Damir Ambrus

Damir Ambrus

Osijek, Croatia
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Damir Ambrus

Damir Ambrus

Osijek, Croatia
Member since June 6, 2012
Damir is an efficient, ingenious IT professional with an in-depth understanding of IT systems development methodologies and tools. He offers extensive experience, and has an enormous range of software products currently in commercial use. He is committed to creating state-of-the-art solutions.
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  • SQL, 10 years
  • C#, 10 years
  • .NET, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 6 years
  • ASP.NET MVC, 5 years
  • WPF, 4 years
  • Azure, 3 years
  • Machine Learning, 2 years
Osijek, Croatia
Preferred Environment
Windows, Visual Studio, C# / .NET
The most amazing...
...software I have ever built is a raster management system for satellite imagery that allows real-time display of image mosaics spanning terabytes.
  • Owner, Software Architect and Developer
    Lorijen d.o.o. Osijek
    2001 - PRESENT
    • Founded the company to provide software and web development services both locally and globally to clients requiring technologically advanced custom solutions.
    • Created the ImageSTOR GIS software system for compressing, storing, managing, and displaying large spatial raster images in real time. The project resulted in an off-the-shelf product.
    Technologies: C++, C#, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, ASP.NET (MVC), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, Lucene, WinForms, GDI(+), WCF, TCP, Exchange Server API, MetaTrader, Subversion
  • Software Developer, GIS Specialist, Database Designer
    GISDATA d.o.o. Zagreb
    1997 - 2001
    • Created GeoCalc, a custom Windows desktop (WinForms) geodesic application that acquires data from "total stations" (geodesic equipment), performs calculations, and generates graphic reports, with interfaces for CAD/GIS applications such as AutoCAD and ArcView.
    • Worked on R&D of a military UAV system for remote operation of small, unmanned aerial vehicles. Wrote code for the software aspect of the project involving real-time acquisition of encrypted data and display of the aircraft location on a scanned background map, including an instrument panel displaying vehicle status measurements (speed, altitude, bearing, fuel level, etc.). The system included features such as flight planning, navigation, monitoring, data logging, and replay, and is currently in use by the Croatian Department of Defense.
    • Created an application for the maintenance department of a Croatian telecom phone network, featuring graphical and spatial interface, as well as a technical CAD network database, with real-time graphical AutoCAD updates based on metadata entry.
    • Created application for Croatian Department of Defense featuring easy creation of interactive maps based on raster/vector image background and custom sets of interactive symbols with drag & drop support and real-time connection to database containing symbol metadata (automatic re-positioning based on GPS data, symbol change, display of various attributes) through database connection.
    • Created water quality monitoring system for Croatian Department of Environment Protection, featuring integration of GIS system & client's database supporting analysis, map production & report generation.
    • Implemented GIS application for Croatian Tourism Institute, supporting planning, analysis, map generation and reporting on tourism resources & activities using ESRI GIS tools.
    • Created a minefield clearing support GIS for the Croatian Department of Defense; implemented features include graphical and form-based data entry and data mapping to support de-mining field teams.
    Technologies: C, C++, C#, Win32, MFC, GDI, ODBC, SQL Server, Oracle, ESRI GIS
  • BAM Trading Tools (Development)

    Worked for Balyasny Asset Management L.P. (BAM) on a range of tools supporting financial data analysis, system integration/interfacing, and trade execution:
    - Command line tools to import price and volatility data from various sources (text, binary, and FIX protocols)
    - Custom Excel plugins to access and process data stored in a SQL database
    - GUI (WPF and web) utilities for data entry including dynamic forms
    - An Excel-like grid system with XML and UI-configurable set of fields, validation rules, and formulas.

    Implemented a complex "short locate" system supporting live and batch requests from various asset providers (banks) using proprietary APIs supporting asset allocations into a company pool usable through firm API or GUI by firm traders (short selling).

    Implemented a complex system for automated manager payout calculation based on manager-specific, time-variable contract terms, trading performance, risk, and other parameters using custom Excel-like expression/formula tables engine with web report output (built custom expression compiler supporting C#-like syntax).

