Connor Duggan

Connor Duggan

Victoria, BC, Canada
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Connor Duggan

Connor Duggan

Victoria, BC, Canada
Member since January 18, 2013
Connor is a freelance mobile applications developer with eight years of experience in the iOS environment and three years in Android development. He has released his own apps and also completed high-quality iOS and Android freelance work for private clients. Recently, he has developed work for both Android and HTML5/JavaScript cross-platform apps.
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  • Objective-C, 8 years
  • Java, 7 years
  • C#, 7 years
  • JavaScript, 7 years
  • Ruby, 2 years
Victoria, BC, Canada
Preferred Environment
Mac OS X, Xcode, SublimeText 3, Git, BitBucket
The most amazing...
...thing I've made is an AI system for a two-player game of perfect information (known as Interplay) that could frequently beat seasoned veterans of the game.
  • iOS Developer
    Apps4Life LLC
    2012 - PRESENT
    • Created an iPhone game using UIKit which contained four mini-games, including: an air hockey game, a pong game, and a car dodging game.
    • Created a social networking app in Objective-C and JavaScript for iPhone that allowed users to curate images, videos, and articles from the web and share them with their friends; built app back-end using Parse.
    • Created an iPhone app which allowed users to do a mock vote on the 2012 US Presidential, Senatorial, and House elections; users could also view the live results, with Parse used as the back-end for storing said results.
    • Created an iPhone app that allowed users to apply a "Rasta" color filter to their photos, using Open GL ES shaders to achieve the effect.
    • Created a news aggregator app for iOS that retrieved articles on a variety of topics via a RESTful API.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, SQL, Open GL ES, Parse, JavaScript, REST
  • Lead Programmer
    Dactyl Applications, Inc.
    2012 - PRESENT
    • Created a series of three educational apps for iOS (universal) to help users learn multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch.
    • Integrated Amazon Simple Email Service to allow users to export their results in CSV format.
    • Created a travel app that aggregated data about methods of transportation for getting on and off of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
    • Created a Mac OS X app to automate the tasks of resizing and renaming retina images for use in iOS apps.
    • Ported three apps from native iOS to HMTL5 and JavaScript using the ImpactJS game engine (to be released for Android and Windows Phone in the near future).
    Technologies: Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, SQL, Parse, AWS, Ruby, JavaScript, ImpactJS
  • iOS Developer
    Supreme Heaven Internet Team Corp
    2010 - 2012
    • Created a note-taking app for iOS which allowed users to type or draw while audio is being recorded; notes were then played back in real-time, in-sync with the audio.
    • Created a beat detection algorithm in Objective-C that parsed the rhythm from a recorded song.
    • Created a prefix tree data structure in Objective-C for the purpose of efficiently determining the presence or absence of various words with a given prefix for an iOS word-based game.
    • Created a class in Objective-C to implement the ability to move the cursor in a body of text in iOS by sliding one's finger left, right, up, or down on the onscreen keyboard.
    • Created a multiplayer music trivia game for iPad designed to allow multiple users to compete in a trivia competition in real-time.
    • Created a Frogger-esque game for iOS using cocos2d-iphone.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Open GL ES, Ruby on Rails, cocos2d-iphone
  • Minty (Development)

    Minty is a social chat network where users post and view images, videos, music, text, and polls called posts. Each post has a live chat box below it.

    Every user has a feed that will show the most recent posts from any user that they follow. They can like posts as well as repost, which makes that post appear in the feeds of the users that follow them.

  • MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined (Development)

    Play MultiFlow, the addictively entertaining game designed to help you practice your multiplication tables from 1 to 20!

    Experience the excitement of Enter the Flow—the multiplication game that adapts to your ability level—on the fly! Say goodbye to flashcards, say hello to MultiFlow.

    This application is great for kids, adults, and professional educators alike. In addition to the main game: Enter the Flow, there are other tools to practice multiplication and track your progress.

    You can even go online and share your progress with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

    MultiFlow is the essential tool for practicing multiplication tables. Use it inside the classroom to engage learners, or outside the classroom as a fun and addictive game. Challenge yourself while you learn!

    MultiFlow is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

  • FlowPlus: Add. Subtract. Enter the Flow. (Development)

    Play FlowPlus, the addictively entertaining game designed to help you practice addition and subtraction.

    Experience the excitement of Enter the Flow, the addition and subtraction game that adapts to your ability, on the fly! Say goodbye to flashcards. Say hello to FlowPlus!

    This application is great for kids, adults, professional educators and gamers alike. In addition to the main game, Enter the Flow, there are other tools to help you practice addition and subtraction and track your progress.

    FlowPlus is THE ESSENTIAL TOOL for practicing addition and subtraction. Use it inside the classroom to engage learners, or outside the classroom as a fun and addictive game. Challenge yourself while you learn!

  • DivisionFlow: Division, Re-Envisioned. (Development)

    Play DivisionFlow, the addictively entertaining game designed to help you practice division.

    Experience the excitement of Enter the Flow, the division game that adapts to your ability, on the fly! Say goodbye to flashcards. Say hello to DivisionFlow!

    This application is great for kids, adults, professional educators and gamers alike. In addition to the main game, Enter the Flow, there are other tools to help you practice division and track your progress.

    DivisionFlow is THE ESSENTIAL TOOL for practicing division. Use it inside the classroom to engage learners, or outside the classroom as a fun and addictive game. Challenge yourself while you learn!

  • Crossing the Pond: Getting on and off Vancouver Island (Development)

    The premier app for information about getting on and off Vancouver Island by sea and air.

