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Bradley Eichenberg

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Full-stack Developer

Kansas City, KS, United States
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April 1, 2020

In 2010, Brad graduated with a double major in CS and accounting. He designed web platforms for local businesses in college and has since proven to be an accomplished full-stack engineer with heavy experience in many of today's relevant frameworks. Recently, he managed software development at a small startup company in Kansas City, designing multi-tenant platforms from scratch using the full web stack and AWS. Brad recently created multiple COVID-19 React Native apps to benefit the community.


Top Shelf Insurance Agency LLC
Full-stack, Responsive UI, GraphQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), React...
Den Inc.
React Native, Expo, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.js, Mobile Apps, iOS...
React Native, TypeScript, Mobile Apps, Firebase, APIs, Stripe API, REST...




Preferred Environment

React Native, React, Node.js, JavaScript, Mobile Apps, Firebase, APIs, Full-stack, DevOps, REST

The most amazing...

...thing I've helped create is a delivery app for a non-profit that organized volunteers looking to help those vulnerable to COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Work Experience

Lead Developer

2022 - PRESENT
Top Shelf Insurance Agency LLC
  • Conducted 2 weeks of discovery for Top Shelf Insurance CRM MVP. Scoped the entire project and laid out all the technologies that would be used and how long the MVP would take. The contract was signed and the CRM was delivered on time.
  • Worked as the lead developer on the team and was the architect of the system as well as the front-end and back-end engineer. I built it from scratch and brought on another developer to work on the front end. We built a ton of functionality.
  • Built and oversaw the back end using AWS tools like Amplify, AppSync, GraphQL, DynamoDB, S3, Lambda, and more. I managed all our environments, database schema, and all CI/CD flows. The development and production sites never crashed once.
Technologies: Full-stack, Responsive UI, GraphQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon API Gateway, APIs, Web Architecture, Relational Database Design, AWS Amplify

React & React Native Developer

2023 - 2023
Den Inc.
  • Managed to refactor most of the app into TypeScript and get it across the finish line and on the App Store. The Den app was about 90% there when I took it on. It was written in all JavaScript, which made it very hard to test and find bugs.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Asana while also refactoring the app to TypeScript.
  • Launched their app on Google Play and iOS app stores.
Technologies: React Native, Expo, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.js, Mobile Apps, iOS, Android, Push Notifications, Location Tracking

React Native Engineer

2021 - 2022
  • Started by working on all parts of their app, almost like a utility guy. They had three pods of developers, and I eventually had my pod. It was very educational working with a very experienced group as well.
  • Completed tasks quickly and effectively for the Steady app using Jira and worked with QA. Jira made this experience very productive and allowed me to develop at a very efficient rate.
  • Oversaw the entire boosters page for Steady, which was how they generated a lot of revenue. I helped them do a lot of A/B testing and set up the flows of that entire process.
Technologies: React Native, TypeScript, Mobile Apps, Firebase, APIs, Stripe API, REST, Push Notifications, Location Tracking

Full-stack Instructor

2019 - 2020
University of Kansas (via Trilogy Education Services)
  • Instructed a class of 25 students for seven months on the essentials of web development, covering everything from HTML to Express and React. Students learned everything that takes place in web engineering, including collaborating with team members.
  • Gave recommendations and even placed a couple of students in junior-level positions immediately after completing the course.
  • Guided students working on three major projects, from the front-end design to back-end programming.
Technologies: Express.js, MongoDB, MySQL, CSS, HTML, React, JavaScript, APIs, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), REST

Senior Full-stack Engineer

2015 - 2020
  • Developed a multi-tenant platform for our customers to view all their private data. This included creating and designing front ends, back ends, databases, and cloud storage for all media.
  • Worked with a small group on developing algorithms for our products for the purposes of measuring objects with 3D point clouds. I studied computer vision algorithms and implemented them in various C++ algorithms and production code.
  • Oversaw support issues at a high level and tracked bugs in any of our software or products.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, iOS, Ionic, React, C++, C#, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, APIs, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Full-stack, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), DevOps, Stripe API, Amazon EC2, REST, Google APIs, Objective-C, Swift

Senior Full-stack Developer

2010 - 2020
ikeDesign LLC
  • Developed an order management system based on a previous system based in much older technology. I took a company from a Microsoft Access system to an entirely web-based platform that increased efficiency across their entire company.
  • Worked with a handful of startups that had non-technical founders as a resource to a lot of these startup ups as a full-stack engineer.
  • Created customer portals, eCommerce sites, inventory systems, CRM systems, and more.
Technologies: MySQL, MongoDB, .NET, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Mobile Apps, Firebase, APIs, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Realm, Full-stack, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), DevOps, Stripe API, AngularJS, Amazon EC2, REST, Google APIs

Steady App
I worked full time for Steady as a front-end React Native engineer. My primary focus was working on their existing mobile app and adding features and new designs. We did a lot of A/B testing and a lot of redesigns to find the most effective layout and flow for the app.

Seasoned is an app that I worked as a contractor on and helped them improve the performance of their existing app. This project had an older React Native codebase that I and some other developers ended up redoing and improving. It was a great app for helping service industry companies find employees and vice versa.

Invisible Hands Deliver App for iOS and Android
Invisible Hands Deliver is a non-profit organization delivering groceries and other essential items to populations especially vulnerable to COVID-19. I lead the engineering on the iOS and Android app while working closely with a design team and back-end development team. This app streamlines the current day to day operation they have setup with Slack. This app makes everything easier for volunteers and operations to create, communicate, and deliver requests to those vulnerable to COVID-19. This app is still in beta and will be releasing version 1 to iOS and Android in November.

