Chi Zhang, Developer in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Chi Zhang

Chrome Extensions Developer

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Toptal Member Since
April 19, 2015

Chi Zhang is a Hong Kong-based web developer who has been working both in back-end and front-end web development for over four years. He has an additional five years' worth of mobile and desktop software development experience.

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Douban Inc.
MySQL, Git, Flask, Django, Quixote, Python
C++, Symbian
Tsinghua Tongfang
Windows, COM, C++


Hong Kong, Hong Kong



Preferred Environment

Git, Emacs, OS X

The most amazing...

...thing I've made is a web browser extension intended for personal use, but which has expanded organically to thousands of users around the world every day.

Work Experience

2011 - PRESENT

Product Engineer

Douban Inc.
  • Developed and maintained Douban FM.
  • Responsible for the improvement and maintenance of the Douban FM music library.
  • Developed and maintained Douban music product.
  • Created a Git source control platform for company use.
  • Built an artist royalty system.
  • Collaborated closely with designers to create the Douban music programs home page and to propose and implement a card-flipping animation effect, which got high praise from the users after its release.
Technologies: MySQL, Git, Flask, Django, Quixote, Python
2009 - 2011

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed software for Symbian mobile devices.
  • Developed and maintained Chinese input methods on the Symbian platform.
  • Maintained Korean input methods on the Symbian platform.
  • Designed and developed mobile apps on Symbian mobile devices.
  • Worked on the Symbian software project for Nokia devices.
Technologies: C++, Symbian
2006 - 2009

Senior Software Engineer

Tsinghua Tongfang
  • Designed and developed software for a medical platform using C++ on Windows.
  • Led a 15-person team to produce software as team lead.
  • Supervised developer work.
  • Designed medical software infrastructure.
  • Solved problems and provided solutions for customers.
Technologies: Windows, COM, C++


Douban Music Programs Home Page

For playlists created by normal people to be found more easily by the users, we dig out the playlists in the back-end and render them in an elegant way. Minimalist design leads to top performance.

Golden Fleece Program
The Golden Fleece program plans to accept ads and share future revenue with musicians based on the number of plays. I built the back-end of the system which focuses on robustness, efficiency, and extendability.

Pinboard Plus (Chrome Extension for Bookmark Service)
My personal utility at first, then used by few friends and recommended to the world, now it has more than five thousands users around the world.



Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, C++, Java, Objective-C


Chrome Extensions, COM, Quixote


Django, Flask, AngularJS


Emacs, Git, Makefile, Terminal, Shell, Slack, Jenkins, GitHub


Flask-RESTful, React, jQuery


OS X, Windows, Symbian, Android, iOS


Redis, MongoDB, JSON, MySQL


2002 - 2006

Bachelor's Degree in Information and Computing Sciences

Beijing University of Technology - Beijing