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Bill Resnicow

Bill Resnicow

Gaithersburg, MD, United States
Member since June 25, 2013
Bill is a seasoned software developer with over 25 years of coding experience and a passion for programming. He has created numerous successful websites, systems, and interfaces, and is comfortable leading teams of developers.
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  • Embedded Systems, 10 years
  • C, 9 years
  • C++, 7 years
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 7 years
  • Linux, 7 years
  • Java, 4 years
  • SQL-99, 2 years
  • Windows, 1 year
Gaithersburg, MD, United States
Preferred Environment
Windows, Linux, Eclipse, any source code control
The most amazing...
...thing I've coded is the implementation of a web site for a jewelry business done entirely in JavaScript.
  • Software Engineer
    2007 - PRESENT
    Lockheed Martin
    • Developed a Pub-Sub Messaging system in Java using JMS with SOAP interfaces for a messaging system. Maintained code, XML schema, and WSDL as needed on a Linux platform with MySQL.
    • Supported COTS/FOSS integration including Apache Axis2 running under a JBoss Application server under Linux.
    • Upgraded the system from JBoss 5 to JBoss 6 and 7. Integrated the system with a community version of JBoss.
    • Implemented a message-based traffic marking feature whereby IP layer packets get Qos Markings based on a JMS message topic by making Java code changes to the FOSS HTTP product, along with custom application Java code.
    • Led a team of 1-4 people. Determined and designed solutions to problems, and delegated and monitored work to team members.
    • Performed trade studies for alternative FOSS products, including alternate Java EE servers such as GlassFish and alternative JBoss solutions.
    • Performed extensive troubleshooting for bug fixes, including acting as the technical point of contact for customer reported problems.
    • Implemented security enhancements based on DoD STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guidelines) on Linux systems using Linux shell and Java Ant scripts.
    • Implemented a XML interface to a COTS communication analysis software, using Java to emulate a DoD network architecture.
    Technologies: Java , JBoss, SOAP/Web Services, XML, JMS, Java EE, TCP/IP networking, MySQL
  • Web Developer
    2002 - PRESENT
    • Developed a product catalog database and shopping cart application for an online jewelry business using JavaScript. Allowed for easy editing of sets of product catalogs for display and purchase by the customers.
    • Implemented an online payment system for a legal web site using PHP.
    • Implemented the web site for a homeowner's association in HTML.
    Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Linux
  • Software Engineer
    2003 - 2007
    Innovative Concepts Inc
    • Developed embedded communication software using C++ in a formal OO environment under LynxOS, a UNIX-based embedded OS for a DoD customer.
    • Implemented IP layer software using C, including access control lists, a TCP session manager, and a priority-based message queuing system.
    • Acted as database administrator for an embedded Army SQL database.
    • Implemented an object datastore in C++ to persist run time objects and restore them at startup.
    Technologies: C, C++, OO, TCP/IP
  • Software Engineer
    2000 - 2002
    Broadsoft Inc.
    • Implemented phone service configuration web pages for a telecom application using JSP and servlets.
    • Wrote various functionality in Java, including multilanguage support.
    Technologies: Java, JSP, SQL, C++, Servlets
  • Software Engineer
    1991 - 2000
    Syntek Systems corp
    • Developed medical database software with SQL and C for the American Red Cross for the AIDS testing lab.
    • Developed a satellite download application for a telecom provider in C to update software and configuration data over the air.
    • Implemented call processing software for a SS7 telecom application in C++.
    • Performed testing of SS7 Telecom functions using SS7-specific test equipment.
    • Implemented network management software in C++.
    • Performed network testing of IP routers and switches.
    Technologies: C, C++, SQL, communications
  • Software Engineer
    1990 - 1991
    MCI Telecommunications
    • Implemented a network management reporting system using C.
    Technologies: C, SQL
  • Software Engineer
    1985 - 1990
    Westinghouse Electric
    • Developed device drivers for embedded test systems in C.
    • Developed test application software for military avionics.
    Technologies: C, C++
  • Fangettepins online jewelry store (Development)

    An online jewelry store with a shopping cart and payment system. I programmed the catalog system and shopping cart using JavaScript.

  • Army WIN-T (Development)

    A Java EE-based communications program

  • Online payment system for a collections law firm (Development)

    I added online payments for a collections law firm. The URL is available upon request.

  • Languages
    C++, C, Java, SQL-99, JavaScript, PHP
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Platforms
    Linux, Java EE, Windows
  • Other
    Embedded Systems, AJAX
  • Storage
  • BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering
    1976 - 1980
    University of Delaware - Newark Delaware
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