Chad Gruka, Microsoft Developer in Celebration, FL, United States
Chad Gruka

Microsoft Developer in Celebration, FL, United States

Member since November 7, 2013
Chad is a top developer for solutions based on Microsoft's technology stack, and he has experience building a wide variety of business applications. He is particularly interested in client/server and mobile applications using ASP.NET MVC, Web API (REST), SQL, HTML5, XAML, jQuery, and Windows Azure.
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Celebration, FL, United States



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, TFS

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a data compression process, written in TSQL, processing 100M+ records in under five minutes.


  • Senior BI/Database Developer (Consultant)

    2015 - PRESENT
    Health Fitness
    • Aided the development of a fully automated data mart for OLAP based reporting.
    • Implemented SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) for cube deployments.
    • Architected reporting cubes, leveraging Kimball methodology using star schemas.
    • Assisted with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package debugging, tuning, and optimizations.
    • Led the migration of a Backbone JS reporting front-end solution to an ASP.NET MVC application.
    • Built high-performance data compression queries in T-SQL. Achieved a 98% compression ratio on 100M+ records in under five minutes.
    • Developed APIs for sending reports via HighCharts.
    Technologies: .NET 4.5, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET MVC 4, SSAS, SSIS
  • Senior .NET Developer & Team Lead (Consultant)

    2012 - 2015
    Health Fitness
    • Developed a large-scale social networking solution utilizing Windows Azure (Cloud Computing) and Kentico CMS. The Windows Azure based solution used .NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4, and Entity Framework 6.0 technologies. The solution employed inversion of control (IoC) and dependency injection (DI).
    • Created data integration into SQL Azure and Azure blob storage. Used the repository pattern with generics.
    • Leveraged EF 6.0 multi-tenant abilities to reduce the number of databases required to support multiple data domains and multiple DbContext objects.
    • Implemented Microsoft’s automated unit testing solutions and leveraged continual integration (CI) builds.
    Technologies: .NET 4.5, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET MVC 4
  • Senior .NET Developer (Consultant)

    2011 - 2012
    Disney Vacation Club
    • Led the migration of two desktop-based VB6 applications to web-based ASP.NET. New solutions implemented .NET 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 3, Entity Framework 4.3, and SQL Server linked server technologies to access DB2 for source data. The solution implemented inversion of control (IoC), dependency injection (DI), and the repository patterns.
    • Led the development of conversion and upgrades to a large-scale VB.NET WinForms application to C#. This application will eventually replace DVC’s enterprise system that is currently based in RPG and DB2 on AS400.
    • Designed an application to use Aspose.Words component for merging data from dynamic, web service-based data sources with Microsoft Word templates.
    • Designed a proof-of-concept application to provide asynchronous replication of data changes between SQL Server 2008 R2 and iSeries DB2 databases using SQL Service Broker, SSIS packages, and an external activator.
    Technologies: VB6, .NET 4.0, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 3, Entity Framework 4.3, SQL Server Linked Server, C#
  • Senior .NET Developer (Consultant)

    2010 - 2011
    • Maintained key financial systems at the park and corporate levels.
    • Maintained data warehousing solution for financial reporting.
    • Initiated weekly architectural design meetings among developers.
    • Developed SSIS packages for ETL processing of financial data into the corporate data warehouse centered on SQL Server 2008.
    • Integrated security between the corporate security system and MICROS point-of-sale (POS) systems.
    Technologies: SQL Server 2008, ETL
  • Infrastructure Applications Architect

    2009 - 2010
    University Hospitals
    • Architected the overall infrastructure and handled custom in-house development and vendor-supported installations.
    • Provided guidance for in-house development teams, both .NET and SQL, to move the environment forward from architectural, technological, and security perspectives.
    • Led the development of upgrades to the existing intranet environment from a two-tier, ASP.NET 1.1 environment to an N-Tier platform that features service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on ASP.NET 3.5 utilizing the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
    • Implemented role-based security for WCF service methods using custom authentication and authorization. This custom method will enable both Windows (Kerberos/NTLM) and non-Windows (form based) authentication.
    • Designed and implemented a .NET 3.5 C# object library and website to integrate data from a SQL database and Cisco’s IP Phone Services (VOIP). The application provided basic search functions of the Corporate Directory and enabled direct dialing of listings found.
    Technologies: .NET, SQL, ASP.NET, WCF
  • SQL Database Administrator

    2006 - 2009
    University Hospitals
    • Administrated over seventy SQL servers, both clustered and non-clustered, running Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008.
    • Designed, created, and optimized databases and complex queries to support intranet based web applications.
    • Oversaw the standardization of database access for applications by implementing a custom built database access layer (DAL), a key component in delivering a corporate level, reusable code library.
    • Provided data loss prevention and recovery for all SQL servers.
    • Maintained and enforced SQL database standards and practices guidelines with developers and DBAs, both onsite and global.
    Technologies: SQL, SQL Server
  • Web Developer II

    2005 - 2006
    Ceres Group
    • Owned the architectural redesign of the new agent websites. These sites utilized Microsoft SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, and AJAX technology through the use of Telerik Controls.
    • Developed a unified DAL across all new projects to decrease development and maintenance cycles. The DAL included a common class structure across all business objects which gain access to stored procedures to select, insert, update, and delete records from the database through the use of Microsoft’s Enterprise Library. Creating the DAL utilized CodeSmith Studio to automate changes for both database and class objects.
    • Built a lightweight document management system. Written in C#, this .NET 2.0 library was created to allow other systems to centrally store documents for multiple systems. Both views and recursive functions were used to maintain a normalized database. Documents were stored using SQL BLOBs.
    • Created self-aware ASP.NET 2.0 data controls to increase designer productivity and centralize user response data. Each control was capable of transmitting its contents to the database automatically across each page post-back.
    • Installed and configured Microsoft SharePoint Services for the Team Foundation Server. This provided project managers and business analysts’ access to real-time tracking of project timelines and tasks.
    Technologies: SQL Server, ASP.NET, AJAX, C#


  • HealthFitness - BioVia (Development)

    Senior Developer on this project for delivering a web-based health management application for HealthFitness's clients. Note: link is a YouTube video that describes the application as it is not publicly available.


  • Languages

    C#, HTML5, SQL, CSS, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    Entity, ASP.NET MVC, .NET, MVVM Light Toolkit
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, Twitter API, SendGrid API, Twilio API
  • Tools

    Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, TFS, SQL BI Development Studio
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Design Patterns, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    Internet Information Services (IIS), IIS 7, Software Development, Front-End Developer
  • Platforms

    Windows, Azure


  • Bachelor's (incomplete) degree in Computer Science
    2003 - 2004
    Rochester Institute of Tehnology - Rochester, NY
  • Associates degree in Information Systems
    2002 - 2003
    Monroe Community College - Rochester, NY

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