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, WCF, WebAPI, ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, WPF, FIX, MS SQL Server

  • Slant Range Cloud (Development)

    I created a Microsoft Azure based cloud storage system for Slant Range, a company that provides aerial imaging services with a fleet of drones and advanced image processing. The system supports efficient, scalable, and cost-effective storage of raw and processed imagery and related metadata using Azure SQL and Azure Storage through a C# API or desktop WPF application (forms with tables, filters, and record details for technical and business aspects of the process), providing data entry and flexible querying interface for manual or automated image, and metadata processing (based on input files generated by drone fleet). The system provides efficient, spatially distributed, reliable, and scalable storage for 100k+ images, accessible by the client and their customers.

  • Grade Design (Development)

    Grade Design is a custom desktop CAD/GIS application that I implemented for S4 Ag and PCT Ltd., used for design and planning of landforming operations, supporting advanced 2D and 3D terrain visualization with texture and vector overlays, 3D surface design tools, extensive vector editing features, complex undo/redo system with scripting support, export/import support for ESRI shapefile and KML formats, various interactive widgets for surface analysis and simulations (water flow), and strong map output with print preview. Solely responsible for implementation of the whole system (WPF Windows application). The system is used for planning terrain operations and produces data files used by tractor/in-cab John Deere systems for automatic land forming.
    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, WPF (2D/3D), GDI+, KML.

  • TerraCutta (Development)

    TerraCutta is a custom landforming operations application designed to run in-cab (tractor) and interface directly with John Deere iGrade systems, built by S4 Ag and PCT Ltd. I was responsible for the new version of the application, implementation of support for 3D views with advanced terrain visualization, interactive design of drains, levees, and roads, PDF report output, and optimizations of robust, touch-optimized UI with day/night modes. The system is used for automatic application of field designs created in-cab or externally (using Grade Design, more advanced desktop application) by interfacing with John Deere iGrade system.

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, WPF (2D/3D)

  • MyDeposits Scotland (Development)

    This is a complex website that I developed for Hamilton Fraser Insurance (UK) for online management of tenancy deposits (used by landlords, tenants and agencies), support of online payments, property data management, dispute resolution, complex reporting, importing of property and tenancy external data, complex queries and administrative tasks, and payment detection through parsing of banking data exchange formats. I was responsible for the ETL module (tenancy/property data import using background service with notification dispatching), the real estate/property management parts of the website, and the banking interfaces and internal funds management web pages.

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, Subversion

  • Pipeline (Development)

    This is a family of subscription based websites for VB/Research, Ltd. (UK) that provides vertical market information on companies, deals, transactions, and general market news targeting clean energy, security, and military sectors. I implemented the background persistence and query engine (SQL Server/NHibernate), the website front-end (with advanced AJAX interactivity, extensive full-text searching, filtering and reporting capabilities), functionality for internal administration of the website (custom CMS for user management and data entry used by a network of journalists and analysts), and stand-alone service for dispatching e-mails with periodic news search results based on user-specific query configurations (websites currently are live at cleanenergypipeline.com and globalsecurityfinance.com).

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, nHibernate, Lucene, XML, AJAX, Subversion

  • LabTech/CMS System (Development)

    I worked for Control Escape Ltd (UK) on the implementation of an extension/plugin for LabTech (a commercial remote monitoring and administration software system for IT support companies). The extension supports integration with the existing CRM system and adds document and project management features (including functionality for document storage in centralized database with support for tagging, multi-user versioning, a template system for fast production of DOC and PDF quote documents, automatic invoicing based on tickets/timeslips generated by timer system, an equipment stock/asset management system, client management, and project tracking). Functionality is accessible from within the LabTech system or from a simpler stand-alone desktop application used by administration staff.

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, MySQL, LabTech API, PetaPoco, WinForms, Subversion

  • MetaTrader.NET (Development)

    I implemented C#/.NET API for programmatic access to MetaTrader FOREX broker platform using .NET Framework language(s) and easy interfacing/data transfer to external systems, to allow easy and flexible development of complex automatic and manual trading strategies and access to historical price data. The system was implemented to overcome limitations of MetaTrader scripting system and allow more complex analysis and strategy development (Intermarket trading systems based on advanced statistical modeling), testing and monitoring, leveraging.NET Framework’s flexibility and interfacing with external systems ('R' statistical package). The system also allows highly optimized data processing (multithreading & multiprocessing using named pipes) supporting daily/weekly parallel analysis of a large number of virtual instruments ('basket' systems) and includes custom charting engine supporting huge data sets. The system is currently in use internally for company funds management/active trading of currencies and stock indices.

