Carlos Alberto Cortez, Software Developer in Prague, Czech Republic
Carlos Alberto Cortez

Software Developer in Prague, Czech Republic

Member since July 31, 2015
Carlos is a software developer with 10 years of experience. He has a passion for development frameworks, compilers, APIs development, UI, and distributed systems. He also loves working on open source projects. At his previous job, he used many open source technologies too, and lately he is working on proprietary systems.
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  • Senzari, Inc.
    Titan Graph, Java, Node.js, JavaScript, Django, Python
  • Novell
    Windows Forms, .NET, Mono, C#



Prague, Czech Republic



Preferred Environment

Python, C, C#, Git, OS X, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've built was part of Mono's Class Library.


  • Senior Software Engineer

    2012 - 2016
    Senzari, Inc.
    • Wrote the automation scripting for distributed tasks, using the Luigi library, written in Python - mostly for fetching a musician's social info and ingesting it into a big database for further usage/exposition.
    • Wrote, extended, and helped maintain a global Data Access Object for handling music's queries for playlists, musician's metadata, and musical recommendations.
    • Briefly wrote Hadoop routines for ingesting and analyzing XML/JSON data from specific clients/providers into a database using Titan + Cassandra.
    • Extended and maintained a playlist and music engine written in Django using Tastypie to expose the logic as a REST service.
    • Wrote a small REST service using Django and PostgreSQL to create music profiles of clients/users, for later consumption of the rest of the services pipeline (see the Portfolio for the rest of the details).
    • Wrote a set of micro/small services running on top of NodeJS to handle incoming requests, aggregate/filter/preprocess them and then pass them to a backend service (either a REST service, or a database).
    Technologies: Titan Graph, Java, Node.js, JavaScript, Django, Python
  • Software Engineer

    2005 - 2011
    • Maintained the System Windows Forms library, part of the Mono framework, an Xlib-based implementation of the Windows Forms controls, to be used under Linux mostly.
    • Helped to implement the Mono's Class Library (the base library layer of the .NET reimplementation, written in C#).
    • Helped briefly with improving the MonoDevelop IDE port of Windows.
    • Implemented some features of the C#'s compiler for the 2.0 version of the language (properties accessor modifiers, friendly assemblies/libraries, external alias qualifiers).
    • Implemented some routines for the Reflection layer of the Mono framework, which expose the metadata of the running assembly/binary for further loading, binding, and inspecting (mostly done in the C side).
    Technologies: Windows Forms, .NET, Mono, C#


  • Languages

    C, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Objective-C
  • Frameworks

    Mono, Django, Django REST Framework, .NET
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Windows Forms
  • Tools

    Git, MonoDevelop, GTK+
  • Paradigms

  • Platforms

    Linux, OS X
  • Storage

    Redis, Titan Graph, MongoDB, NoSQL, Memcached, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Xamarin Forms

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