Christopher R. Wirz, Software Developer in Washington, DC, United States
Christopher R. Wirz

Software Developer in Washington, DC, United States

Member since March 22, 2013
Christopher is a strong believer in abstraction and making all components communicate, from the database to the UI. He's created several plugins for desktop applications, but his real passion is working on great APIs to deliver content for the browser and desktop applications alike.
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Washington, DC, United States



Preferred Environment

PHP (PhpStorm), Java (Eclipse), C# (Visual Studio)

The most amazing... I've written was a stock market heat map, generated with fully recursive dictionary basis functions.


  • Software Applications Engineer

    2012 - PRESENT
    Phoenix Integration
    • Built C# COM-based plug-in solutions for use in Model-Center, interfacing with mainstream desktop tools, protocols, and even titles that were still in the "Tech Preview" stage.
    • Modified current website code-base for Phoenix-maintained sections of the 2012 website overhaul.
    • Responded to Technical Support questions and issues though Phoenix Knowledge Base, via both and phone.
    • Developed training materials to demonstrate the newest and most desired capabilities of ModelCenter and AnalysisServer.
    • Provided on-site training for customers using ModelCenter and AnalysisServer.
    • Provided customer support, documentation and training, consulting, services, and sales support.
    Technologies: C#, Java
  • Co-Founder

    2008 - PRESENT
    WirzBrothers Inc.
    • Performed property management activities for multiple rental properties. Executed on electrical, carpentry, masonry, roofing, painting, plumbing, and other general projects and improvements. Wrote business plans, Proprietary Information Agreements, and joint venture agreements for various projects, business studies, and technical investigations.
    • Developed web-based applications for collaborative environments, financial record-keeping, live profitability statistics, news and blogging, uploading, downloading, image organization and display, document versioning and permissions, activity logging, automatic backup, XML, Application Programming Interfaces, string hashing, Microsoft office interfacing, account creation, project team development and ranking, skill evaluation, distributed databases (NoSQL), relational databases (SQL), email communication, SMS communication, and content management.
    • Developed numerical models to evaluate trends and rank investment opportunities within the real estate market using Matlab.
    • Developed VB script to forecast income based on historical data and current market trends in property management operations.
    • Developed C++ and C#-based numerical models for stock ranking and forecasting.
    • Customized WordPress installations, developed WordPress themes, and built WordPress plug-ins.
    • Created applications using the .NET 2.0 framework for Windows, developing, in particular, Mobile 6 applications related to performance improvement, file management, and web-server communication.
    • Developed 3D CAD models.
    • Priced prototyping and manufacturing tool costs.
    Technologies: PHP, HTML, C++, JavaScript, C#, Java, Matlab, MySQL
  • Consultant

    2012 - 2012
    YouFolio LLC
    • Handled filing of US Patent 13851352.
    • Filed trademarks for "YouFolio" (serial: 85/595-469).
    • Built tech previews and prototypes using PHP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, and HTLM5 for deployment on-the-cloud (appengine) or on a linux (LAMP) server.
    • Wrote first business plan and requirements analysis.
    • Filed for corporate status (wrote charter, received EIN, DUNS, etc).
    Technologies: PHP, HTML, jQuery, MySQL, Java
  • Senior Aeronautical Engineer

    2008 - 2011
    Lockheed Martin
    • Managed projects.
    • Undertook performance prediction analysis.
    • Developed IADS Real-Time Station user interfaces to alert and report flight monitoring conditions and flight test continuation criteria.
    • Maintained databases to track and report program-level (earned value) metrics with respect to flight test execution and milestone completion.
    • Produced software to automatically generate graphical reports.
    • Developed Visual Basic software to automate the tracking and planning of test point execution, as well as forecast the effort required to meet desired metrics.
    • Built numerical models and graphical user interfaces for advanced thermal processes to understand energy usage, gas usage, measurement requirements, controller selection, batch processing, and equipment right-sizing to make recommendations on production transition and manufacturing for full-rate capacity needs.
    Technologies: Matlab
  • Mechanical Engineer

    2006 - 2008
    JNE Consulting
    • Performed P&ID, thermal analysis, and flexibility studies.
    • Verified design and construction compliance with ASME, customer, and internal code.
    • Checked and built deliverable calculations datasheets for heat transfer and structural concepts related to process piping, fluid flow, and piping support.
    • Worked with a team of professional engineers to design and analyze structural and piping schemes.
    Technologies: VBA


  • Multi-Input Multi-Output Modeling using Global-Local Approximations with Sparsity Constraints" (Development)

    This Masters of Science Thesis, under the direction of Dr. Puneet Singla, details a novel systems identification approach. In this project, a system with unknown dynamics utilizes a dictionary function to develop a prediction for future states. This principle is demonstrated using 1D functions, 2D functions, and n-D functions to model sensor input, terrain maps, and the stock market.

  • US Patent 20120318294 (Other amazing things)

    The core un-blocking roller brush is used in the preparation of low-observable aircraft sub-structures. This brush allows for the application of low-observable coatings as well as composite layup.

  • US Patent 20120321800 (Other amazing things)

    The Core Striping Mechanism applies a load-line to honeycomb core, which is an important sub-structure of low-observable air crafts. Using a series of nozzles guided along a rail, a line is easily developed, preventing the need for masking and excessive touch-labor.


  • Languages

    PHP, C#, Java, C++
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Storage

  • Tools

    Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2015, Eclipse IDE
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    Windows Phone, Windows


  • Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA)
    2013 - 2015
    University of Massachusetts - Amherst - Amherst, MA, USA
  • Master of Science degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    2003 - 2008
    University at Buffalo - Buffalo, NY, USA

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