Carlos de Oliveira Junior, Developer in Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Carlos de Oliveira Junior

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
June 27, 2018

Carlos is an artist-programmer with hundred of projects as experience. He is chief technology officer at SuperUber, where he's been contributing to developing interactive projects for museums and events worldwide since 2011. He is a PhD student in Visual Arts at UFRJ, researching open-source art. Carlos graduated in Design and holds a master's degree in Creative Economy at ESPM.


Canvas, Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Unity3D, C#, OpenGL, C++, React, GitHub...
Flash, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, GitHub, CreateJS, Creative Tech, Node.js...
Instituto Europeo di Design
Processing, GitHub, HTML, CreativeJS, Creative Tech, CanvasJS...




Preferred Environment

GitHub, HTML, React, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Slack, P5.js

The most amazing...

...part of programming is bringing to reality something that only existed as an idea.

Work Experience

Technology Director

2015 - PRESENT
  • Managed teams and projects using sprints and the Agile methodology.
  • Created interactive animations with parametric algorithms using Shaders (GLSL) in different projects like performances, videos, UIs, etc.
  • Prototyped projects with the most complex algorithm to test if the project was viable. Various languages were used, depending on the project's needs. This was usually done using JavaScript, C++, or processing.
  • Designed tech solutions as a consultant in client projects, specifying hardware and software and integrating with the existing infrastructure.
Technologies: Canvas, Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Unity3D, C#, OpenGL, C++, React, GitHub, Slack, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Artificial Intelligence (AI), CanvasJS, Figma, Responsive Layout, CSS3, UI Development, CSS3 Animation, GraphQL, WordPress, User Interface (UI), P5.js,


2010 - 2018
  • Developed the game engine and the computational vision in C++ for a multiplayer racing game, Bicicletorama. In the later version, I developed the shooter's AI.
  • Built a video commerce platform where the user can buy the products present in the video. I developed the player in Flash and integrated it with the APIs.
  • Created real-time particles that interact with the dancer.
  • Created hundreds of generative art that explores all kinds of algorithms.
Technologies: Flash, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, GitHub, CreateJS, Creative Tech, Node.js, Slack, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Artificial Intelligence (AI),, CanvasJS, SQL, Figma, Responsive Layout, CSS3, UI Development, CSS3 Animation, GraphQL, TypeScript, jQuery, Sass, WordPress, User Interface (UI), P5.js


2017 - 2017
Instituto Europeo di Design
  • Taught a variety of courses, including Creative Code I, Creative Code II, Creative Code III, Experience Design I, Experience Design II, and Project IV.
  • Built an exhibition with the students' works in physical installations, using projection mapping, computer vision, and others.
  • Documented the process on a blog, narrating the learning process and the results.
Technologies: Processing, GitHub, HTML, CreativeJS, Creative Tech, CanvasJS, Responsive Layout, UI Development, Sass, WordPress, User Interface (UI), P5.js


2011 - 2015
  • Contributed to a multiplayer game where the users should manage resources. We used complex graphic animations to reach simple interactions.
  • Prototyped the fluid engine in C++ responsible for creating real-time wind simulations for flying objects and animals.
  • Created special effects with shader visuals using WebGL.
  • Designed special effects with shader visuals using GLSL for an interactive projection.
  • Developed special effects with shader visuals using WebGL and integrated the Microsoft Kinect point cloud over the network to create real-time effects.
  • Built a 3D touchscreen interface in Unity3D and visuals using shaders in GLSL.
Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, OpenFrameworks, Unity3D, C#, C++, React, GitHub, CanvasJS, SQL, Responsive Layout, CSS3, UI Development, jQuery, WordPress, User Interface (UI), P5.js


2010 - 2011
  • Built cutting-edge sites in Flash with complex animations.
  • Developed a site in Flash where you can see selected hotels with amazing views around the world.
  • Organized study groups to help the teams to share their knowledge.
Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Flash, GitHub, SQL, CSS3, UI Development, jQuery, WordPress, User Interface (UI)

Algorithmic Sea

I created this web art installation where water is a reflecting pool for the human and computational understanding of color. Like water, these perceptions are always transforming. This work was displayed in art galleries around the world.

The installation uses advanced 3D WebGL technics. It also has a hidden feature that enables an authorial projection mapping tool for physical installations.

I created this web art installation using advanced 3D WebGL technics. I did the installation with Three.js, shaders, and several algorithms. To make the digital mineral grow, it is necessary to click on the screen in rhythm with the tapped Vissungo.

