Bence Szalai, System Integration Developer in Budapest, Hungary
Bence Szalai

System Integration Developer in Budapest, Hungary

Member since May 31, 2021
Bence has been working as a systems engineer with organizations from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for almost a decade applying his lifelong background in programming to overcome implementation difficulties and augmenting the shortcomings of off-the-shelf products in big IT transformation projects. For 3+ years now, his focus has turned to independently developing tailor-made applications to fulfill clients' specific needs with unique technical requirements and novel business goals.
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  • Self-employed
    PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Themosis, Vue, Nuxt.js, Quasar, WordPress, MODx...
  • Perform IT
    HP Operations Orchestration, IT Operations, JavaScript, Bash Script, SQL...
  • Perform IT
    HP Operations Orchestration, IT Operations, JavaScript, Bash Script, SQL...



Budapest, Hungary



Preferred Environment

MacOS, LAMP, Git, IntelliJ, Laravel, WordPress, Vue, Quasar

The most amazing...

...ROI I've delivered with a tailor-made automated system saves hundreds of weekly customer complaints and manual handling of stuck SIM replacement processes.


  • IT Consultant & Developer

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Designed and developed a tailor-made, in-house business support system for a company handling international logistics to replace their paper-based workflows and facilitate their business's digital transformation.
    • Developed a custom WordPress plugin that can define, manage and run ETL workflows in asynchronous PHP processes to read information from the APIs of resellers and then compare, merge, fill, and update the products' information in a webshop.
    • Developed an integration between an accommodation website's booking system and the back-office system of the owner to reduce confirmation turnover time and the amount of manual labor involved, including administration, emails, and phone calls.
    • Developed a store locator and mapping system for international dietary supplement manufacturers where they can manage their retail stores' information in an intuitive map-based interface.
    • Developed the missing integration for a specific online payment provider in a tailor-made, existing legacy webshop and managed functional and security testing and acceptance with the financial institution providing the service.
    • Cleaned up, fixed, and finished a half-done, abandoned website that resulted from a failed project with another freelance, recovering part of the customer's existing investment and saving them from starting from scratch.
    • I've built authentication for SPA Web application using Laravel on the backend and Vuex or Pinia as store on the frontend side acting as the broker to handle user registration, login, token refresh, password reset and editing profile fields.
    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Themosis, Vue, Nuxt.js, Quasar, WordPress, MODx, Bootstrap, ZURB Foundation, HTML, CSS, SCSS, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Twig, Blade, MySQL, Regex, Apache, LAMP, JSON-RPC, OpenAPI, Git, Composer, Satis, Gulp, PhpStorm, Webpack, Vagrant, Jest, PHPUnit, Xdebug, Postman, cPanel, Figma, Google Analytics, core web vitals, Mailchimp, Drip Email, System Integration, Ubuntu Linux, JSON API, REST APIs, Unit Testing, APIs, Bitrix24, MailerLite, ViteJs, Pinia, Docker, MacOS, NPM, Trello, IntelliJ, Databases, SQL, Solution Architecture, IT Business Analysis, Domain Name System (DNS), Algolia, i18n, Google Places API, Google Maps API, React, Blade Templates, Laravel Mix, CodeIgniter, Linux, MariaDB, API Integration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Architecture, Technical Consulting, Feasibility assessments, Front-end, Node.js, Next.js, Web Development, Full-stack, Integration, Software Architecture, HTML5, MODX Revolution CMS, ETL, Back-end, Web UI Design, UI, Due Diligence, JSON, Debugging
  • Discovery and Automation Team Leader

