Benjamin Kuker, Developer in Langley, BC, Canada

Benjamin Kuker

Software Developer

Langley, BC, Canada
Toptal Member Since
December 19, 2019

Benjamin is a solid developer with career highlights of working as a senior full-stack developer for a big data analytics startup, a payment processor, and a user testing service. He's worked across the entire development lifecycle and specializes in the front end. Benjamin is meticulous with implementation details while always considering and balancing broader stakeholder concerns. Communication wise, he is prompt, relevant, and professional.

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Endeavor - Main
React, TypeScript, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, TypeORM...
AXA - Platform, Capabilities & Automation
JavaScript, React, D3.js, GraphQL, Sass, Less, React Native, Redux...
User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Web App UX, Web UI, PostgreSQL...


Langley, BC, Canada



Preferred Environment

React, Front-end Development, JavaScript, Git, Fireworks, Microsoft Excel, CSS, Bootstrap

The most amazing...

...project was modifying a financial app so that it could use multiple languages for a major corporate partnership. It was done on time and worked flawlessly.

Work Experience

2021 - 2022

Tech Lead

Endeavor - Main
  • Developed a promotional website for a joint venture between Endeavor and rapper Sean Combs.
  • Participated in user research projects to determine market needs for a social media site.
  • Participated in project planning as the lead tech resource for multiple projects.
  • Developed multiple React components for multiple projects.
  • Developed and launched multiple websites as prototypes for research into a market fit.
Technologies: React, TypeScript, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, TypeORM, Contentful
2020 - 2020

Front-end Developer

AXA - Platform, Capabilities & Automation
  • Worked on an international team to develop requirements for AXA's internal toolset.
  • Created React components for AXA's UI component framework.
  • Worked on AXA's internal dashboard UI using a variety of custom components.
Technologies: JavaScript, React, D3.js, GraphQL, Sass, Less, React Native, Redux, Immutable.js, Gulp, Babel, Webpack, Jenkins, Apollo
2016 - 2018

Senior Full-stack Engineer

  • Transitioned an existing Backbone.js application to React.
  • Redesigned, simplified, and implemented a new version of an existing alerting application that contained over 100 form fields and drastically reduced the amount of customer support calls with the simplified redesign.
  • Developed a universal search feature for a customer-facing analytics application that allowed all of the application's data entities to be searched instantly within a single interface.
  • Implemented various private APIs on a Node.js and PostgreSQL back end.
Technologies: User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Web App UX, Web UI, PostgreSQL, App UI, HTML5, Webpack, Less, CSS, HTML, Backbone.js, Node.js, React, JavaScript, Web Design, Responsive UI, Web UX, Responsive Web Design (RWD)
2013 - 2014

Senior Engineer

  • Retrofitted the entire product for multilingual support as a requirement for the advance of a major financial partnership.
  • Performed a security audit of the code and application.
  • Created developer tools and documentation to enhance developer workflow.
  • Improved the UI and UX across the entire application with an overhaul of the existing CSS code.
  • Redesigned the database and the API for consistency, readability, performance, and future expansion.
  • Mentored junior developers as needed on solving issues, code patterns, and general best practices.
Technologies: User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Web App UX, Web UI, Backbone.js, App UI, HTML5, CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Web Design, Web UX
2012 - 2012

Independent Contractor

  • Helped develop a user-testing application using Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js.
  • Built various prototypes and created test suites for the application.
  • Implemented a UX recommendation library that recommended specific best practices based on what UX problems were encountered.
Technologies: jQuery, HTML5, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Backbone.js, Web Design, Web UX


UI/UX Portfolio
This is a general portfolio showcasing my UI, UX, and front-end development skills. The projects include a sample data application, a series of mockups for a proposed alert policy platform, a web-based game, and a mobile UI framework.



HTML, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Less, TypeScript, GraphQL, Sass


Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails (RoR), React Native, Redux


jQuery, React, Backbone.js, Node.js, WebGL, D3.js, Immutable.js

Industry Expertise

Web Design


Front-end, Localization, Icon Design, Front-end Development, Web UX, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), App UI, Web UI, Web App UX, SVG, Responsive UI, Google SEO, Content Writing, Writing & Editing, Apollo, TypeORM


Canvas, Git, Grunt, Microsoft Excel, Fireworks, Ansible, Gulp, Webpack, Babel, Jenkins


Web UX Design, Interface Design, Responsive Web Design (RWD)


MySQL, PostgreSQL


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Contentful


2003 - 2006

Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN, USA