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Brian Kim

Brian Kim

San Carlos, CA, United States
Member since July 13, 2017
Brian is a back-end developer who focuses on building resilient and scalable systems while achieving optimal response times. He enjoys writing code that makes strong abstractions on product requirements while thinking about infrastructure needs—producing software that is easy to deploy and maintain.
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  • Python, 4 years
  • Flask, 3 years
  • MongoDB, 2 years
  • RabbitMQ, 2 years
  • Go, 2 years
San Carlos, CA, United States
Preferred Environment
Linux, Vim, Tmux, Docker
The most amazing...
...professional work I've done is to take ownership of a broken system component that nobody wanted to touch and make it bring value to the business.
  • Software Developer
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Reduced the workload of a service that would handle more than 10 million records a day down to a few thousand.
    • Bootstrapped the effort to Dockerize a portion of our monolithic code base.
    • Built multiple RESTful services from scratch, including one that would handle nearly 1 million requests/min.
    • Investigated various AWS technologies for integration with the product.
    • Performed daily management of the development, testing, staging, and production environments from log monitoring to issue tracking/debugging.
    Technologies: Go, Python, Docker, MongoDB, RabbitMQ
  • Research Assistant
    2014 - 2016
    Villanova University
    • Worked on 4 separately funded projects that stretched over 7 academic semesters.
    • Built a GUI for robot simulation runtime using PyGTK+ built on top of a proprietary JPL physics simulation framework.
    • Developed a 4-tank water distribution system simulator using C++.
    • Created an HTTP service for Arduino that would forward requests to PWM signals over specified pins; as well as a web client that provided a GUI to the user.
    • Created a full-stack inventory system that used a Python Flask back-end and an Android app as the client.
    Technologies: Python, C++, Java, LEGO Mindstorms NXT, Arduino, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Teaching Assistant
    2014 - 2016
    Villanova University
    • Assisted the instruction of 3 separate courses over the course of 7 academic semesters.
    • Taught core fundamental concepts such as variables, functions, conditionals, loops, arrays, pointers, and structures for a beginning level C course.
    • Taught advanced concepts such as object-oriented programming, algorithm analysis/design, and test-driven development for an intermediate C++ course.
    • Taught basic cryptography concepts such as entropy, hashing, and asymmetric/symmetric cryptography for an introductory cyber security course.
    • Supported professors in generating and delivering relevant educational content to the students.
    • Encouraged students to develop the proper academic habits in preparation for their college career.
    • Held office hours to assists students in the course who were seeking additional help.
    Technologies: C, C++, Python
  • inv (Development)

    A full-stack inventory system that implements a Python Flask back-end wrapped around an SQLite database and an Android application as the mobile front-end client.

  • J&M Heating and Cooling Home Page Redesigned (Development)

    Rewrote an HVAC company's home page to be mobile-friendly. Used Twitter Bootstrap to leverage the responsive design paradigm for supporting screens of all sizes.

  • Frameworks
    Flask, Bootstrap 3
  • Languages
    Python, Go, SQL, C++, C, Java
  • Tools
    AWS ELB, RabbitMQ, NMap, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AWS ECS
  • Platforms
    AWS EC2, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage
    AWS S3, MongoDB
  • Other
    Concurrency, Scalability
  • Paradigms
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
    2011 - 2015
    Villanova University - Villanova, PA, USA
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