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Damir Meznaric

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Windows Services Developer

Osijek, Croatia
Toptal Member Since
December 4, 2012

Long time experienced software engineer with a goal of constant learning and expanding his knowledge. Familiar with different programming languages and technologies. A self motivated worker who is highly efficient at solving problems. Productive in both team-based and self-managed projects



Preferred Environment

Xcode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Linux, OS X, Windows

The most amazing...

...Software solution for Biometric Passports, VISAS and National electronic ID cards for the Government of Switzarland.

Work Experience

Senior C# Developer

2013 - 2015
American Mortgage Consultants, Inc. (via toptal)
  • Worked as full time developer on number of .net based applications and MS SQL server database as part of residential mortgage due diligence system.
  • Designed, developed, tested, fixed bugs, implemented enhancements, troubleshot issues, mentored other team members, and reviewed code.
Technologies: jQuery UI, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, Kendo UI, Windows Services, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, C#

Advanced Software Engineer

2006 - 2013
Siemens AG
  • Analyzed, designed, developed, tested, and maintained applications.
  • Responsible for the whole life process of an application development, which includes the analysis requirements, translating high-level solution architecture into detailed design components, implementation, as well as writing and reviewing technical documentation.
Technologies: Architecture

Software Consultant

2012 - 2012
Hamilton Fraser Insurance
  • Designed and implemented the software solutions.
Technologies: Insurance

Software Consultant

2010 - 2011
VB Research, CtrlEscape Ltd.
  • Designed and implemented software solutions.
Technologies: VB

Laboratory demonstrator

2004 - 2005
Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek, J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek
  • Assisted students during lab exercises.
Technologies: Research


2002 - 2002
INA d.d.
  • Assisted in oil and gas industry.
Technologies: Hardware

TIGRE Due Diligence System (American Mortgage Consultants)

Mortgage due diligence system used for the analysis and reporting of the suitability of purchasing residential mortgage loan in the secondary mortgage market. System is constantly improved as state and federal compliance laws change.
(C♯, ASP.NET, MS SQL, KnockoutJS)

Secure Files Monitoring Service (American Mortgage Consultants)

Implementing windows service for monitoring clients, adapting existing MSSQL database and ASP.NET MVC application. Service periodically monitors users and sends notifications when new secure files are uploaded.
(C#, Windows Services, WiX, ASP.NET MVC 4, Telerik, CodeSmith, MS SQL)

ALDAS (American Mortgage Consultants)

Framework used for creating dynamical pages. Framework is designed and implemented in order to give possibility for non IT members to easily create page templates and client specific pages. It has flexible design that allows great customization from basic controls to widgets.
(C♯, ASP.NET MVC, Kendo-UI, JQuery-UI, MS SQL)

Time Tracker (American Mortgage Consultants)

Web application used for tracking activities and working time of employees. Collected data are combined and used for generating different type of reports.

TIGRE Firms (American Mortgage Consultants)

Client specific application used as interface with due diligence system. It provides different types of protocols for the communication with the third party systems.
(C♯, WCF, Web services, MS SQL)

Systemplatform eDocumente (Swiss Biometric passports) (Siemens)

Software solution for biometric data that Swiss authorities use for documents (passports, visas, ID cards). Solution consists of various applications used for capturing and verifying the biometric data of Swiss citizens and checking Swiss biometric ID documents. (Facial image, Fingerprint capturing and verification, Signature, Document reading, scanning and printing, Audio and video streaming). The platform is used in passport offices, migration centres and at border checkpoints within Switzerland and in Swiss representative offices abroad.
Once the system was written I remained as the sole developer maintaining and enhancing the system according to new ICAO and governmental standards (e.g. implementing Sagem Kit 4 standard, improving security, chip data handling, better smartcards support, migrating to new version of JBoss, Barcode reader support for printing visas, PACE).
(C♯, WCF, Windows service, Java, MySQL, Swing, JAX-WS, Metro stack, CXF, Hibernate, Unreal media server, JBoss, DoubleTake Flex, COM Interop)

Audio Control Application (Siemens)

Implementing .NET class library for controlling audio devices on the different Windows OS versions (Windows 7, Vista, XP). Application is exposing common interface and has specific implementation for each OS version. Multimedia API is used for the XP, and adapted versions of the Core Audio API for Vista and Win7. Library is called form the Java application which is used for controlling audio streaming communication and interaction with Unreal Media server. Part of the delivery was also creating system reparation and installation procedure with NSIS.
(C#, Java, COM Interop, EZJCom, Audio streaming, Unreal media server, NSIS)

Public Reader Station Application (Siemens)

Microsoft .NET WPF based application for validation of the travel documents (passports). Used as touch screen kiosk application on the public checkpoints. Application provides citizens the possibility to independently check stored data on the ID document and perform biometric verification.

