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Chris Remshaw

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Software Developer

Rudyard, MI, United States
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November 4, 2013

Chris is a hands-on architect and developer with many years of experience with companies large and small. With a proven record of customer satisfaction, efficiency, and solution longevity, he is experienced with a variety of languages and tools and is comfortable solo, as a team member, or as a group lead/mentor.


Perl, Shell Scripting, Bash, Unix, Scrum, Agile, Jira, JNDI, RabbitMQ, JMS...
Bell Helicopter
R, Java, PL/SQL, SQL, Perl
Cassandra, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, Perl, Spring, Java




Preferred Environment

Vim Text Editor, IntelliJ, Linux, Unix

The most amazing... I've led created a cross-functional, distributed, and synchronized platform that processed and stored hundreds of millions of records.

Work Experience

IT Architect

2014 - PRESENT
  • Supported, maintained, and developed an SME for a custom service registry covering 7,100 unique production services and 200+ thousand instances from over 250 functional groups with automated service/microservice publishing via custom library and Kubernetes hooks, resulting in an approximate annual savings of $18 million.
  • Architected an SME for a service registry Java library supporting http/s and JMS connectivity with geographic affinity and failover providing quicker response times, improving the customer experience and decreasing required developer hours by thousands annually.
  • Generated multiple POCs per VP's direction to quickstart future efforts adopted by multiple teams.
  • Supported and maintained big data for the service registry database utilizing automated backup, repair, and synchronization to ensure stable production and staging environments.
Technologies: Perl, Shell Scripting, Bash, Unix, Scrum, Agile, Jira, JNDI, RabbitMQ, JMS, Apache Storm, Apache ZooKeeper, Kubernetes, Docker, Apache Cassandra, TestNG, Jenkins, Spring, Apache Maven, Jakarta EE

System Specialist

2012 - 2014
Bell Helicopter
  • Assisted with Factory Planner-to-SAP report migrations, primarily based in Perl/Oracle.
  • Created an Android application and services to track shop floor movements.
  • Expanded developer tool set by creating efficient core modules for batch access.
  • Developed software infrastructure for quicker error reporting and handling and problem resolution.
  • Integrated SharePoint document controls for automated report retrieval.
Technologies: R, Java, PL/SQL, SQL, Perl

Technical Lead

2010 - 2012
  • Led a team of co-located developers across three continents to create backbone services used by live site and external partners using Java, Spring, and Oracle.
  • Led the development of hotel price feed storage and retrieval—a synchronized, distributed system that is responsible for hundreds of millions of records on a rolling basis. This single project had the highest conversion rate site-wide after launch.
  • Integrated a third-party review system for hotels and cruises.
  • Led the installation and development of NoSQL (Apache Cassandra) integration.
  • Created and maintained ETL batch services utilizing Spring for service content population and verification.
Technologies: Cassandra, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, Perl, Spring, Java


2009 - 2010
Bell Helicopter
  • Created and maintained Perl-based Factory Planner reporting scripts.
  • Generated hierarchical logistics tracking to detect MRP volatility.
  • Create a Perl-based SharePoint API for report uploading and data retrieval.
  • Create a client-side Perl/Tk application for detailed report generation utilizing Win32::OLE.
  • Enhanced the .NET framework with smart batch uploading to Oracle.
Technologies: SharePoint API, PL/SQL, SQL, Perl


2006 - 2009
Dresser Wayne
  • Created Tcl scripts for consumption of point-of-sale information and output in a standardized format.
  • Created TWAPI/WMI scripts for monitoring of hardware statistics.
  • Created scripts to interface with gas station gas price display signs via parallel ports.
  • Assisted with debugging and maintenance on Java/Groovy reporting web interface.
  • Enhanced core scripting framework by introducing additional efficiency.
Technologies: Perl, Java, SQL, WMI, Tcl


2006 - 2006
Verizon Wireless
  • Generated reports on wireless disaster recovery output to Excel.
  • Assisted with JBoss/JSP intranet maintenance and page creation.
  • Created custom VBA code to comply with customer-specific requirements.
  • Created and maintained custom PL/SQL code that facilitated report creation.
  • Handled internal customer interaction, requirements gathering, and analysis.
Technologies: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), PL/SQL, SQL, Perl, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Java


