Chris Green, Full-stack Developer in Stow, OH, United States
Chris Green

Full-stack Developer in Stow, OH, United States

Member since April 17, 2018
Chris is a seasoned development leader who will hustle with unlimited intensity to achieve your objectives. Over the past two decades, he's delivered results and left lasting quantitative/qualitative SDLC improvements. Chris values transparency in information and openness in collaboration. He's well organized, works aggressively, and always wears a smile. Fail early. Keep it simple. Refactor, refactor, refactor. Test, test, test.
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  • Apress
    C#, MVC, CosmosDB, Azure, NoSQL
  • Okta
    C#, DocumentDB, AWS, Azure, Twilio, Okta Identity Solutions, Microservices...
  • Blacc Spot Media
    C#, Azure Web Services, Azure CI/CD, DevOps, SQL Server, Twilio



Stow, OH, United States



Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio, TFS/Git, T-SQL or PL/SQL

The most amazing... I've built synchronizes browser DOMs across multiple devices so multiple users can view/manipulate the same web forms cooperatively in real time.


  • Technical Evangelist

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Created technical videos to engage developers and showcase cutting-edge technologies.
    Technologies: C#, MVC, CosmosDB, Azure, NoSQL
  • Technical Evangelist

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Developed example apps to demonstrate the use of particular technologies while building secure applications.
    Technologies: C#, DocumentDB, AWS, Azure, Twilio, Okta Identity Solutions, Microservices, Google Calendar API, Outlook Calendar API, MySQL, CosmosDB
  • Full-stack Developer | DevOps

    2019 - 2019
    Blacc Spot Media
    • Built custom text messaging application that helped customers identify which windshield wiper they needed to purchase.
    Technologies: C#, Azure Web Services, Azure CI/CD, DevOps, SQL Server, Twilio
  • Full-stack Developer

    2018 - 2019
    Inception Websites
    • Built a custom email marketing system for a client to offer to its customers. The system was similar to Mailchimp in functionality but tailored for dentists.
    Technologies: C#, Vue.js, TypeScript, CSS, LESS, SendGrid, SQL Server, AWS, DevOps
  • Lead Developer and Project Manager

    2018 - 2019
    Upliftr Messaging
    • Started as lead UX developer and advanced to team lead and project manager.
    • Coached other team members on process improvement, task completion, and technical challenges.
    • Create a custom UI component out of a <div> that worked like email addresses do in the "To" field of an email.
    Technologies: Vue.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Bootstrap
  • Lead Developer

    2018 - 2018
    • Developed software that extracted data from hundreds of thousands of PDF documents about insurance plans, then organized the extracted data to provide reports to business owners.
    Technologies: C#, PDF Scraping
  • Lead UX Developer

    2018 - 2018
    Synergized SARL
    • Served as the lead UX developer responsible for creating a first-class Vue.js web application.
    Technologies: Vue.js, JavaScript, Docker, GraphQL, Sass, Node.js
  • Developer Consultant

    2017 - 2018
    Intellicorp Records (Enterprise Client)
    • Drove the process improvement efforts associated with the development team’s agile transformation.
    • Implemented serverless near real-time virus scanning for file uploads in AWS (S3, SMS, SQS, and Lambda).
    • Developed implementations for the CyberSource silent order post-payment gateway, DocuSign electronic document signing (via a web portal and email), the creation of leads in Salesforce, and Kentico headless CMS.
    • Designed and built software and database schema to automate client registrations.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.js, C#, .NET, Vue.js, Bootstrap, DocuSign, CyberSource, Salesforce, Kentico, HTML5, SPA
  • Issue Response Team Lead

    2016 - 2017
    AXS (Enterprise Client)
    • Built a new team that supported high priority production issues with scope over the company’s full product line.
    • Assimilated new team members, defined roles, team building, coaching, and mentorship.
    • Acted as the last line of support for the company’s production bugs, in a nearly 1 billion dollar a year business.
    • Established workflows for reporting and receiving tickets, execution of work, applying resolutions, quality assurance, and technical documentation.
    • Provided technical expertise and insights to direct troubleshooting efforts and solution development.
    • Applied Angular expertise to troubleshoot and solve complex UX problems in a hand-full of Angular websites.
    Technologies: C#, JavaScript, Oracle, SQL Server, Single-page Application (SPA)
  • Scrum Master

    2015 - 2016
    University Hospitals (Enterprise Client)
    • Implemented a Scrum development process with one-week iterations.
    • Provided UI expertise with Angular and React to troubleshoot existing UI problems and build new user-friendly forms—revamping the user experience.
    • Reduced the size of DAL by 50%.
    • Consolidated multiple BL class libraries into a single reusable library.
    • Introduced automated E2E testing to facilitate regression testing each push to QA.
    • Provided UX development with Angular and React as well as HTML5 and CSS.
    • Increased productivity by 60.9% in six weeks and by over 100% in eight weeks.
    Technologies: TFS, C#, MVC, SQL Server, SOA, HTML5, Angular, React
  • Senior Process Control Engineer

    2014 - 2015
    Timken Steel
    • Built a new L2/L3 communication service and client wrapper that handled all the communication to and from PLCs, using two-way RPCs over TCP/IP sockets with sub-millisecond read times.
    • Interacted with machine operators to troubleshoot problems and develop new features.
    Technologies: C#, SQL Server, Kepware KEPServer, SourceSafe
  • Developer Consultant

