Cory Bechtel, Software Developer in Royal Oak, United States
Cory Bechtel

Software Developer in Royal Oak, United States

Member since May 13, 2013
Cory is a Game Developer who has created addictive, engaging games for the iOS, Android, and Amazon app stores. Highly experienced in C# and the Unity engine, his goal is to create great games that users want to play over and over again.
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Royal Oak, United States



Preferred Environment

Unity PRO and C#

The most amazing...

...feat I've accomplished is creating a 3D game for the Mac and iPhone in just 10 days. Within a week, Missile Barrage was in the Top 10 free Arcade games (#6).


  • Game Designer, Programmer

    2012 - PRESENT
    Marvel Apps LLC
    • Created provisionals, which required code signing and releasing of apps into the Mac App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Apps Store.
    • Created, developed, and utilized 3rd-party plugins for in-app purchases for each respective app store.
    • Programmed unique 2D Sudoku game using Unity Pro and C#.
    • Created, designed, developed, and managed a design team while creating a 3D Missile Command App (Missile Barrage), completed in just 10 days and, at its peak, a top ten (#6) app in the Mac App Store.
    • Created custom internal tools for cross-platform porting (iOS, Android, Mac) of Unity Pro projects using Prime 31 plugins.
    • Used the Corona SDK to develop the first mobile app for iOS built with said SDK, completed in just 20 days.
    • Designed and developed a framework for making a 3D Tower Defense game (Thresher Wing) for iOS devices using Unity Pro and C#.
    • Integrated GameCenter (including leaderboards and achievements) into a variety of apps for iOS and the Mac App Store.
    • Implemented revenue-generating business models into apps through both consumables and ads.
    • Used JSON and XML to populate dynamic information for apps.
    • Integrated Android, iOS, and Mac Apps with Facebook and Twitter.
    • Implemented Push Notifications using Pushwoosh.
    • Utilized analytics and 3rd-party promotional service APIs (e.g., Chartboost, Flurry).
    • Integrated 3D Maya models, 2D UI elements, and animations into apps using Unity Pro.
    Technologies: Unity Pro, C#


  • Thresher Wing (Development)

    Thresher Wing is a free Tower Defense game for the iPhone and iPad. Developed with the Unity Pro engine, Thresher Wing is one of the best free defense games on the Mac App Store ( Personally, I created a foundational Tower Defense framework from scratch in C# for Unity Pro.

  • Tapestry Twist - Word Sudoku (Development)

    Tapestry Twist is a puzzle game similar to Sudoku or KenKen, but with some features akin to those of Boggle and other word games (

  • Missile Barrage (Development)

    Missile Barrage is a simple but addictive arcade game in which the user is responsible for defending cities against endless enemy missiles. Specifically, the user takes charge of two anti-missile turrets which must be used efficiently. Further, the user can arrange and re-arrange his or her city and imbue it with special abilities via the upgrade lab (,

  • Last Eye Open (Development)

    Last Eye Open was my first mobile app developed with Lua and the Corona SDK. Created within 20 days, the development process involved learning to use the Corona SDK, working with Michael Antaran (game inventor) to develop the game-play concept, and releasing the app to the App Store (

  • Quarantine-London (Development)

    A strategy puzzle game for the Mobile Platform (iOS and Android) created with Unity3D. The objective of the game is to contain the spread of the zombie virus by toggling on and off checkpoints in London England. The game was challenging to design and execute with Unity3D as it is a 2D game. This game expanded my knowledge of using Unity shaders which visually gave the player the sense that the zombie virus was spreading. Unity shaders is very powerful and can turn an ordinary game to an extraordinary experience.


  • Languages

    C++, Java, C, C#, Python, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    Unity, Unity3D, Unity Pro
  • Paradigms

    Design for Six Sigma, CMMI, Functional Programming, Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    iOS, Android, Xamarin
  • Storage

    SQLite, MySQL
  • Other

    Game Development
  • Libraries/APIs

    Twitter API, Facebook API
  • Tools

    Adobe Photoshop


  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (B.S.S.E.) degree in Computer Science
    2009 - 2012
    Lawrence Technological University - Southfield, MI

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