Pixel Battle
A collaborative experience where users can paint a map while they are walking. It is a work in progress in which I work as a creator, designer, and full-stack programmer using JavaScript, Leaflet, and Firebase (real-time data stream).


Bicicletorama is a multiplayer racing game that uses the contrast between virtual and real, mobile and static, to present the conflicts between automobiles and bicycles in the big city.

Each player uses a real bicycle as a controller for a virtual one that is projected on the board. Objects dropped in the projected area of the game become obstacles in the racing track that the cyclists must avoid.

The main goal of this game is to create a discussion space about using bicycles as a means of transport in big cities. It aims not only to approach the issue in a creative and fresh way but also to create the means for new solutions to emerge.

All project development steps were documented and presented online while they were happening, so supporters and collaborators could follow up.

I was a co-author and programmer (game engine and the computational vision system in C++). In the later version, I developed the shooter's AI. We used C++, openFrameworks, OpenGL, and OpenCV.


Laser Bomb puts you in control of laser power and allows you to conquer surfaces that projectors cannot.

I developed this project with my good friend Harrison; we are the project's authors, and we developed all the UI and codes related to it.

The idea emerges from the necessity of providing information on the streets during the riots in Rio de Janeiro. Most of my professional and recent projects were made with common projectors, but the light from the environment is always a problem. Therefore, we decided to use lasers instead.

I worked on this project as a co-author, designer, and programmer (par programming in all tasks). We used C++, Dart, HTML, CSS, WebSocket, UI design, OpenCV, and a web server.

The dance performance is an investigation into the world of dance and new technologies.

In this performance, a dancer is confronted with another body not made of flesh and bones. It is the dancer’s virtual mirror. The issues that arise when these two presences, physical and digital are confronted is the focus of the work. The initial idea of this project is the result of a research carried out in the Haute École d’Arts in Geneva from Cris Maria Flor, while in Switzerland on the work of American choreographer Merce Cunningham (one of the pioneers in dance and new technologies).

The project goal is to create an interactive device that can extend the gestures of the dancer, transposing the perception of the movement to a mix of the dancer with the projected image.

Techs Involved: C++, OpenGL, Kinect, OpenCV

Role: Co-author and Programmer

Vamoss is my playground where I play with some visual experiments.

Vamoss is also my nickname, I've been using it since my first projects with HTML in 2001.

Techs Involved: Canvas, OpenGL, WebGL, JS, Three.js

Role: Creator, Designer, and Programmer

Ian Can Fly
A prototype of an infinity flying game developed in Three.JS and WebGL.

Role: Creator, Designer, and Programmer

As the creator and programmer, my objective was to generate all iChing combinations using modulated sine waves. By manipulating the frequencies to represent binary combinations, I aimed to achieve the desired outcome.

Brain Massage
A game to improve your JavaScript knowledge to solve challenges. You write the algorithms and test the performance against your opponents.

Role: Creator, Designer, and Programmer

Collaborative Drawing
People can draw in their mobile browser and send their draw via WebSocket to Openframeworks, it makes a drawing buffer and sends the resulting texture via Spout, so you can manipulate with a VJ software.

Roles: Creator, Designer, and Programmer

Connect the physical with the digital through the classic game of back and forth. The physical object controls the movement of particles in the digital world.

Role: Co-creator and Programmer
2021 - 2022

Ph.D. in Art and Technology

UFRJ - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2019 - 2021

Master's Degree in Creative Economy

ESPM - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2006 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree in Digital Design

ESPM - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2002 - 2004

Technical Diploma in IT

Bruno Ostmann College - Macaé, Brazil


React, Node.js, WebGL, Three.js, OpenGL, Google Street View, CanvasJS, P5.js, jQuery, OpenCV, Instagram API, X (formerly Twitter) API, Facebook API, Google Maps API, Leaflet, Vue 2, Cinder, CreateJS, CreativeJS


Canvas 2D, Slack, GitHub, Webpack, Canvas, Flash, Figma


OpenFrameworks, Unity3D,, A-Frame, Electron


CSS, HTML, JavaScript, GLSL, C++, CSS3, Sass, C#, SQL, Processing, Python, PHP, C, GraphQL, TypeScript


Functional Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Responsive Layout, Agile, Management


WordPress, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


MySQL, MongoDB


Shaders, Algebra, Mathematics, Single-page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web Applications (PWA), User Interface (UI), UI Development, 3D Math, CSS3 Animation, Design, Art, Technology, Creative Coding, Generative Design, Creative Tech, GPU Computing, Computer Vision, Graphics, 3D Graphics, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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