
Attila is a professional PHP developer with experience writing APIs shared by multiple front-ends (web, Android, and iOS) using frameworks (Zend Framework 2, and Laravel). He is also very well-versed in modern JS solutions and frameworks including React and Vue.js.
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  • Toptal Projects
    Cypress, DigitalOcean, Swagger, Microsoft Excel, Zoho CRM, Chart.js...
  • LifeWorks Ltd.
    Vagrant, MongoDB, React, PHPUnit, Zend Framework, PHP
  • Net Efficiency Ltd.
    Debian, Subversion (SVN), Git, SOAP, MySQL, AngularJS, jQuery, Zend Framework...



Budapest, Hungary



Preferred Environment

Vim Text Editor, PhpStorm, Windows, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I completed was a complex tool to create dummy users and data for clients and prospects to see how an instance of the platform would look.


  • Web Developer

    2018 - PRESENT
    Toptal Projects
    • Developed, from scratch, an ERC-20 crypto token wallet SPA with Laravel/Vue.
    • Created chart.js charts for a hospital patient survey data aggregation SPA.
    • Generated styled Excel spreadsheets for a physician practice management service.
    • Integrated a brokerage web application with Zoho CRM.
    • Documented API with Swagger.
    • Moved project from a legacy server to DigitalOcean, configuring LetsEncrypt for HTTPS.
    • Automated QA with Cypress.
    Technologies: Cypress, DigitalOcean, Swagger, Microsoft Excel, Zoho CRM, Chart.js, Microsoft SQL Server, Laravel, Jest, Vue
  • Senior Back-end PHP developer

    2015 - 2017
    LifeWorks Ltd.
    • Coded the API and several related backend projects in PHP 7, ZF2, npm, webpack, and ReactJS.
    • Wrote unit and end-to-end tests to aid development and avoid bugs.
    • Made large refactors, clearing up large amounts of technical debt.
    • Gave code reviews to enforce good practices and agreed code style. Proposed new mandatory and optional development practices during team meetings.
    • Collaborated with iOS/Android/front-end developers, PMs, POs, and QA.
    • Created API back-end for a multi-page spreadsheet uploader wizard for uploading users, accepting CSV, XLS, and XLSX.
    • Migrated large API project from PHP 5 to PHP 7; migrated other project using Bower and Gulp to use NPM and webpack instead.
    • Refactored deep MongoDB DBRefs to use plain objects instead to be able to use $lookup.
    • Created queue simulator to test asynchronous tasks triggered by API calls in end-to-end tests.
    Technologies: Vagrant, MongoDB, React, PHPUnit, Zend Framework, PHP
  • Full-stack PHP Developer

    2012 - 2014
    Net Efficiency Ltd.
    • Coded interactive window repair wizard used by countries around the globe.
    • Consumed SOAP APIs of various countries for determining cars' models based on license plate numbers.
    • Created debug mode for web application to greatly reduce QA time.
    • Rewrote from scratch legacy code for appointment booking into an SPA with AngularJS.
    • Refactored all legacy codebase's database calls to secure software from SQL injection.
    • Reverse-engineered third-party obfuscated JavaScript and changed it to fit our needs.
    • Managed Debian back-end servers.
    • Taught entire team to use Git and had it enforced for use in lieu of SVN.
    • Made all static text on website translatable, and integrated a third party translation service.
    • Spoke directly with clients over the phone.
    Technologies: Debian, Subversion (SVN), Git, SOAP, MySQL, AngularJS, jQuery, Zend Framework, PHP
  • Full-stack PHP Developer

    2011 - 2012
    Stylers Ltd.
    • Built many websites for different companies with our own company's CMS.
    • Coded HTML and CSS from PSDs, ensuring IE7+ compatibility.
    • Taught entire team to use Git via a presentation, and had it enforced in place of SVN.
    • Communicated directly with clients over the issue tracker and email.
    • Helped improve other team's JavaScript knowledge based on past employment's experienced via presentations.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Subversion (SVN), Git, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP
  • ExtJS Developer

    2010 - 2011
    PPT Consulting Ltd.
    • Coded a heavyweight UI single page application in ExtJS 3 all alone with only beginner JavaScript knowledge initially.
    • Integrated an XML-based API.
    • Implemented modular JS with loader code, replicating RequireJS that didn't yet exist at the time.
    • Created a JS Promise class before it existed in jQuery or people knew the pattern.
    • Dug through source code of ExtJS frequently to see how it worked and debugged the web application.
    Technologies: XML, CSS, JavaScript, Ext JS
  • PHP Contract Developer

    2010 - 2010
    PCTrade Ltd.
    • Developed lightweight alternative to Google Analytics all by myself.
    • Performed quality assurance testing and spent weeks eliminating all bugs.
    • Created placeholder data generator for the application for demonstration purposes.
    • Designed a script to turn older data to weekly or monthly aggregations to save space.
    • Defined script tag format meant to be integrated into other websites.
    Technologies: MySQL, JavaScript, PHP
  • Junior PHP Developer

    2009 - 2009
    Realio Ltd.
    • Worked on large pre-existing real estate web platform.
    • Created algorithms for new code, tested with PHPUnit.
    • Learned to use Vim, Linux and Git which were all enforced by the company.
    • Regression tested a large QA wiki documentation.
    Technologies: Linux, Vim Text Editor, Git, PHPUnit, CSS, PHP


  • Lycee Overture Card Game Translations

    Lycee Overture is a Japanese trading card game that is only available in Japan in Japanese.

    My website involves a Laravel backend that automatically imports data of the cards from the official website, and attempts to automatically translate most of the Japanese text with the help of Regular Expression pattern matching and replacement.

    There's also a Vue.js front-end that allows you to browse through the list of (partially) translated cards.

  • Personal Home Page

    My personal open-source website built with ReactJS/Redux and hand-configured Webpack. The technology used was overkill, however, I used them for the purposes of learning.

    Source code:

  • LifeWorks

    Working at LifeWorks I was developing the API back-end of their platform in PHP with some ReactJS.

    The link points to the sales website, but what I was actually working on was the was the platform and the back-end part of that.


  • Languages

    PHP, JavaScript, PHP 7, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, XML
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, React, Chart.js, Vue
  • Frameworks

    Zend Framework, PHPUnit, Jest, Laravel, Swagger, Cypress, Redux, Ext JS, AngularJS
  • Tools

    PhpStorm, Vim Text Editor, Git, Subversion (SVN), Microsoft Excel, Vagrant, Webpack, NGINX
  • Paradigms

    REST, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Platforms

    Linux, Docker, Windows, Debian, Zoho CRM, DigitalOcean, Apache2
  • Storage

    Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    Regular Expressions, SOAP

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