Boling Zeng, Back-end Developer in Elk Grove, CA, United States
Boling Zeng

Back-end Developer in Elk Grove, CA, United States

Member since February 8, 2021
Boling has architected and developed desktop and web applications since 2006. He specializes in web scraping, automation, and data analysis projects, and he delivers quality and maintainability by implementing the best practices of clean code, DDD, TDD, and Agile principles in every stage of development. With extensive entrepreneurial, business management, and freelance experience, Boling sees the big picture, clarifies business requirements, and communicates well with clients and teammates.
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Elk Grove, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

PyCharm, Visual Studio, Python, .NET

The most amazing... I've done maximized system performance in projects involving massive data by using my skills in handling high concurrency and complex asynchronous tasks.


  • Python Back-end Engineer

    2021 - PRESENT
    Fortune 50 Beverage & Snacks Company
    • Developed marketing automation tools for display campaigns. The application automatically monitors active campaigns and make automatic bidding adjustment with a manual approval process.
    • Created a web application for monitoring and reports of digital assets performance. It provides unified assistance in managing display banners across multiple business units.
    • Built a tool for OOS (Out of Specification) report generating and notifying email distribution.
    Technologies: Python, Angular, Web Scraping, Automation, Kubernetes, Snowflake, FastAPI, APIs, API Integration, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, HTTP Server, SQL, Front-end, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Test-driven Development (TDD), Serverless, Serverless Architecture, AWS Lambda, Software Architecture, Full-stack, Testing, Excel 365, Task Automation, Data Scraping, JSON, Databases, CSV Export, CSV Import, Amazon EC2
  • C# Desktop Application Developer

    2021 - 2022, Inc.
    • Participated in the design and development of the AI accent translator desktop application. The application connects audio streams between the physic audio devices and the AI voice translator engine to perform real-time AI accent translation.
    • Developed the licensing system for the desktop application and the license management tool as part of the web application.
    • Designed and developed the Sanas web application. The system is a centralized portal with features like desktop usage statistics, feedback and support tickets, and update management. It also provides team and user management to enterprise clients.
    • Developed a tool for scraping and preprocessing machine learning data.
    Technologies: C#, C++, Windows 7, Windows 10, .NET Core, Blazor, Python, Azure, Web Scraping, APIs, API Integration, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, CSS, SQL Server 2016, TypeScript, ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, HTTP Server, Azure Functions, Front-end, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Razor, Test-driven Development (TDD), Architecture, Serverless, Serverless Architecture, AWS Lambda, Microsoft, Amazon DynamoDB, Full-stack, Testing, NoSQL, C#.NET, .NET, GitLab, JSON, Databases, ASP.NET, Azure SQL
  • Back-end Software Engineer

    2017 - 2021
    • Designed and developed the VMware and Hyper-V automation interfaces for Ayehu's IT operations management product.
    • Completed a serial port communication project to control and monitor specific hardware and integrated it into the web management system.
    • Developed several desktop automation and web scraping projects, using UiPath and Python.
    • Built a private web scraping framework to supplement the Scrapy framework. The private framework can cope with many complex application scenarios and significantly cut the development and maintenance costs of scraping projects.
    Technologies: Python, MongoDB, Neo4j, UiPath, Scrapy, Web Scraping, C#, VMware, Hyper-V, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, CSS, SQL Server 2016, TypeScript, Node.js, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, HTTP Server, SQL, Microsoft Power Automate, Ajax, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Test-driven Development (TDD), Architecture, Serverless, Serverless Architecture, AWS Lambda, AWS RDS, Microsoft, Azure, Firebase, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Full-stack, Testing, MySQL, Excel 365, Task Automation, NoSQL, C#.NET, .NET, GitLab, Data Scraping, Automation, JSON, Databases, CSV Export, CSV Import, Django, Amazon EC2, Zapier, ASP.NET, Azure SQL
  • CTO, Co-founder

    2015 - 2016
    Hunan Souke Info Tech Co., Ltd
    • Built the company's development teams and managed the cooperation with multiple outsourcing companies to support our simultaneous projects, serving the Print Store Industry Alliance in China.
    • Led the technology department to develop numerous products, including a joint procurement system, a web management system for a co-brand smart laser printer, and a WeChat app for the Alliance.
    • Communicated with potential investors, media, and customers, on topics related to products and technologies.
    Technologies: Agile, NopCommerce, C#, Python, HTML5, Bootstrap, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, CSS, SQL Server 2016, ASP.NET MVC, HTTP Server, SQL, Architecture, Microsoft, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Full-stack, NoSQL, C#.NET, .NET, Data Scraping, Automation, JSON, Databases, CSV Export, CSV Import, ASP.NET
  • Engineering Manager

    2014 - 2015
    FP7O Inc
    • Collaborated with the American project manager to build and work with the Chinese team in Wuhan to complete a club review web project, including data initialization, final testing, launch, and feature updates.
    • Architected the club information scraping system, which has collected a large amount of worldwide club information as important seed data for the project.
    • Assisted the marketing team in formulating an online marketing strategy for the Asia region.
    Technologies: PHP, Scrapy, Agile, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP Server, SQL, Test-driven Development (TDD), Architecture, Microsoft, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Full-stack, Testing, Task Automation, C#.NET, .NET, Data Scraping, JSON, Databases
  • Software Architect, Co-founder

