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Benjamin Mayrargue, C# Developer in Paris, France
Benjamin Mayrargue

C# Developer in Paris, France

Member since August 9, 2013
Benjamin is a seasoned app developer and entrepreneur. He has worked with three startups as CTO and with one as managing director. He excels at both managing groups of developers and at working on solo projects.
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  • C#, 13 years
  • SQL, 10 years
  • Crash Fixing, 10 years
  • Xamarin, 7 years
  • Design Patterns, 5 years
  • .NET Core, 3 years
  • Azure Mobile, 1 year
Paris, France



Preferred Environment

Microsoft Visual Studio

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is Shapr, a professional networking app on iOS/Android.


  • Freelance Developer

    2011 - PRESENT
    • Built "Wi-Spy Air" for iOS and Android; this B2B tool for Wi-Fi defects analysis and deployment planning.
    • Created "Cosmo Connected," a safety light and GPS for motorcycles, on iOS and Android.
    Technologies: Xamarin, .NET Core
  • Freelance Developer

    2011 - PRESENT
    • Developed "Vfr Tracks," an iOS and Android app that serves as GPS for leisure planes.
    • Created, an NFC tag manager, for Android.
    Technologies: Bluetooth LE, IoT
  • Freelance Developer

    2011 - PRESENT
    • Taught five-day Xamarin seminars in training centers.
    • Built gaming website and its back-office.
    Technologies: Technical Architecture, Training


  • Airbus Helicopter (Development)

    Upgraded a large Xamarin Forms iOS app to use the latest technologies, fix bugs, set up CI, add BLE communication, speed up the app, and train a developer to best practices.

  • Cosmo Connected (Development)

    Cosmo is the first connected brake light. I created both the Android and iOS apps using Xamarin Native. The app communicates with the Cosmo device through Bluetooth LE (light effects, crash detection, firmware update). The app also tracks the GPS position of the user in real time.

    I also created the .NET Core API back-end on Linux.

  • Vfr Tracks (Development)

    The Vfr Tracks mobile app tracks the position and flight parameters of tourist aircrafts in real time. It creates maps of your flights that you can share with your teams. I created the mobile app in Xamarin iOS Native from scratch, consuming the middle-tier API already used for the website.

  • XamSvg (Development)

    A vector graphics library for Xamarin iOS, Android, WP, and XamForms.

    The resolution of retina screens was a revolution. With each increase of pixels per inch on mobile phone screens, developers have to create new images for each new resolution, increasing the workload and the application weight.

    SVG vector graphics are very small files describing an image mathematically through lines and curves. They can change their size and resolution without any pixelation. There is no app performance degradation at all, as the device GPU knows how to accelerate these renderings.

    This library allows you to change just one file in order to change your icons. Additionally, the component supports pressed states and color remapping, so one SVG image file is enough.

  • Speaker at Mobile Conference at IBM Headquarters (Other amazing things)

    I spoke at the mobile conference in November, 2013, in Paris, France at IBM headquarters. I demonstrated how to use C# to code an Android app and an iOS app, and how to reduce code duplication up to 80% by using a cross-platform library. I also demonstrated Windows phone apps, a Windows 8 Store app, and a Mac App Store app.

  • Shapr Personal Networking (Development)

    Developed mobile applications (Android, iOS), evolutions, and other updates.

    Gave advice on app content and design and gave support on design tools.

    Recruited, managed, and trained additional external developers to support fluctuating workloads (up to 4).

    - Full Xamarin C# platform-specific technology.
    - Device independent vector graphics dramatically reduced the time lost testing and fixing graphics on multiple devices.
    - Used my own component XamSvg available on component stores.
    - Integrated LinkedIn Connect, Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, and AppsFlyer.

  • (Development)

    An app that I wrote to program and execute actions when a phone is near an NFC "tag." Examples include exchanging a VCard, connecting to WiFi without needing a password, sending an SMS, and more.


  • Languages

    C#, SQL, C++
  • Frameworks

    .NET Core, .NET, JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Libraries/APIs

    Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android
  • Tools

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Trello, Slack, Bitbucket, Git, WiX Installer, Azure Mobile
  • Paradigms

    Concurrent Programming, Design Patterns
  • Platforms

    Xamarin, Microsoft Azure Mobile Services
  • Other

    Crash Fixing, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Storage

    MySQL, SQL Server DBA


  • Master 2 degree in Artificial Intelligence
    1995 - 1995
    Jussieu University (Paris 6) - Paris, France
  • Master of Science degree in General Engineering
    1990 - 1995
    Esme Sudria High School - Paris, France
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