Brett Adams, Software Developer in Hendersonville, NC, United States
Brett Adams

Software Developer in Hendersonville, NC, United States

Member since June 25, 2017
For the past twenty years, Brett has built his career primarily around using Python to build REST APIs, data pipelines, and desktop applications and JavaScript/TypeScript to build fully-featured web apps, hybrid mobile apps, React Native apps and APIs. Along the way, Brett has also worked in ClojureScript, Go, Java, Shell Scripts, 4D, and ColdFusion on a variety of platforms and projects.
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Hendersonville, NC, United States



Preferred Environment

Emacs, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python

The most amazing...

...thing I've done was to rewrite the Untappd mobile app and knowing it was successfully deployed to 1 million active users around the world.


  • Senior Front-end Developer

    2020 - PRESENT
    EmbraerX | Beacon
    • Built a React Native application to help manage airline maintenance schedules.
    • Worked with existing React/React Native-based apps.
    Technologies: GraphQL, Expo, React Native, React
  • Freelance Senior Software Developer

    2018 - 2020
    University of Colorado Boulder (via Toptal)
    • Built a distributed data pipeline using Airflow, Python and various AWS services including ECS/Fargate, Lambda, Glue, and S3 and provisioned with Terraform. The pipeline was well tested using tox, pytest and
    • Created an anonymization framework for anonymizing confidential data using Pandas.
    • Converted and modernized legacy SAS scripts into data transformations running in Spark.
    • Developed a data API using the Serverless Framework and deployed it to AWS Lambda. The api was fully tested with Pytest and Tox.
    • Helped support a React-based web app for managing data permissions and integrating it with Tableau.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Data Pipelines, Docker, AWS, Terraform, Spark, Pandas, Python
  • Senior Software Developer

    2017 - 2018
    • Created a hybrid mobile app using the Ionic framework to extend a legacy web app.
    • Added API endpoints to the existing ColdFusion back-end as needed.
    • Assisted with testing and management of Kubernetes-based back-end and build scripts.
    Technologies: ColdFusion, Cordova, Angular, TypeScript, Ionic
  • Senior Software Developer

    2014 - 2017
    Untappd | Next Glass
    • Rewrote the Untappd mobile app using Ionic, Angular, TypeScript, and Cordova.
    • Worked with three other developers to create the Untappd for Business platform using Ruby on Rails.
    • Created the API and back-end services to support the Next Glass mobile app using Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, and PostgreSQL.
    • Developed a distributed image processing pipeline using Python, Celery, Redis, AWS S3, AWS SQS and Cloudinary.
    Technologies: Flask, Angular, Ionic, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python
  • Lead Software Developer

    2012 - 2013
    • Led a three-person development team to help expand a small business ERP application using the 4D language, database, and development environment.
    • Built a modern REST API server from scratch on top of our legacy ERP system to enable the company to expand beyond our existing product line.
    • Integrated the Magento web store into our application to create a two-way communication channel between our product and the online web store using the Magento SOAP API. This required creating a SOAP communication library from scratch to be embedded in our application.
    Technologies: Sencha Touch, Angular, 4D
  • Curator of Collections

    2010 - 2012
    Naples Botanical Garden
    • Created a responsive web app using Python, Flask, and PostgreSQL to allow garden staff to manage the garden's plant collections in the field.
    • Wrote plant accession and management policies to for a living plant collection.
    Technologies: ArcGIS, BG-BASE, Google App Engine, Heroku, Python
  • Technical Support Specialist | Foreman of the Garden

    2002 - 2010
    Belize Botanic Gardens | duPlooy's Jungle Lodge
    • Created Bauble which is an open-source, cross-platform desktop application for managing plant collections.
    • Managed the internal network of Linux and Windows computers with Active Directory.
    Technologies: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, PyGTK, Python
  • Software Developer

    2000 - 2001
    Flavor Software
    • Implemented the MPEG-J standard of the MPEG-4 specification to allowing interactive video files by programmatically manipulating the video's scene graph.
    Technologies: C++, JNI, MP4, MPEG, Java


  • Bauble (Development)

    Bauble is a desktop application to help botanic gardens manage their plant records. It was created using Python, PyGTK, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite.

    I founded this project and released it as open-source software. It has since been taken over by a small community of developers.

  • ZBar for Python (Development)

    A Python-based Ctypes wrapper for the ZBar barcode library.

  • XQS | X Query Service (Development)

    An X/Motif desktop application for querying an X server and browsing and displaying properties on the X server and its host. It's written in C.

  • Untappd Mobile App (Development)

    I led the rewrite of the Untappd mobile app using Ionic.


  • Languages

    TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, ColdFusion, Java, C++, Ruby, Clojure, Go, GraphQL, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Flask, Ionic, Angular, Cordova, React Native, ClojureScript, JNI, Sencha Touch, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Django, Spark
  • Libraries/APIs

    Vue.js 2, Vue.js, SQLAlchemy, REST APIs, Lodash, RxJS, React, PySpark, Node.js, ArcGIS, Pandas, PyGTK, Ctypes
  • Tools

    Apache Airflow, Pytest, Terraform, Boto, Boto 3, Amazon SQS, Emacs, Celery, Expo, ZBar, AWS ECS, AWS Glue, Spark SQL
  • Platforms

    Heroku, Firebase, Google App Engine, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, MacOS, Linux
  • Other

    Tox, Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Functions, Cloudinary, BG-BASE, MP4, MPEG, AWS Route 53, Motif, 4D, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Concurrency, AWS
  • Paradigms

    ETL, Agile, Functional Programming
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite, Data Pipelines, MySQL, Google Cloud, AWS S3


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a Mathematics minor
    1995 - 2000
    University of North Texas - Denton, TX, USA

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