Quasi Network (In-house Solution)

Software solution used for the anonymous and encrypted internet use. Quasi tool is Java application used for establishing and controlling connection with multiple servers in different countries. Beside development I’m also responsible for the marketing, SEO, and customer support.
(Java, LDAP, WordPress, Vaadin, Linux)

My Deposits (Hamilton Fraser Insurance)

Software solution that provides landlords, tenants, letting agent managing the properties and securing rental deposits. Solution consists of the website, several different windows, and WCF services. Beside the public and private web interface, different importers and services for automatic data generation are created. For the Web and business layer interconnection WCF services are used.
(C♯, MVC3, MS SQL, Entity Framework 4, NuGet, WCF, Windows services, Razor)

SHARE (European Union Project)

Information and communication system that support emergency teams during large-scale rescue operations and disaster management. Allows mobile workers to communicate bi-directionally, and to share structured multimodal information resources, including audio, video, text, graphic and location information.
(Java, MySQL, Swing, Axis, Tomcat)

VB Research – Clean Energy and Global Security

Websites that provide information and online daily news in two hi-growth sectors, clean energy and security. Solution consists of public and private sites. Private website is used for the administration, managing and storing data.
(C♯, ASP.NET, MS SQL, NHibernate, JIRA)

Self Provisioning Gateway (Siemens)

Software solution which provides mobile subscribers self administration of different services over the SMS (e.g., Favourite Area, Friend and Family, Tariff model, GPRS, MMS).
(C♯, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Windows services, Web Services, WCF, SMPP, IIOP.NET, AjaxControlToolkit, T4)

Money Beamer (Siemens)

Software solution which allows money transfer between mobile subscribers over the SMS. Recharging and charging of accounts is done over the Payment-Plugin HTTP interface on IN platform.
(C♯, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Windows services, Web Services, SMPP, AjaxControlToolkit)

mBill and mAPR (Parts of the Whole mCommerce Platform) (Siemens)

mBil is a software platform for bill payment which integrates subscriber mobile and bank accounts. Communication with different institutions was done with XML files over the FTP.
mAPR is mBill client application and it’s used for automatic periodic XML requests generation.
(C♯, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Windows services, Web Services, SMPP, FTP)

eVoucher (v1.0, v1.5, v2.0) (Siemens)

System which allows recharging subscribers’ mobile accounts without vouchers. Within system special subsystem for fraud detection was implemented. Partitioning of database tables with large number of records to assure high performances of the system.
(C♯, ASP.NET, MS SQL, DTX, Windows services, Web Services, SMPP, AjaxControlToolkit)

PAC (Payment, Accounting, and Clearing) (Siemens)

Development of few reporting services for money settlement on existing platform. Customization of existing web application. Migration from MS SQL 2003 to MS SQL 2005, partitioning of large tables.

AyTerminal (Subsystem of the Whole AySystem Solution) (Siemens)

Development of a Software Framework and several applications for AyTerminal. AyTerminal is highly flexible sensor-equipped wireless devices, driven by J2ME applications, controllable through SMS messages and J2ME client application for mobile phones. Used GSM module was Siemens TC45. GSM functionalities and RS232 communication to sensor controller are utilized from J2ME through AT commands and related Siemens TC45 J2ME SDK's AT commands API.
(Java, J2ME, GPS, I2C)

Point2Discover (Siemens)

Research project of the Telecommunication Research Center Vienna. Prototype mobile phone which integrates GPS, digital compass and tilt sensor to sense position and orientation in 3D space.
(Java, J2ME, GPS)

Library Management System

Web system for the paper and digital library management with advanced search and notification systems. System was implemented by using Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL technologies. It was done as Damir’s final degree work on Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Manon Fashion (Freelance Project)

Website for selling clothes. Consists of public and private (admin) site. Fixing non-functional parts of the Admin site.

DiGiPex (Freelance Project)

Website for digital production exchange.

Runner Runner Poker

A Unity 3D poker game. Initially I was involved to take over the back-end codebase to re-implement existing workflow functionality and fix broken parts. After other developers abandoned the project, I overtook the complete project and fixed remaining issues.
(C♯, Unity3D, PubNub, MSSQL, Azure, HockeyApp)


Development of the core component for the multi-language and multi-domain platform for instant messaging and moderated chat. Application is written in the NodeJS and use Pub/Sub MQTT protocol for the communication between components.
(NodeJS, MongoDB, MQTT, Sails)
2001 - 2009

Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering

J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek - Osijek, Croatia


Node.js, Windows Forms (WinForms), jQuery, jQuery UI


Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, MQTT, Eclipse IDE, Subversion (SVN), TFS, Trac, WebStorm, Git, Jira, Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, Apache Tomcat


ASP.NET MVC, Swing, Entity, ASP.NET, NHibernate, Kendo UI, Sails.js, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Flutter, .NET Core


XP, Agile Software Development


Java, SQL, C#, XML, VB, HTML5, JavaScript


Windows, Android, JBoss, OS X, Eclipse, MacOS, Linux, Unix, SharePoint, iOS, Azure


Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, JSON, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis

Industry Expertise



Windows Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), IIS, Hardware, Research, Architecture

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