Chris Brenton, Software Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States
Chris Brenton

Software Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States

Member since October 29, 2019
Chris has worked on a broad range of projects from devops and automation to back end and infrastructure. Ha has created and maintained highly available, resilient, revenue-critical systems at massive scale and likes to work on projects that provide high dollar value and lasting impact. One of his passions is improving developer workflows to allow other devs to move faster.
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San Francisco, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Python, C++, Bash, Linux, JavaScript

The most amazing...

...impact I've had was a two-person project at Facebook that saved $1.2 million annually by reducing the restart time of a revenue-critical system by 75%.


  • Software Engineer, Ads Bidding Platform

    2017 - 2019
    • Created a lightweight backup channel for a business-crucial service. By using estimated spend data during service restart, this removed a 45-second period of zero ad spend, saving $1.2 million per year.
    • Improved build times on our core service by over 50% on average, including 80% reduction in p99 build times (twice the initial goal). Calculated time savings of 60 engineer-hours per week.
    • Led an initiative that eliminated 60% of ignored on-call alerts, reducing total alert volume by 30%.
    • Led an initiative to reduce our dependency on a flaky HDFS system, reducing service outages by approximately one per month.
    Technologies: C++
  • Tech Lead, Analytics

    2016 - 2017
    • Managed a small team of engineers working on the analytics project. Set the technical roadmap for the team as we moved from initial planning to the sales stage.
    • Built on top of an existing open source project to create a reliable, secure, flexible system that became the core of our product. Contributed core improvements and new integrations upstream.
    • Introduced quality standards for the project (linting, style checking, unit testing, code reviews, automated build process).
    Technologies: Python
  • Software Engineer, Productivity Engineering

    2013 - 2016
    • Designed and implemented a command-line workflow abstraction tool that saved each engineer at the company 10 minutes per day. Calculated total savings of 60 engineer hours per week.
    • Streamlined and automated the team’s release process, saving 6-8 engineer-hours per week on staging deployments alone, and allowing for near instantaneous production deployments.
    • Implemented continuous integration and added a fully fleshed out suite of unit, integration, and functional tests, giving the team confidence in their ability to deploy high-quality code.
    Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, Python, Bash


  • Auto_global_entry (Development)

    A script to automatically find and book the next available Global Entry appointment. I designed this originally because the next available appointment was six months out, but I knew slots would briefly become available as people cancelled their appointments. This allowed me to find next-day appointments. I designed this to also be usable by my friend who didn't know anything about computers. This likely no longer works, but I was able to help 5-6 different friends get same-week appointments while it did work.

  • Swarm (Development)

    A Reddit bot to message users who posted in certain subreddits. This was briefly used to send messages to fans of a rival NFL team during the 2019 season. The main purpose of this project was to practice my design skills to solve an interesting problem. The three coolest things this project dealt with were: the use of a separate process to determine when a ban had taken place and swap to a new account, the use of Python multiprocessing to run each component as a set of forked processes, and the use of RabbitMQ queues to communicate between each set of processes.

  • Wikiracer (Development)

    A Python program to efficiently find a path between any two Wikipedia pages ( Uses a bidirectional BFS since speed was the main priority. My initial solution worked in 4.5 minutes, and I was able to optimize it to get that down to 5 seconds.


  • Languages

    Python, Python 3, Python 2, C++, JavaScript, Bash
  • Paradigms

    Automation, Agile Software Development, Continuous Integration (CI), Testing, DevOps, Continuous Deployment
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Folly, OpenGL, PhantomJS
  • Tools

    RabbitMQ, CasperJS
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Other

    High Availability, Build & Release Engineering


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2008 - 2012
    California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, CA

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