2005 - 2006
Performance Retail (Dresser Wayne)
  • Created, maintained, and improved Tcl scripts for ETL processes from POS machines.
  • Migrated data to MySQL back-end servers.
  • Created custom TWAPI/WMI scripts for hardware monitoring on-site at the customer location.
  • Developed a direct price modification program to interface with digital price signage.
  • Enhanced core functionality by expanding the developer toolkit.
Technologies: Perl, Java, SQL, WMI, Tcl


2004 - 2005
Army Air Force Exchange Services
  • Created a fully automated ETL process to handle all financial record migration to the data warehouse on a nightly basis.
  • Modified existing PL/SQL procedures to enhance loading times dramatically.
  • Created developer tools for performance monitoring and reporting.
  • Worked extensively with customers to document project needs and architect solution.
  • Won AAFES Award for Outstanding Work for work completed on this project.
Technologies: SQL, PL/SQL, Perl

Software Engineer

2002 - 2004
  • Led a team of developers to convert the hotel booking path to Java/JSP.
  • Created and enhanced existing developer documentation and UML surrounding hotel core classes and capabilities.
  • Assisted in the migration of shopping paths for packages and hotels from C++/Tcl to Java/JSP.
  • Created and maintained C++/Tcl pages in packaging/hotels.
  • Assisted with architecture of hotel path infrastructure.
Technologies: Perl, SQL, Tcl, C++, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Java

Vignette Technical Lead

2000 - 2002
Nokia via One, Inc.
  • Created an automated template generator utilizing Vignette StoryServer CMS.
  • Translated SAP ABAP reports to PL/SQL with a Vignette front end.
  • Assisted with security optimizations for the existing Nokia site.
  • Worked with a co-located team to enhance report and site capabilities.
Technologies: ABAP, PL/SQL, SQL, Tcl

Lead Developer

2000 - 2000
  • Led a team to create site-building infrastructure that reduced sub-site creation time from weeks to hours.
  • Utilized Vignette StoryServer CMS to customize portals for help content.
  • Optimized database and T-SQL procedures.
Technologies: T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL, Tcl

Technical Lead

1999 - 2000
AT&T via Scient
  • Led a team to develop infrastructure for AT&T's website.
  • Created content management templates utilizing Vignette StoryServer.
  • Architected database design for content storage and tool utilization.
  • Mentored team members and instituted best practices.
Technologies: SQL, Tcl

Technical Lead

1999 - 1999
  • Held training sessions on use of mod_perl for a startup holiday-based website before being hired on.
  • Led the front-end development team in the creation of website elements.
  • Worked with the DBA to architect and enhance the Oracle back end.
  • Optimized site infrastructure and mod_perl configurations.
Technologies: SQL, Mod_perl


1998 - 1999
  • Created ASP/VB scripts for customer use.
  • Interfaced with MS Access for custom report creation.
  • Worked with business customers to gather requirements and perform data analysis.
Technologies: VB, ASP


1998 - 1998
  • Created pages for content portion of site utilizing ColdFusion.
  • Migrated ColdFusion applications to Vignette StoryServer (TCL) infrastructure.
  • Created internal tools for advertising placement, calendar and administration purposes.
  • Assisted with development of portal infrastructure for co-branding Travelocity site.
Technologies: SQL, Tcl, Adobe ColdFusion

Member - North American Mensa
Mensa, the high IQ society, provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members. There are members in more than 100 countries around the world.


Java, SQL, Perl, ABAP, Tcl, R, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), T-SQL (Transact-SQL), VB, Bash, JavaScript, C++, C#, C, Lua


JUnit, TestNG, Spring, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), ASP, Apache Struts


IntelliJ IDEA, Jetty, Adobe ColdFusion, Jenkins, Jira, IntelliJ, Vim Text Editor, Subversion (SVN), Apache Maven, Apache ZooKeeper, RabbitMQ, Apache Storm, Apache JMeter, JProfiler, CVS, Apache Solr, Apache Ant, Git


DBIx::Class, Mod_perl, WMI, JMS, JNDI, SharePoint API


Agile Software Development, Agile, Scrum


Unix, Windows, Oracle, Kubernetes, Jakarta EE, Linux, Docker


Cassandra, Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, NoSQL, MySQL


Unix Shell Scripting, Apache Commons, Shell Scripting, Apache Cassandra

1995 - 1999

Coursework in Computer Science

Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD