Christopher Jean, Software Developer in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, United States
Christopher Jean

Software Developer in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, United States

Member since September 27, 2022
Christopher is a full-stack developer, knowledgeable of front- and back-end development requirements, who brings over six years of experience leading website design projects by gathering user requirements, producing code, creating mockups, and enhancing designs. Focused on creating clean, robust code with exceptional security, he achieves compatibility targets while meeting and exceeding customer demands. Christopher is a collaborative team player with excellent technical abilities.
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Lauderdale Lakes, FL, United States



Preferred Environment

TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Python 3, HTML5, CSS3, MacOS, Express.js, NestJS, HTML, Responsive UI, Angular, Vue, MySQL, GitFlow, Full-stack, React Native, Firebase, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apollo, Data Visualization, Charts, User Interface (UI), Interactive UI, Interactive Maps, Next.js, GitHub, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, Mapbox, OAuth, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Electron, Admin Panels, Amazon EC2, Chart.js, ECMAScript (ES6), React Redux, Gatsby, Django REST Framework, Mobile App Development, Mobile Development, Mobile Apps, MUI (Material UI), Figma, Storybook, Tailwind CSS, REST, SQL, Amazon DynamoDB, Front-end Development, Stripe API, AWS Amplify, Android, iOS

The most amazing...

...projects I've designed, developed, customized, and launched are highly responsive websites using React and modern JavaScript frameworks.


  • Senior Front-end Web Developer

    2020 - PRESENT
    Medcare Pharmacy
    • Created reusable and efficient components for the internal product tracking app using JSX and Styled-components.
    • Enabled communication with the back-end services using RESTful APIs.
    • Used React hooks and context API for state management.
    • Collaborated in building the internal tool used to track and audit inventory.
    Technologies: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Styled-components, Tailwind CSS, Slack, Git, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Chakra UI, CSS, Single-page Applications (SPA), Back-end, PostgreSQL, HTML, Responsive UI, Front-end, Full-stack, Google Analytics, Data Analytics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), User Interface (UI), Next.js, Jest, Mapbox, OAuth, A/B Testing, Dashboards, Admin Panels, Payment APIs, ECMAScript (ES6), Three.js, React Redux, Gatsby, Prismic, Ethereum, Blockchain, MUI (Material UI), React Router, Web Development, API Integration, Content Management Systems (CMS), D3.js, Storybook, REST, Stripe, JSON REST APIs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Astro, Stripe API, AWS Amplify
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Front-end Developer

    2022 - 2022
    Sessions Enterprises, Inc. DBA Event Scoring System
    • Developed an app to get real-time race results for a racing scoring system.
    • Implemented the whole website from the old origin website.
    • Created the displays to show real-time results of the race while it is happening or to score your race series and provide online results for your racers.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, React Router, Web Development, API Integration, Storybook, REST, Stripe, JSON REST APIs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Stripe API
  • Senior Full-stack Vue Developer

    2019 - 2021
    • Designed the front end using Vue, Vuex, and Bootstrap 4.
    • Utilized client-side routing with Vue Router and advanced state management patterns with Vuex.
    • Integrated Payment Gateway using Stripe API, Paypal, and Apple Pay.
    Technologies: A/B Testing, Vue 2, Vue CLI, Nuxt.js, Node.js, NestJS, Stripe, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MUI (Material UI), React Router, Web Development, API Integration, D3.js, Storybook, REST, JSON REST APIs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Stripe API
  • Senior Front-end Web Developer

    2019 - 2020
    • Created React components and Redux action creators.
    • Integrated React code with the existing WordPress back-end API and CMS.
    • Architected a React component for complex modules and managing states precisely.
    • Implemented basic best practices, including an agile-like development process, Git workflow, code linting, and testing.
    • Conducted unit tests with Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress, etc.
    • Improved and developed WordPress APIs according to new features using PHP and MySQL.
    Technologies: React, Redux, WordPress API, Styled-components, HTML, CSS, Front-end, Full-stack, User Interface (UI), Next.js, Jest, OAuth, A/B Testing, Dashboards, Payment APIs, ECMAScript (ES6), React Redux, Gatsby, MUI (Material UI), React Router, Web Development, API Integration, D3.js, Storybook, REST, Stripe, JSON REST APIs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Stripe API, GitLab CI/CD
  • Full-stack Web Developer Intern

    2017 - 2019
    Mega Coders
    • Learned modern JavaScript frameworks as well as Node.js and TypeScript REST API development.
    • Attended corporate learning and development programs to gain competencies and professional skills.
    • Assisted in updating UI based on designs and performed code reviews.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Python 3, Slack, Git, React, Python, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Back-end, PostgreSQL, HTML, REST APIs, PHP 7, Laravel, Front-end, Full-stack, User Interface (UI), Next.js, Jest, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, A/B Testing, Dashboards, Payment APIs, ECMAScript (ES6), React Redux, Gatsby, MUI (Material UI), React Router, Web Development, API Integration, D3.js, Stripe, GitLab CI/CD
  • Junior Web Developer

    2017 - 2017
    • Developed rich data driven web application using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON.
    • Performed daily programming on the client and server-side by using React and Node.js.
    • Redesigned menu, navigation, and contact forms for a better user experience.
    Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Front-end, User Interface (UI), A/B Testing, Payment APIs, ECMAScript (ES6), React Redux, Gatsby


  • CrisisGo

    CrisisGo saves lives with its comprehensive platform allowing organizations to stay connected using critical safety resources to navigate any situation. I've worked for around one year as a React and Node.js full-stack developer.

  • Altruist

    An all-in-one financial advisor platform that helps human advisors give clients a delightful experience with their money. We have created a financial advisor platform to improve the best financial advisors. I've improved the front-end UI using React from the old WordPress website (

  • Tourney Master

    A web app to make tourney production easier for all. I worked as a full-stack developer using React and Django. The task was to convert from the origin website ( built with WordPress to React and Django.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ECMAScript (ES6), SQL, TypeScript, Python 3, Python, HTML5, CSS3, GraphQL, TypeScript 3, PHP 7, SCSS, PHP
  • Frameworks

    Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Next.js, Jest, MUI (Material UI), Express.js, NestJS, Redux, Django, React Native, Laravel, Electron, Django REST Framework, Angular, OAuth 2, Nuxt.js
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, React Router, React Redux, Stripe, Stripe API, REST APIs, Vue, D3.js, Chart.js, SQLAlchemy, Three.js, AWS Amplify, Redux-Saga, Emotion API, WordPress API, Vue 2
  • Tools

    Slack, Git, Google Analytics, GitHub, Figma, GitLab CI/CD, React Apollo, Vue CLI
  • Paradigms

    REST, Mobile Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Platforms

    Mapbox, Firebase, Amazon EC2, MacOS, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, iOS, WordPress, Ethereum, Blockchain
  • Storage

    MySQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB
  • Other

    Styled-components, Responsive UI, Web Development, API Integration, GitFlow, Front-end, Full-stack, Apollo, Charts, User Interface (UI), OAuth, Gatsby, Storybook, JSON REST APIs, Front-end Development, Chakra UI, Single-page Applications (SPA), APIs, Web & Mobile Applications, Mobile App Development, Content Management Systems (CMS), Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Interactive UI, Interactive Maps, FastAPI, A/B Testing, Dashboards, Admin Panels, Payment APIs, Prismic, Mobile Apps, Astro, Back-end


  • React and Python Certificate
    JULY 2022 - PRESENT

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