Bogdan Crisan, Software Developer in Paris, France
Bogdan Crisan

Software Developer in Paris, France

Member since June 14, 2022
Bogdan is an up-and-coming software engineer with excellent knowledge of back-end development. He understands Linux and uses multiple programming languages, including Java, TypeScript, PHP, and Rust. Bogdan also has experience working with front-end web frameworks like Angular and React and is passionate about his work and learning new things.
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Paris, France



Preferred Environment

Linux, Vim Text Editor, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for a hospital.


  • PHP Developer

    2022 - PRESENT
    Haven's Kitchen
    • Implemented a new Find in Store feature on the product page using Destini. Added a Google Analytics tracker to track the users who used the locator.
    • Created a new video component to integrate YouTube videos into product and blog pages.
    • Migrated codebase from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.
    • Added new triggers and events using Google Tag Manager.
    • Fixed multiple bugs and improved user experience to convert the maximum amount of customers.
    Technologies: PHP, SlimPHP, Elasticsearch, Shopify, Headless Software, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Liquid, Shopify API, Contentful, eCommerce, Full-stack Development, Google Analytics 4, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Programming, CI/CD Pipelines, Back-end, Front-end, Git, GitHub, HTML5
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2022 - PRESENT
    Accelerated Data Works
    • Added a feature to see which houses produce electricity using solar panels on a map from Google Maps to a web application written in Lisp and HTML/JavaScript.
    • Updated a database containing millions of entries with new electricity usage queried from an API.
    • Fixed multiple bugs in a legacy project written in Lisp.
    Technologies: PostgreSQL, Google API, PHP, Angular, SQL, Lisp, Python, Relational Databases, JavaScript, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Energy Monitoring, Renewable Energy, UtilityAPI, Programming, Bash, Back-end, Front-end, HTML5
  • Researcher

    2022 - 2022
    Université de Paris
    • Performed research on developer networks. Read state-of-the-art publications on the subject and made directed weighted graphs between developers, showing their collaboration and how it impacts their performance.
    • Conducted research about ontology and patterns. Studied different collaboration patterns and classified them, establishing an ontology for collaboration patterns.
    • Researched developer productivity and effort. Created a methodology to measure a file's difficulty and evaluate the effort it took a developer to code a particular commit.
    • Built a script to query millions of entries from the GitHub GraphQL API to create links between developers who collaborated.
    Technologies: Research, Productivity, Collaboration, Python, Rust, TypeScript, Git, Data Science, GraphQL, Data Visualization, Programming, JavaScript, GitHub, Software Design, Software Architecture, JavaScript Libraries
  • Full-stack Developer

    2020 - 2022
    • Developed a mobile application and a server for searching and publishing highly-categorized tutorials.
    • Built a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) back-end and front-end software used by over 200 enterprise clients. Included multiple features such as inventory management, bill generator, revenue tracker, and calendar.
    • Developed a restaurant menu application for Android and iOS used by hundreds of restaurants to serve their menus in a COVID-19-friendly way.
    • Automated a backup system for crucially important user data with the possibility of rollbacking to any point within a two-week window.
    • Set up multiple servers, including a development server, production server, Gitea for Git hosting, and Jenkins for CI/CD.
    Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Linux Server Administration, Node.js, Back-end, Front-end, Web Development, Architecture, DevOps, Android, iOS, React Native, Restaurants & Dining, Inventory Management, Billing Systems, Time Management, Calendars, Cordova, UI Design, UX Design, Docker, Full-stack Development, Redux, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Rx, Linux, Programming, Algorithms, SQL, Rust, Bash, CI/CD Pipelines, Express.js, Git, PostgreSQL, CSS, HTML, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), REST APIs, GitHub, WebSockets, Jest, OpenAPI, Gitea, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Software Design, Software Architecture, Leadership, CRM APIs, JavaScript Libraries, HTML5, FastAPI, Ubuntu
  • Administrative Helper

    2021 - 2021
    Vincennes' Town Hall
    • Wrote SQL queries to optimize the workflow of other employees, saving them over 400 hours of work per year.
    • Developed automated scripts that helped collect and transform data of over 100,000 students for insertion into Excel and other software.
    • Created Excel templates to process data extracted by my other tools.
    Technologies: SQL, Excel 365, Automation, Web Scraping, Data Visualization, Programming, Bash


  • Deno Lint – A JavaScript and TypeScript Linter (80,000+ GitHub Stars)

    Implemented a new linting rule called no-literal-boolean-arguments, which forbids Boolean literal arguments in function calls. The project is an open-source linter for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Deno. In addition, I implemented new features requested by the users.

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System

    Built a CMMS engine and web interface used by over 200 enterprise clients, including hospitals. The project features include dynamic, reactive, and validated forms, an advanced authorization system, and per-user and per-company customization.

  • Online Drawing Tool

    A web application that lets you draw with your friends on a web page. The front end is written using React, while the back end is coded in Rust. This duo uses WebSockets to send and receive real-time data about what other people are doing on the canvas. The front end relies on HTML canvases for drawing. The application is fully featured.

    Some of the features are:
    • History with multiple undo and redo
    • Layers
    • Brush size and color
    • Live cursor of other people
    • Zoom
    • Scaling of the drawing

  • sCRBle

    Developed a web-based Scrabble game called sCRBle to play Scrabble with my friends because there were no free options available. It is a simple server-client game. Anyone can start a server, create a room, and invite their friends, both online and in local mode.

  • Repair App

    Created a forum-like cross-platform application for iOS and Android. Users can post and search for solutions to problems they encounter on specific devices. I implemented the full-text search, category search, and indexation for fast response time and real-time search completion.

  • Remote Mouse

    Built the Node.js application to remotely control my computer using a phone. I was the sole developer on the project and created it for personal use. The phone can be used as a trackpad, keyboard, or gamepad.

  • Social Media

    A PHP frameworkless social network. It has completed features like followers, hashtags, custom profile pages, themes, real-time DMs, pools, etc. I built this personal project using PHP, JavaScript, and some SQL (on MySQL), and I hosted it on Azure.


  • Languages

    Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, Rust, CSS, HTML, Regex, Python, CSS3, HTML5, C, Bash, Lisp, GraphQL, Object-oriented JavaScript (OOJS)
  • Frameworks

    Angular, NestJS, Express.js, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), React Native, Jest, Angular Material, Selenium, Rx, Redux
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, REST APIs, OpenAPI, React Navigation, Google API, React, Chart.js, Liquid, Shopify API
  • Tools

    Git, GitHub, Apache, GitHub Pages, Canvas, Photoshop CC, Gradle, Jenkins, Google Analytics
  • Paradigms

    Unit Testing, REST, Agile Project Management, DevOps, Agile, Data Science, Automation, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), UI Design, UX Design, Microservices
  • Platforms

    Linux, LAMP, Ubuntu, Mobile, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Linode, Azure, iOS, Android, Shopify, Contentful, Docker
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MariaDB, JSON, Relational Databases, MySQL, SlimPHP, Elasticsearch
  • Other

    Programming, Algorithms, Back-end, Front-end, TypeORM, Actix Web, Deno, WebSockets, Gitea, APIs, Web Development, Full-stack, Ajax, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Data Visualization, JavaScript Libraries, Linux Server Administration, Architecture, Web Scraping, Gimp, Software Design, Software Architecture, Leadership, FastAPI, CI/CD Pipelines, Research, Productivity, Collaboration, Mobile App Development, Restaurants & Dining, Inventory Management, Billing Systems, Time Management, Calendars, Excel 365, Games, Cordova, Headless Software, eCommerce, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Energy Monitoring, Renewable Energy, UtilityAPI, Google Analytics 4, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, Responsive UI, CRM APIs


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2020 - 2022
    University of Paris - Paris, France

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