    Technology: MetaTrader 4, C#/.NET Framework, LINQ to SQL, MS SQL Server, WinForms, R

  • KickData Backup System (Development)

    This is a backup system that I implemented for Control Escape Ltd (UK) as an alternative backup for the Microsoft Exchange Server. It supports full incremental item level backup of emails, contacts, calendar data, etc. using EWS API. The system works as a "cloud"/client-server system with a custom desktop backup browser application similar to MS Outlook, allowing easy and fast access to remote backup archive, searching using a range of parameters (including full text search), access to item's history and restoration or extraction of deleted and/or modified items back into the Exchange Server.

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, WCF, SQLite, Exchange Server/EWS API, Subversion

  • GR Asset Management (Development)

    I implemented this desktop Windows GR Asset Management application for Gordon Ramsey Holdings (UK). It is used for culinary asset and contact management, supporting managing data on clients, suppliers, sites, assets, and report generation. It features a simple and robust UI that allows searching and data entry in hectic environments. This application replaced an old, legacy application that was slow and unreliable.

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, WinForms, MS SQL Server Express, LINQ to SQL, HTML (reports), Subversion

  • ETF Tools (Development)

    I worked for Morning Star Capital Inc and Fundamental Data, Ltd. (UK) on a range of utilities and web services used internally for maintenance of large databases containing information on a wide range of global investment funds (data accessible as commercial, subscription based service). I implemented flexible, XML configurable filtering system in the form of command line utility for complex data queries, reporting, data conversion and system checks.

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, Sybase Advantage Server, XML, Subversion

  • LBSE People (Development)

    I worked on an LBSE People project for BH Telecom (Bosnia & Herzegovina), a commercial telecom system providing locating and messaging services to subscribers. The project is an AJAX web application with a complex map based interactive user interface allowing subscribers to locate friends, send SMS/MMS messages, manage groups of contacts with various locating permissions, and manage points of interest and search addresses with real-time, asynchronous updates of contact locations and statuses. The system is integrated with telecom infrastructure for location detection using mobile phones, authorization, and billing services. It includes separate Windows services for processing SMS requests (alternative gateway to service) and providing locating service in textual form (queue based distributed service with failover capability). There is a separate web interface for administrators with service usage reporting and client credits/subscriptions management features. The system is implemented as a set of web services providing business logic and database interface with a separate set of different users interface implementations (web, WAP, SMS).

    Technology: C#/.NET Framework, Oracle, ASP.NET, IIS, XML, HTML+CSS, AJAX

  • FleetDesktop (Development)

    I created FleetDesktop for CONVIVO (Croatia). It is a fleet management and vehicle tracking system based on GIS technology (extension module for ESRI ArcGIS system). The system integrates professional GIS/mapping functionality with fleet management and tracking features (extensive vehicle and driver database with table/detail forms, searching and filters, support for different GPS tracking devices, reporting and route replay features, real-time vehicle position, and sensor status display through customizable, complex, and dynamic and interactive vehicle symbols). It is currently deployed by the Zagreb Police Department as well as numerous commercial clients.

    Technologies: C#, .NET Framework, MS SQL Server, ArcGIS, WinForms, GPS interfacing

  • Mobile OS (Development)

    I worked for FG Microtec (Croatia), Sky Mobilemedia (USA) on a next generation operating system for mobile phone devices. I defined XML language for device-independent and multilingual definition of user interface elements (forms, dialogs, menus) for phone applications. I implemented an XML resource compiler for this language (generates a compact binary representation of UI elements from XML files for storage in phone ROM) and set of C++ libraries to be used by developers allowing fast & easy UI prototyping and device-independent development. I also implemented a complete phone Instant Messaging application, as well as a File Browser application with support for management of multimedia files on the phone device.

    Technologies: C++, XML

  • Raster/Vector Conversion R&D (Development)

    I worked for CGI Tech (USA) on R&D of graphical algorithms to be used as part of automatic raster-to-vector conversion system for online shops (providing a highly compressed vector form of product images to be shown initially to speed-up page loads, with progressive loading of standard JPEG compressed images). I implemented algorithms for edge and area detection in raster images (using wavelet filtering, multidimensional clustering, octree geometrical structures, texture signatures, image region segmentation by color and texture) that support various raster image formats, with emphasis on processor specific optimizations.

    Technologies: C++, Intel VTune, wavelets, neural networks

  • TranSecure (Development)

    I created TranSecure for Inova Designs Ltd (UK). TransSecure is a Windows desktop client/server GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management system. It includes custom TCP server for communication with custom-built GPS tracking devices (GPRS communication, security features, remote engine/door/lights/alarm control, sensor and camera support), multi-user database, vehicle access management through SecureCards (supporting usage types & access levels), extensive event logging with support for in-vehicle camera and additional custom sensors, animated vehicle journey replays, reports, user and driver management, custom map display and labeling technology with highly optimized vector display, and simple web access to the TranSecure system that is optimized for a variety of clients.

    Technologies: C++, MS SQL Server, GDI/GDI+, TCP, GPS interfacing, NAVTEQ data

  • TIS/GIS Intranet (Development)

    I worked on the TIS/GIS Intranet for Plinacro (Croatia). This is a web-based internal geoinformation system for the nationwide gas transportation and distribution company. The system supports management of over 100 different types of objects/parts through a hierarchical set of web forms with object details, tables, complex queries, reports, and data export support. It includes full user management with different security levels. It integrates with the existing SCADA system to allow easy monitoring of all technical aspects of the whole system, including GIS map views through a web interface (data drilling from GIS nationwide map views to object-level technical detail forms). I implemented all web forms, the validation engine, the database access layer, and the links to GIS.

    Technologies: C#/.NET Framework, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, IIS, Oracle, XML, HTML+CSS, JavaScript, ArcGIS

  • CIMD API (Development)

    I implemented the framework and set of C# classes for Vodatel (Hungary). It supports easy access to CIMD (Computer Interface to Message Distribution) functionalities of the Nokia telecom equipment. The system allows easy SMS sending using either simple API (local application) or web service and HTTP protocol (remote applications) through server gateway that supports message queuing, delivery status reports and service monitoring through SNMP protocol. It is currently used in various telecom applications and commercial services.

    Technologies: C++, ASP.NET, IIS, SNMP

  • HEP Intranet (Development)

    I implemented an internal, web-based IT system for HEP (Croatia), a national power distribution company. The system supports managing information on all power grid objects (forms with object details, management of attached documents and images, complex queries, tables, extensive report generation and export using Crystal Reports, user management with per-user system zone visibility depending on user’s location and/or access level). It also allows user-friendly, web-based access to all technical aspects of the system.

    Technologies: C#/.NET Framework, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, IIS, Oracle, XML, HTML+CSS, Crystal Reports

  • ImageSTOR (Development)

    I created ImageSTOR (internal project), a GIS software system for compressing, storing, managing, and real-time display of huge spatial raster images (satellite imagery). The project involved advanced image compression (wavelet) and raster processing algorithms, multi-resolution data structures, custom real-time raster storage and display engine, custom TCP/IP client-server system, ODBC support, strong image management features, encryption technology, plugins for popular GIS applications, ActiveX control development, API/SDK for system customization, and complex setup procedures. ImageSTOR is currently available as an off-the-shelf product for the geoinformation systems market.

    Technologies: C/C++, Win32/MFC, ODBC/SQL, ESRI ArcView/Avenue, TCP, InstallShield, ActiveX, raster compression, GDI 2D graphics

  • Security Management System (Development)

    This is a security management system that I developed for the Croatian Ministry of Defense. It is a framework of C# classes with a SOAP/XML interface for managing users and access rights in various intranet/internet IT solutions. It is applicable in all projects requiring uncompromising security management. The system is secure, modular, extensible and database independent.

    Technologies: C#/.NET Framework, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, SQL, HTML+CSS, XML, SOAP, MS Access, Informix

  • Subscription Campaigns Management System (Development)

    I developed the Subscription Campaigns Management System for Growth Investor, Ltd. (UK). It is a web-based system for easy creation and management of online subscription campaigns for a range of magazines. It includes a flexible online form editor, allowing easy customization of payment options and subscription form questions or data fields for each campaign. It also allows for flexible receiving and management of subscription information (through a secure web interface or encrypted email), as well as analysis of all aspects of subscription campaigns (online statistical reports). The system is template based and database driven.

    Technologies: C#/.NET Framework, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, PGP, MS SQL Server

  • NATOSym (Development)

    I created NATOSym for the Croatian Ministry of Defense. It is a desktop graphical/GIS application for creating composite military symbols and other graphical objects in accordance with NATO standards for use in ESRI GIS systems. The application enables easy creation of multilayered tactical symbols linked to the external database and manual drawing of specific graphical objects (complex arrows, irregular areas) with a user-friendly vector drawing system (node/vertex editing using splines). The system supports encrypted import/export of created tactical maps and easy customization. It can be used as a stand-alone application or as an ESRI ArcView extension.

    Technologies: C++, Win32/MFC, GDI/GDI+, 2D algorithms, TrueType fonts, ESRI ArcView, Fontographer

  • Emergency Medical Service GIS (Development)

    I worked on a complex IT system for Emergency Medical Services in Zagreb (Croatia). I built a real-time data acquisition system (GPS data received from vehicles through TETRA radio link) that includes a highly optimized custom display engine (real-time vehicle and incident location display on raster and vector background) that is implemented as an ActiveX control combining ESRI MapObjects and custom raster background drawing technology. The system includes database application (Oracle) for storing incident and intervention data, spatial logging of vehicle positions (ESRI ArcSDE), and strong symbolization features for vehicles and incidents (multilayered symbols). The system is in use in Zagreb's 911 service.

    Technologies: C++/MFC, Visual Basic, ADO, ActiveX, TCP, ESRI MapObjects/ArcGIS/ArcSDE

  • OmniTalk (Development)

    OmniTalk is a digital, multi-channel voice recording system that I developed for GISDATA (Croatia) for use in 911 emergency telephone and radio conversations. The system is based on a custom PC with a Dialogic voice card (16 phone channels) and features advanced real-time sound compression (requires ~2 MB of storage per hour of conversation), a client-server system with a separate desktop application for voice playback over the network, and searching and filtering of recorded conversations.

    Technologies: C++, Win32/MFC, Dialogic SDK, TCP

  • Property Data Editor (Development)

    Property Data Editor is a custom database application that I created for 08004homes.com (UK) for distributed entering of real estate property data (supports richly formatted descriptions and images). The data can then be uploaded into the main database (MS SQL Server) over the internet (automated FTP + server-side scripting) using XML as data transfer format. The system enables automated data entry and maintenance of a backend database used for dynamic web content (real estate property search web site).

    Technologies: C++, Visual Basic, XML, TCP/Winsock, InstallShield

  • Languages
    SQL, C, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, XML, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks
    Entity, WPF, .NET, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET Core MVC, Bootstrap
  • Libraries/APIs
    GDI(+), WinForms, Win32 API, LINQ, .NET Core, Microsoft Cognitive Services, jQuery
  • Tools
    Visual Studio, TFS, GIS, Adobe Photoshop, Git, Subversion, Microsoft Office, InstallShield, Fiddler, Tortoise Git, Tortoise SVN
  • Storage
    SQL Server, JSON, Azure Table Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Database Modeling, Azure Blobs, Azure SQL
  • Misc
    Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Computer Graphics, AI Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, ArcView, TCP, AJAX, Multithreading, RESTful Web Services, IIS
  • Paradigms
    Domain-driven Development, REST, Concurrent Programming, Test-driven Development (TDD), Agile Software Development
  • Platforms
    Windows, ArcGIS, Azure
  • B.S. degree in Computer Science
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Zagreb University - Zagreb, Croatia
    1990 - 1995
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