    Hello travelers! Have you ever been frustrated trying to figure out when the ferry is leaving from Vancouver to get to Victoria? Have you ever been in Seattle, heard about Victoria and wondered: “Well, just how do I get there?”

    Dactyl Applications is proud to release our love letter to our hometown: Crossing the Pond. BC, Canadian, and world travelers will appreciate the ability to check travel and weather information about Vancouver Island, including:

    • BC Ferries
    • Washington Ferries
    • HeliJet
    • Airline Flights
    • …and the latest weather forecast in your current location and in Victoria!

  • Mini Mine (Development)

    Mini Mine is an Android "idle clicker" game where the user must mine minerals and gemstones from rocks to earn enough money to advance to future planets.

    The app was built natively in Android using their new layout type called ConstraintLayout.

  • Scribbie Pro - Real-time Note Taker/Voice Recorder (Development)

    Scribbie is a note-taking app and an audio recorder all in one. While you're jotting down your important notes, Scribbie records the audio and pencil strokes at the same time.

    When you're done, you can play them back simultaneously. If you want to seek to any point in time, just tap anywhere near your notes and Scribbie plays back everything recorded at that very moment.

    You can even share your notes with friends and family via email or Dropbox.

    Features included:
    • Elegant drawing system
    • Auto-Scrolling
    • Wrist guard
    • Innovative thumb rest
    • Exporting images, audio files, text, and PDFs

  • Multiplayer Music Mayhem (Development)

    Multiplayer Music Mayhem is a fun and fast-paced music quiz game that you can play with friends or on your own.

    Play the game with 1, 2, 3, or even 4 players.

    It's a new dimension of fun you can have with your music library.

  • Bird is the Word (Development)

    Haven't you heard? Bird is the Word! This will be one of the funnest word puzzle games you'll ever play.

    A challenging mix of speed, strategy and vocabulary will need to all be there in order to master this game. Hope you don't have much planned after you've downloaded this game, because hours will go by before you know it!

  • LifeLNKS (Development)

    LifeLNKS is a free service that allows you to curate images, articles, videos, or webpages and share them with your friends.

    Once you grab a free account, you can immediately begin cLNKing, our term for sharing. Whatever you come across that blows your mind, cLNK it!

    You can check out what your friends are cLNKing. You can also follow others that you think are cLNKing good stuff (they might not be your friends but that’s why we allow you to follow them).

    Now, say you come across something that blows your mind...BA-BAM! Well, you would Shaka it. We don’t do the thumbs-ups, hearts, or stars. We Shaka stuff ‘cause it’s awesome. (*Shaka is the "hang loose" sign, brah!)

    When browsing through links, you can sort them however you want. You can check out the most cLNKed (see what’s trending) or the most Shaka’d. Or you can open up the in app browser and let us randomize all the solid links that have been shared that you should be checking out.

  • Touchless (Development)

    The camera on the front of your device will watch everything above your screen and detect/track your finger! These games are like magic! Simply float your finger above your device's screen and watch the in-game objects move to where you are pointing (Without ever touching your screen)

    Simply point to where you want objects to move and they will move there!

    It's even two player, your friends can join in and compete against you in the games all on the same device! Impress all of your friends with this wonderful app!

  • RastaCam (Development)

    Rasta-fy your photos with RastaCam. RatsaCam enhances your photos with the Rasta colors (Red, Yellow, and Green) and a variety of other different effects. You select the effect by swiping your finger left or right on the screen. The effect is automatically applied for you to preview. When you have the effect you want, just hit save!

    RastaCam works in real time on photos as you take them, or the effects can be added to any existing photo in your library.

    Show your true Rasta, mon! Share your new and improved Rasta-fied photos with friends!

  • PRElection (Development)

    Can’t wait until November 6 to know the results of the 2012 election? Anonymously PREvote for President and all 468 Congressional elections with the PRElection app and help PREdict the election!

    PRElection is an app that allows you to PREvote for the candidate of your choice, and to PREdict the election before November 6. PRElection is not a poll. It is a continuous tally of how people intend to vote on November 6–effectively, it is “early voting.” All holders of the PRElection app cast an anonymous vote for their candidate. If you change your mind, simply edit your vote. The PRElection app keeps track of the change, and updates the overall results. Unlike telephone polls that include only about 3,000 people, the entire count of all PRElection voters is always complete, and unlike internet polls, you can only cast one vote.

    PRElection also allows you to learn about the candidates and their positions from within the app, and even to make donations directly to the candidates (through the candidates websites via Safari).

  • Languages
    Objective-C, JavaScript, Swift 3, C#, C, Ruby, HTML5, Java, PHP, XML, C++, ActionScript 3
  • Frameworks
    Cocoa Touch, Impact, QuartzCore, Android SDK, Vapor, GameKit, Cocos2d, MapKit, Core Location, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Tools
    SQLiteManager, Xcode, Interface Builder, Chrome Developer Tools, AWS SES, Firebase iOS SDK, Bitbucket, Git, Flash, GitHub, TextMate, Adobe Photoshop, WebStorm, Adobe Fireworks
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Procedural programming, Imperative programming, Waterfall Development, Declarative Programming
  • Platforms
    iOS, Parse, Android, Mac OS
  • Storage
    JSON, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Misc
    UI Kit
  • Libraries/APIs
    Facebook iOS SDK, Core Graphics, OpenGL ES, TBXML, World Weather Online, Twitter iOS SDK, Free Weather API
  • Diploma degree in Computer Systems Technology
    British Columbia Institute of Technology - Burnaby, BC
    2008 - 2010
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