    2015 - 2017
    Perform IT
    • Developed systems to facilitate the workflows associated with project due diligence, documentation, and automated reporting for regular KPI reviews, management scorecards, and dashboards.
    • Formalized and redesigned vendor-consultant-customer, multiple-party business processes affecting project areas, such as technical requirements and data gathering, implementation, QA, and sign-off.
    • Coordinated documentation efforts within a team of around 20 to ensure quality, accuracy, and structural and technical adequacy.
    • Developed custom tools to support internal processes, administration, and reporting.
    Technologies: HP Operations Orchestration, IT Operations, JavaScript, Bash Script, SQL, Virtualization, Data Centers, Solution Architecture, System Integration, HP SiteScope, HP Business Process Monitor, VBScript, APIs, MacOS, Slack, Databases, PHP, Regex, Postman, IT Business Analysis, Business Process Automation, Linux, API Integration, Architecture, Technical Consulting, Feasibility assessments, Integration, ETL, Microsoft Excel, Due Diligence, Debugging
  • IT Consultant and Systems Engineer

    2012 - 2015
    Perform IT
    • Developed scripts to extend standardized IT service monitoring solutions, progressively moving the IT operations from a reactive to a proactive approach and drastically reducing customer-perceivable service outages and related complaints.
    • Implemented a custom solution to automate the remote deployment of software in a wide-area IT infrastructure (country-wide network of retail stores).
    • Served as an on-call, first response team member for outages in IT infrastructure monitoring of nationwide operations of a multinational telecommunication service provider.
    Technologies: HP Operations Orchestration, IT Operations, JavaScript, Bash Script, SQL, Virtualization, Data Centers, Solution Architecture, System Integration, HP SiteScope, HP Business Service Management, HP Business Process Monitor, HP Real User Monitor, VBScript, HTML, APIs, MacOS, Slack, Databases, PHP, Regex, Postman, IT Business Analysis, Business Process Automation, Linux, API Integration, Technical Consulting, Feasibility assessments, Integration, Microsoft Excel, Due Diligence, JSON, Debugging
  • Systems Engineer

    2008 - 2012
    Enterprise Communications Magyarország Kft.
    • Took a major role in the systematic RFP preprocessing and architectural design of the computer-aided dispatch system in the Hungarian National Ambulance Command and Control project.
    • Participated in a competitive project bidding, applying technical knowledge and expertise in real-time in front of experts and decision-makers (customers and competitors), promoting and proving the benefits of our solutions.
    • Developed helper and companion apps for off-the-shelf telecommunication products to increase value, help sales, and fulfill specific customer needs for which OOB-Solutions did not account.
    • Calculated the optimal service outpost locations based on customer location clustering to minimize the average travel cost and on-site arrival time for maintenance services and to establish realistic, on-site-arrival SLA goals.
    • Designed and performed the functional and database-level integration of custom IT and telecommunication infrastructure in several critical infrastructure projects, including projects for the military and a national electricity service provider.
    • Developed customized tools to support corporate workflows, such as a sales calculator for voice-related infrastructure, a custom-made call center back-office, and a ticketing system to replace SAP and import historical data for continuity.
    • Implemented automated client computer management solutions, controlling group policies, settings, software, and rights in an MS AD environment.
    Technologies: C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, OpenScape Contact Center, Geocoding, Computer Aided Dispatch, VoIP, Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Call Centers, GPS, System Integration, SQL, Virtualization, Data Centers, VBScript, MySQL, Regex, IT Business Analysis, APIs, Linux, API Integration, Architecture, Technical Consulting, Feasibility assessments, Integration, HTML5, UI, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Debugging


  • Multinational Integrated CMS

    Themosis-based, highly customized CMS for a multinational dietary supplement manufacturer. At the core, it is a WordPress site, which was the customer's specific requirement because they wanted their marketing team to maintain the content using a familiar interface. On the other hand, it runs inside a Laravel wrapper that provides the framework for the integrations to their corporate systems to pull in product information, forward information to CRM systems, and apply external indexing services to deliver powerful search capabilities. The project has been implemented, so that part of the integrations is presented to the content editors as custom-built Gutenberg blocks with a React-based dynamic admin UI and a low-overhead Blade templating-based rendering for the public.