    2012 - 2015
    Changsha Sunco Info Tech Co., Ltd
    • Built a Taobao Open API integration, enabling clients to automate the printing of shipping labels and synchronize online inventory with third-party inventory management systems.
    • Developed an attached window tool that allows customer service agents to find related orders and add notes quickly. The tool creates a following sidebar on the chat window and connects to the Taobao Open API. This was an Aliwangwang add-on project.
    • Provided trend analysis of new products in our client's business categories by collecting and analyzing public records online. The internal scraping system monitor and update became top-selling items within 24 hours.
    Technologies: C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), REST APIs, Win32 API, HTML, HTTP Server, SQL, Front-end, Test-driven Development (TDD), Microsoft, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Testing, Task Automation, C#.NET, .NET, Data Scraping, Automation, JSON, Databases
  • Principal Software Engineer, Founder

    2007 - 2012
    Wuhan Chulei Tech Co., Ltd
    • Led the team to develop and sell a Myspace precision marketing product that can scrape 240 million public profiles and provide influencer filters.
    • Directed the team to develop a Weibo hashtag analysis system to help clients filter out hashtag lists with high traffic and low competition to fit their marketing campaigns.
    • Leveraged the main principles of Agile development, unit testing, and domain-driven design technologies.
    Technologies: C#, Agile, SQL, HTTP, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, ASP.NET MVC, HTTP Server, Test-driven Development (TDD), Microsoft, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Testing, Task Automation, C#.NET, .NET, Data Scraping, Automation, Databases
  • Software Engineer

    2006 - 2007
    Freelance Projects
    • Built a Google keywords statistics and reporting tool, using SQLlite and C# WinForm technologies. The tool simplified the client’s routing work for two years until they found a sophisticated product to purchase.
    • Delivered 10+ small web scraping projects in less than one year, using C# and WinForms. All the projects maintained 100% satisfaction and five-star reviews on the freelance platform.
    • Developed various OCR modules for a client to resolve CAPTCHA.
    Technologies: C#, Windows Forms (WinForms), HTTP, Sockets, SQLite, Web Scraping, Crystal Reports, OCR, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, Microsoft, Testing, C#.NET, .NET, Data Scraping, Databases


  • Instagram Hashtag Analyzer

    A system that generates a suggested hashtag list for new posts by monitoring all hashtags on Instagram and analyzing their engagement rate, which has significantly improved organic traffic. I led the team to develop this system (in Python), which scrapes more than six million public hashtag pages, saves recent posts, and analyzes the posting frequency and the number of comments and likes on each hashtag page.

  • Smart Printer Web Management System

    The web management system for a co-brand smart laser printer. I led the team that developed a communication protocol with the printer company to collect and analyze all the inspection data available from the printer. The management system monitors the working condition of a printer, including potential faults and remaining consumables. According to the service contract between a customer and provider, the system can also manage printer binding. This system helps Print Shop stores provide services efficiently in their assigned business regions.


  • Languages

    Python, C#, C#.NET, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, VB, VB.NET, HTML5, PHP, Snowflake, C++
  • Frameworks

    ASP.NET, .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Scrapy, Selenium, ADO.NET, .NET Core, Telerik Kendo UI, ASP.NET MVC, Razor, Angular, Flask, Django, Bootstrap, Blazor
  • Libraries/APIs

    Asyncio, REST APIs, Instagram API, Pandas, Flask-RESTful, Sockets, NumPy, Windows Forms (WinForms), Win32 API, Node.js, SignalR
  • Paradigms

    Automation, Test-driven Development (TDD), Testing, Agile, Serverless Architecture
  • Platforms

    Microsoft, Telerik WPF, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Windows, NopCommerce, Jupyter Notebook, Docker, Kubernetes, Windows 7, Azure Functions, Firebase
  • Storage

    MongoDB, NoSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server 2016, Amazon DynamoDB, JSON, Databases, Azure SQL, Neo4j, MySQL, SQLite
  • Other

    Web Scraping, Domain-driven Design (DDD), TCP/IP, Technical Leadership, Task Automation, Data Scraping, UiPath, APIs, API Integration, Software Architecture, Full-stack, CSV Export, CSV Import, IT Automation, FastAPI, Ajax, Workflow, HTTP, WeChat Mini Programs, Web Servers, OCR, Hashtag Campaigns, Instagram, Windows 10, HTTP Server, Microsoft Power Automate, Front-end, Architecture, Serverless, AWS RDS, Excel 365
  • Tools

    C#.NET WinForms, PyCharm, Visual Studio, VMware, MS Silverlight, LINQ to SQL, Subversion (SVN), Crystal Reports, Hyper-V, GitLab, Zapier


  • Bachelor's Degree in Military Engineering
    1999 - 2003
    National University of Defense Technology - Hunan, China


  • Certified Automation Designer
    Ayehu Inc.
  • Software Engineer
    MAY 2003 - PRESENT
    China Computer Software Technology Qualification Committee

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