Bryant Williams, Software Developer in Palo Alto, CA, United States
Bryant Williams

Software Developer in Palo Alto, CA, United States

Member since February 14, 2018
Bryant is an entrepreneur and product/engineering leader with experience designing, developing, and managing large-scale infrastructure, web, and mobile projects at streaming video and ad-tech companies. For over the past decade, he's worked as an expert software engineer specializing in building APIs and user interfaces using JavaScript/CoffeeScript and MongoDB.
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  • ShareThis
    Node.js, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Python...
  • Maestro
    Node.js, CoffeeScript, MongoDB, Firebase
  • Hulu
    Python, MySQL, Couchbase, CentOS, ActionScript, Flex



Palo Alto, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Mac OSX, Vim, Git

The most amazing...

...system I've built managed, optimized, and scheduled petabytes of video data being transcoded into more than ten encoding profiles across multiple data centers.


  • Senior Director of Engineering

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Recruited, managed, and mentored engineers across the organization on application architecture, API (application programming interface) development, application security, and system design.
    • Led a company-wide initiative to grow our programmatic advertising business by collaborating with sales and data science to develop an insights platform that showcases the depth and breadth of ShareThis data.
    • Spearheaded a cost-reduction effort to measure, analyze, and reduce our AWS and GCP bills by over 30% (saving $1.5 million yearly) through changes to process, infrastructure, system design, and private pricing contracts.
    • Prepared the company for GDPR (general data protection regulation) legislation and released a CMP (consent management provider) solution to assist publishers with consent management.
    • Rebuilt the company’s core product, the Share Buttons. Expanded the company’s product offering for publishers from one to six to achieve feature parity with competitors. These products are ingesting billions of events daily from a publisher network consisting of millions of sites.
    • Built an internal data management system enabling the company to pivot from a media business to a data business and grow data revenue from $0 to $30 million ARR (annual recurring revenue) in under three years. Organized our data into audiences and data feeds using real-time semantic search to mine our vast set of data.
    Technologies: Node.js, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Universal Sentence Encoder, FAISS, DBPedia, Freebase, Wikidata
  • Founder | CTO

    2012 - 2016
    • Raised $2.5 million in seed funding and grew the company to $1 million in annual recurring revenue.
    • Developed a white-label video platform for companies to host live, interactive video broadcasts. Our clients included The GRAMMYs, Coachella, and Havas (one of the world’s largest media companies). The platform supported live broadcasts with real-time interactive features over WebSockets for over 120,000 concurrent users.
    • Launched our first large-scale event for Ultra Music Festival and built and led Ultra’s first in-house engineering team.
    • Streamlined desktop and mobile development allowing Ultra to expand from one to twelve events internationally.
    Technologies: Node.js, CoffeeScript, MongoDB, Firebase
  • Software Developer

    2008 - 2011
    • Worked as one of two developers on the Hulu desktop project—launching a TV-based video experience before TVs had built-in applications.
    • Designed and built a transcoding platform to manage and schedule petabytes of video data across our network; this was an optimization problem factoring network speed, disk read speed, CPU strength, file size, and content priority.
    • Designed and built a CMS for managing Hulu's growing content library—this enabled the QA team to grow from three to over 20 people and work on content in multiple languages.
    Technologies: Python, MySQL, Couchbase, CentOS, ActionScript, Flex


  • GDPR Compliance Tool (Development)

    This tool provides publishers a way to receive consent from their European users. It integrates with the IAB framework to collect and share proof of user consent.

  • Social Analytics (Development)

    This shows registered publishers analytics about their social activity including the number of shares and number of social referrals.

  • Audience Builder (Development)

    Audience Builder indexes and organizes 600,000 “signals” that represent user interest, intent, behavior, and demographics. It uses a real-time search and recommendation API that mines billions of data points in milliseconds that smoothly creates audiences. I enforced a rigid structure and organization to our data business in order to allow it to scale. I also integrated it with over ten DMP/DSP partners.

  • Email List Builder (Development)

    A tool to help publisher's build email lists of their customers.

  • Reaction Buttons (Development)

    A tool to let users react to a publisher’s content which helps the publisher learn more about their user base.

  • Share Buttons (Development)

    Buttons for a publisher to help their users share content to social networks.

  • Viral Notifications (Development)

    Our services monitor traffic from a publisher’s website—specifically the average page-specific and site-wide traffic patterns are analyzed. When a page begins to see extraordinary growth, the publisher is notified via Slack within 30 minutes. This signals to them to ensure their messaging is optimal for social media and checks the article's content for clarity and accuracy.

  • Social A/B (Development)

    Publishers can prepare A/B tests to run on Facebook. Tests can be performed free via their Facebook page against two subsets of their fans or can be performed via Facebook Ads across a broad lookalike audience based on their existing fans.

  • (Development)

    A white-labeled live streaming engagement platform for video broadcasters. It integrates with many external video hosts and offers a wide variety of engagement options, design customizability as well as advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Hulu Video CMS (Development)

    I redesigned and architected Hulu's entire content ingestion pipeline from content ingestion, review, transcoding to distribution. The new system allowed the company to keep up with growing demands in terms of the number of videos being delivered, the aggregate file size of the incoming content, and the growing number of transcodes needed for each video file.

  • Hulu Transcoding Farm (Development)

    I designed and implemented a transcoding service for Hulu’s video content. The company was originally using third-party software which did little to meet the growing business demands.

  • Hulu Desktop (Development)

    A lean-back experience for experiencing Hulu on a large-screen format. I developed this before smart TVs and set-top boxes had a system for apps.


  • Languages

    CoffeeScript, Python, JavaScript, CSS3, Sass, Less, PHP 7, HTML5, ActionScript
  • Frameworks

    Mocha.js, Angular, Ember.js, Flex
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, Backbone.js, Chai, API, GitHub API, Facebook Open Graph API, Facebook API, Facebook Ads API, Twitter API, Instagram API
  • Tools

    Vim Text Editor, Git, Stylus, Amazon CloudFront CDN, AWS SES, Amazon SQS, SuperTest, SendGrid
  • Platforms

    Firebase, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS EC2, CentOS
  • Storage

    MongoDB, AWS S3, MySQL, SQLite, AWS RDS, AWS DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Couchbase
  • Other

    Responsive UI, AWS Route 53, Front-End Developer, Ontologies, Firebase Hosting, DocumentDB


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
    2006 - 2010
    Cornell University - Ithaca, NY, USA

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