    The site also features a store locator, which allows content editors to pick places from Google Places to feature on the site. It applies multiple heuristics to show the most relevant results for various queries. The customer was so satisfied that they decided to extend the project to roll out the solution to eight additional countries across western and central Europe.

  • Custom built ETL data synchronisation plug-in for WordPress

    One of my first project as a freelancer was to build a solution for a webshop owner who needed their WooCommerce shop database to be populated from and kept in sync with the databases of product vendors.

    I've created an architecture which separated the extraction, transformation and loading of information. The plug-in is configurable in terms of what transformations should be applied in each step.

    Since the feeds contain around 30k products performance is paramount. The plug-in has been optimised by profiling the PHP code to identify most resource hungry parts, and rewriting them, applying caching and reorganising loops to reduce overhead. The sync can process deltas to achieve faster completion or full sync, if needed.

    Since there are huge amounts of transformation to apply and also downloading of remote assets like product images a sync run may take anything between 20m to few hours. To keep this feasible within the limitations of PHP a custom task scheduler and workflow manager is created, which ensures execution always stays within the available execution time and memory limits, and triggers a new process until the procedure is finished.

    The solution is a standard WordPress plug-in respecting the systems constraints.

  • Marketing Automation and Integrations

    The project scope was the integration of a public facing website, a CRM system and email marketing tools. The goal was to create forms on a website, where visitors can submit questions and consultation requests also to subscribe to newsletters.

    The submissions in turn result in Leads being created in the CRM system. Also if the visitor checked the subscribe box on the form, the contact details are added to a third database, which acts as a data synchronisation and distribution hub for email marketing systems that are used to organise subscribers and run campaigns.

    The email marketing part was handled by another contractor working on a separate codebase, so we agreed on a shared format for the data representation.

    I've created a small micro-service using Codeigniter PHP framework, that provided API endpoints to add subscribers and create lead forms. The micro-service was then responsible to make the required changes in the CRM system and to populate the predefined data tables with marketing data.

    Submitting of the web forms only required a single API call to the micro-service, which in turn could perform multiple operations against the CRM, like looking up if there is an existing customer already or retry failed API calls.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Regex, HTML5, SQL, VBScript, SCSS, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Bash Script, C#, CoffeeScript, C++
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, WordPress API, Vue, jQuery, Google Maps API, JSON-RPC, OpenAPI, JSON API, Shopify API, Google Places API, React, Node.js
  • Tools

    PhpStorm, Xdebug, MODX Revolution CMS, Microsoft Excel, Composer, NPM, Git, Vagrant, Trello, IntelliJ, Apache, Gulp, Postman, Google Analytics, Slack, MATLAB, Geocoding, Webpack, Figma, Mailchimp, AutoHotkey, MailerLite
  • Platforms

    LAMP, WordPress, MODx, MacOS, cPanel, Ubuntu Linux, Linux, KNIME, Algolia, Emarsys, Docker
  • Storage

    JSON, Databases, MySQL, MariaDB, Data Centers
  • Other

    HP Operations Orchestration, HP SiteScope, core web vitals, IT Business Analysis, System Integration, APIs, API Integration, Technical Consulting, Feasibility assessments, Front-end, Web Development, Full-stack, Integration, Due Diligence, Debugging, HP Business Process Monitor, Themosis, Blade, Solution Architecture, Business Process Automation, Domain Name System (DNS), HP Business Service Management, Blade Templates, Bitrix24, ViteJs, Architecture, Back-end, Data Mining, Recurrent Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, IT Operations, Virtualization, HP Real User Monitor, OpenScape Contact Center, Computer Aided Dispatch, VoIP, Satis, Drip Email, i18n, Pinia, Software Architecture, MiniCRM, UI
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, Quasar, Bootstrap, ZURB Foundation, Twig, PHPUnit, Laravel Mix, Nuxt.js, Jest, CodeIgniter, Next.js
  • Paradigms

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Unit Testing, ETL, Web UI Design


  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    2005 - 2017
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Budapest, Hungary

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