    2013 - 2013
    Parts Source (Enterprise Client)
    • Executed a test-driven approach that provided 100% code coverage with unit tests.
    • Built new features into a WCF web application.
    • Expanded the SOA with JSON web services.
    • Implemented interactive user experiences with JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS.
    Technologies: C#, IBM DB2, PL/SQL, NUnit, Unity, Subversion, Flyway, JavaScript, jQuery, WCF, JSON, Active Directory, TDD, SOA, MVC
  • Developer Consultant

    2012 - 2013
    Vitamix (Enterprise Client)
    • Resolved source control conflicts going back several years in TFS and implemented a feature and bug branching strategy.
    • Worked with internal customers to enhance and maintain the Sitecore and Znode CMS that drove a public-facing website.
    Technologies: C#, SQL Server, TFS, PHP, MySQL, Sitecore CMS, Znode CMS, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, TNet Strings, SOAP, REST, JSON, Active Directory
  • Developer Consultant

    2011 - 2012
    Safeguard Properties (Enterprise Client)
    • Designed and developed an enterprise-wide service bus built in .NET.
    • Implemented a NoSQL layer between persistent data storage and the DAL and supported more than a dozen different programming languages running on three different operating systems.
    • Worked with internal customers to maintain a C# web forms application—a work order system distributing work to thousands of contracted companies across the US and surrounding regions.
    Technologies: C#, SQL Server, Oracle, Memcached, IBM Couchbase, JSON, SOAP, TNet Strings, VB6, TFS, Git, Subversion, jQuery, JavaScript, Aurigma Image Uploader, Titanium Framework, SOA
  • President

    2008 - 2012
    Software Assassin
    • Managed projects and customer relationships.
    • Developed the full-stack for client demos; this was done every two weeks. Generally using XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, C#, T-SQL, and SQL Server.
    • Networked and consulted with clients; also searched for potential clients.
    • Managed the facility and finances.
    Technologies: C#, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, TFS, JavaScript, TFS, SOA
  • Software Engineer

    2000 - 2008
    Coactive Systems, Inc.
    • Developed the full-stack with XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, C#, T-SQL, and SQL Server.
    • Created relational database designs.
    • Managed the project and led a team of three.
    • Worked on DOM scripting (before jQuery).
    • Worked on a project in vanilla JavaScript that was similar to a Microsoft product called Formula Writer. It was a textbox that you could type mathematical formulas into. It was basically an easy way to input math equations without having to learn MathML.
    • Created a JavaScript utility that synchronized the browser DOM with another browser's DOM that was linked to it. The synchronization was two-way, so if one of the users was typing text into a form, the other user would see that text in their browser as it was typed in.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, DOM Scripting, TFS


  • University Hospitals Telemedicine (Development)

    This is a telemedicine project that connects university hospitals to patients remotely by offering consultation services to provide a second opinion for medical diagnoses.

  • Vitamix Hybrid CMS Website (Development)

    This site delivers content via a hybrid CMS solution combining Sitecore and Znode.

  • Timken Steel Level 2 to 3 Interface (Development)

    I developed a new service using C#, Kepware, and TCP/IP sockets communicating via TNet Strings (for condensed messaging) allowing software engineers to send commands to hardware on the continuously grown billet conditioning line; and get data back. The service is responsible for all level 2 communications on the production line. It reads in less than 1 millisecond.

  • AXS Software Platform (Development)

    I provided technical expertise to solve high profile production problems impacting any systems in the enterprise. This included over 40 SQL Server databases, 1 Oracle database, over 2 million lines of C#, PHP apps, JavaScript using multiple libraries, and multiprocess workflows.

  • Multiplatform Service Bus (Development)

    An enterprise-wide service bus supporting applications on three operating systems in over a dozen programming languages. I implemented a non-SQL Couchbase solution for caching frequently accessed data.

  • Customer Self-service Portal (Development)

    A custom web portal allowing clients to access part information directly which eliminates the need for most orders to go through sales. There was a heavy emphasis placed on an intuitive UX.


  • Languages

    T-SQL, XML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C#.NET, TypeScript, GraphQL, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, Less
  • Frameworks

    .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Entity, Kendo UI, AngularJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Vuetify.js, Classic ASP, Knockout.js
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, Web API, jQuery, Sockets, Salesforce API, Node.js, Vue.js, React, Vuex
  • Tools

    Git, TFS, NPM, Stylus, Amazon SQS, AWS Push Notification Service (AWS SNS), Visual SourceSafe, Subversion (SVN)
  • Paradigms

    Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), REST, SOA, Agile, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, Test-driven Development (TDD), Azure DevOps
  • Platforms

    AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Docker, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Kubernetes
  • Storage

    OLTP, Oracle SQL, JSON, MySQL, Memcached, Couchbase, AWS S3, IBM DB2
  • Other

    Message Queues, APIs, HTTP REST, Messaging, SOA Architecture, SOAP, Full-stack, UI, UX, and Front-End Developer, Software Developer, Serverless, Single-page Applications (SPA), AWS DevOps, TCP/IP, UDP, Sitecore, PLC

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