MyMedBot for iOS and Android
MyMedBot is a simple and secure health screening app for iOS and Android. It helps both schools and businesses reopen safely by creating customized screening forms, live response tracking, scheduled reminders, and a full admin dashboard. MyMedBot was created with React, React Native, Expo, and GraphQL. The app was first released in August 2020 on Apple and Google App stores and continues to grow each week.

E2E Dynamic Portfolio App - Full Stack - React Native, AWS, Node.js, RDS, Postgres
E2E came to Toptal with a project for a full-stack engineer. They wanted to create an MVP that included onboarding new users, running them through a financial questionnaire to help categorize them, and then present portfolio recommendations to the user. One of the main things they needed was the financial questionnaire to be completely dynamic based on tables from a Postgres DB hosted in Amazon RDS. They have multiple surveys for users to go through, question types, sub-questions, and more. Upon completing the survey, we grade the survey, save it to the database, and present the user with Portfolio recommendations. We present this on a dynamic SVG donut chart that also drills down to a data table of information. To accomplish this, I set them up an AWS RDS Postgres database schema from scratch. I set up the API Gateway and Lambda functions to access the data and present it to the app dynamically. They presented me with a rough design and gave me room to redesign and write the entire React Native project based on my experience with previous apps. We managed to finish the MVP in two weeks, and they were very pleased to see the entire MVP working dynamically. They are currently in the process of raising capital for the next phase.

Marinate Project Management App (Android)
I worked on the Marinate app for about two months and deployed it to the Android store using bare React Native. They had a full react web project working as well as a full Python API. They also presented me with a full Figma document to work from. I went through and replicated all their functionality from the web app while also integrating the Figma design one screen at a time. The application itself is described below:

Marinate provides speed and clarity in everyday agreements. Increasing security and allowing to add stakeholders to any record no matter what work progress you have.

Collaborate confidently in a remote world. Whether your team is on-site, fully distributed, clustered, or hybrid, Marinate can help you become more productive by eliminating guesswork and confusion. Track everyday agreements and quickly sign off or reject records without having to change how you work. Allow for long term auditing of agreements and use our timeline features to quickly review past records. Marinate provides a quick and easy solution to track and get sign off on everything from change orders, purchase orders, conversations, design changes, or even just an email record.


Simplus is an app and web app built in React and React Native. It uses Plaid, Stripe, and Twilio APIs to allow businesses to bill and accept contactless payments from their customers. The platform allows for both ACH and credit card payments. The administrative dashboard allows businesses to keep track of their payments and also manage subscriptions and other business-related tasks. The application is now live and slowly onboarding members.

Weather2020 Dashboard App
Weather2020 has uses proprietary algorithms and models to help its clients forecast their businesses based on weather projections 6-9 months ahead of time. Their accuracy has been well proven out so they have begun investing in the IT portion of their company. That's where I came in. I developed a multi-tenant platform and iOS/Android App to allow for different levels of users to view the data and analytics that weather2020 provided. Some pages provided visualization of the weather data all the way down to a specific zip code six months out aggregated into a week by week period. I was responsible for building all the visualization of the data sets that were given to me to make the information useful to clients. Certain clients also have special integrations and reporting models based on the information they paid for. The platform also had a free tier that let generic users sign up for the app and view limited data from their phones. The backend portal is protected but you can view the company website to learn more about what the platform can do.

Pilates/Yoga Video Platform
I recently had a yoga instructor reach out to me asking for help building a video platform for all her subscribers. Due to COVID-19, she would no longer be able to host classes at her studio so she wanted to do it all virtually and have it be organized. So she and three other studios pitched in to pay for me to create a video platform. The platform's main features allowed users to sign up and subscribe to different classes. Their account would have billing set up and used Stripe integration to charge them on a monthly basis for the classes they are taking. The classes would have prerecorded videos for them to follow form home and also they had a zoom tab that allowed them to join live classes via Zoom integration into the platform as well. On the admin side, the yoga instructors could setup classes and upload videos to their cloud. All media was hosted in Amazon S3 to keep it all private rather than using youtube. They were also able to create new zoom classes and post them to the user side. The platform basically allowed them to have a virtual yoga studio during the COVID-19 quarantine time.

FreightSnap Cloud Platform
A multi-tenant cloud platform for housing customers data and images. Customers had photos and data attached to every piece of freight that was sent to our cloud via private API that I also created. Using AWS, RDS, S3 we stored all our data in the cloud. This project was mostly done with Javascript, React, Reactstrap, PHP, Node.js, and MySQL. The system was still taking in over 500,000 records a day and scaling up while only being supported by one developer which I trained before departing the project at its completion.


When I started with RNWBL, they had a functioning app that needed a lot of maintenance. Another React Native developer and I worked on cleaning up the app's infrastructure, and from there, we began adding new features. One of the main features I worked on was the time card section. I also worked closely with their GraphQL schema and Figma designs.


JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, C++, C#, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, Objective-C, Swift


React Native, Bootstrap, Express.js, Ionic, AngularJS, .NET, Redux


Node.js, Stripe API, AWS Amplify, React, Google APIs


Expo, DataTables, Figma, Firebase Analytics


DevOps, REST, Web Architecture


MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, Realm


Full-stack, Mobile Apps, APIs, Push Notifications, Location Tracking, Amazon API Gateway, SVG, Charts, Analytics, Responsive UI, Relational Database Design


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, iOS, Android, Amazon EC2, Azure, Heroku, AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Accounting

Emporia State University - Emporia, KS