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Brian Wojtczak, Software Developer in London, United Kingdom
Brian Wojtczak

Software Developer in London, United Kingdom

Member since September 2, 2017
Brian gained experience in a wide range of technologies and languages through developing automated self-service hosting platforms. He excels at acquiring skills in unfamiliar technologies, as well as applying the skills he already has to getting projects completed. Brian has successfully worked with both large multinational project teams, and as the sole developer for small companies.
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  • Linux, 20 years
  • C++, 17 years
  • Python, 10 years
  • RabbitMQ, 4 years
  • Docker, 4 years
  • Django, 4 years
  • Go, 3 years
  • Kubernetes, 3 years
London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Jira, Git, Python, Django, PyCharm

The most amazing... I've created is lexical analysis library (grammar, parser, tokenizer, compiler) for network switch and router configuration.


  • Senior Software Engineer

    2018 - 2019
    Hanzo Archives
    • Worked on migrating legacy software platform from Amazon Machine Images to Docker Containers.
    • Helped design and implement low maintenance on-premise variant of SAAS offering through the use of custom orchestration of Docker Swarm.
    • Assisted with ongoing migration from Python 2 to Python 3.
    • Research and design work around new functionality for integrating e-discovery workflows with Slack.
    • Maintenance of existing legacy software.
    Technologies: Python, Go, Webkit, Docker, Postgres
  • Senior Developer

    2015 - 2017
    1&1 Internet
    • Instigated the process of porting old software from Delphi to C#.
    • Implemented modern software for automated configuration of Cisco switches.
    • Member of the team which created a self-service container hosting platform based on Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.
    • Introduced a continuous integration and deployment system for Docker images.
    • Introduced using Python 3 for building REST APIs.
    Technologies: Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, Python, Django, Go, C#, Ruby, Selenium
  • Technical Architect, Lead Developer

    2013 - 2015
    Fasthosts Internet
    • Improved a self-service domain registration system to scale to hundreds of TLDs.
    • Created a large scale Ruby on Rails shared hosting platform.
    • Introduced new technical coding and documentation standards department-wide.
    • Collaborated with internal non-technical product owners to design solutions for implementation by development teams.
    • Coordinated with suppliers and regulators to ensure technical compliance.
    Technologies: C#, Python, PHP, Javascript
  • Developer

    2011 - 2013
    Fasthosts Internet
    • Contributed to updating and modernizing the self-service domain registration system.
    • Introduced unit testing to back-end components of the service platform.
    • Led development for a project to introduce multiple different types of storage to the self-service virtual private server platform.
    • Triaged and closed operational issues.
    Technologies: C#, Delphi, Python, PHP, Javascript
  • Technical Manager, Developer, System Administrator

    2000 - 2011
    Lawyers Online
    • Created a full in-house customer relationship management (CRM) for service, order, and task management.
    • Developed an automated invoicing with direct debit payment reconciliation.
    • Built an automated broadband ADSL and WLR3 telephone line provisioning.
    • Developed an automated server management for web and email hosting.
    • Customized network router firmware.
    • Developed an email anti-virus and spam filtering service with web-based quarantine controls.
    • Implemented a new dual homed IPv4 and IPv6 network.
    Technologies: PHP, Perl, JavaScript, TCL Expect, Lua, C++


  • Lawyers Online Billing System (Development)

    With Lawyers Online being a small company with big ambitions, an automated billing system is vital.
    A significant amount of manual labor avoided by implementing paperless invoicing. Invoices sent automatically by either email or fax. Integrated with the direct debit system to automatically take recurring payments from clients.

    Designed in collaboration with the rest of the business. Developed almost exclusively by myself.

    Built in PHP on both the back end and the front end. Extensive use of jQuery in the user interface. Integration with financial systems done through the use of various proprietary XML over HTTP protocols.

  • Fasthosts Domain Registration System (Development)

    The Fasthosts Domain Registration System allows anyone to find, purchase, renew and manage domain names.

    Participated in the modernization of the system and lead further development of it for several years.

    Introduced many modern development practices.

    Improved performance and scalability to accommodate a significant number of daily users.

    Built primarily as a declarative state synchronization machine. Implemented using an asynchronous event-driven model for performance and scale.

    Built in C# with .Net 4.5 on the back end.

    Integrated with existing PHP based customer self-service portal and Drupal based marketing website.

  • Performance and Efficiency: Working with HTTP/3 (Publication)
    HTTP/3 is on the horizon, but many aren't even familiar with HTTP/2 yet. Find out what HTTP/3 means for web development, administration, and the internet.


  • Languages

    Python 2, Python 3, Python, PHP, Go, C#, JavaScript, C++, SQL, Delphi, Perl
  • Frameworks

    Django REST Framework, Django, Laravel, .NET, Selenium
  • Tools

    GitHub, Microsoft Visual Studio, Bitbucket, Atlassian Suite, Jira, Docker Hub, IntelliJ, WebStorm, PyCharm, JetBrains, GitLab, Git, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Subversion (SVN), PhpStorm
  • Paradigms

    REST, Kanban, Agile Software Development, Agile, API Architecture, Scrum, ITIL, REST API Architecture, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Platforms

    Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, AWS EC2, FreeBSD, OpenShift, MacOS, Drupal, Windows
  • Other

    HTTPS, SMTP, HTTP, SSH, LDAP, Software Architecture, System Administration, Linux System Administration, Back-end, Software, Network Protocols, Architecture, ITIL V3 Foundation Certified, Software Design, Cisco, GitFlow, Cryptography
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL
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