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Dan Isaza

Verified Expert  in Engineering

APIs Developer

Seattle, WA, United States
Toptal Member Since
September 3, 2020

Dan is a full-stack product engineer and engineering leader. He's also a former startup founder. With a math and computer science degree from Stanford University, he has led remote engineering teams and thrives in high-ownership environments. He's driven by impact and likes to discuss business-level problems to develop a strong understanding of the business domain before implementing technical solutions. Dan believes that shipping iteratively is a strong predictor of project success.


React, JavaScript, Python, AWS IoT, SQL, Engineering, Delivery Management...
Clever Real Estate
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Project Leadership, Technical Leadership...
Orbital Insight
Google Sheets API, Google Sheets, GeoJSON, Google Maps API, Geocoding...




Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, Django, React, JavaScript, Python, Web Development, Architecture, Full-stack, Back-end, Data Scraping, Web Scraping, Google Sheets

The most amazing...

...project I've ever done was architecting and implementing the back-end system to match customers to real estate agents at Clever Real Estate.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Engineer

2020 - 2023
  • Took part in a small team of three engineers to build a lab inventory management system from the ground up using Python and React.
  • Built a spreadsheet-style UI and the supporting back end to enable users to enter large volumes of lab experiment data quickly.
  • Worked under the supervision of highly seasoned, long-time senior engineering executives from Google.
Technologies: React, JavaScript, Python, AWS IoT, SQL, Engineering, Delivery Management, Agile Project Management, Cloud Architecture, B2B, Microservices, REST APIs, Webpack, Design Systems, Enzyme, SaaS, Google Sheets, Intranets, AWS Cloud Architecture, Technical Architecture

VP of Engineering

2018 - 2020
Clever Real Estate
  • Architected and developed the back-end system that introduces all customers to real estate agents. This drastically reduced the time needed to work with each customer and more than tripled our sales capacity.
  • Hired, onboarded, and managed the engineering team. Owned the engineering roadmap and worked with product stakeholders to plan the team's work.
  • Rebuilt the company's legacy WordPress website in Gatsby. This drastically sped up the site. Traffic to the site grew 5x in the year after the transition.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Project Leadership, Technical Leadership, Team Leadership, Leadership, Task Management, Task Automation, Task Scheduling, Celery, SMS Bots, SMS, Bandwidth APIs, Workday, Twilio API, Twilio, Jinja, HTML5, HTML, CSS, CSS3, Tailwind CSS, PostGIS, HubSpot, Mapbox, Google Geocoding API, Google Maps API (GeoJSON), Google API, Docker Compose, Docker, Scope Management, People Management, Web Project Management, Project Management, Test Automation, Automation, APIs, Zapier, JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon EC2, SQL, PostgreSQL, Django ORM, Django, Python 3, Python, Engineering Management, Software Architecture, API Architecture, Database Schema Design, Next.js, Material UI, Cypress, Storybook, Web Development, Framer X, Framer, Architecture, Framer Prototyping, Full-stack, Back-end, TypeScript, Human Capital Management, ETL, Linux, Software Development Management, Engineering, Delivery Management, Agile Project Management, Cloud Architecture, GraphQL, Microservices, REST APIs, Webpack, Design Systems, Data Scraping, Web Scraping, Google Sheets, CTO, Team Management, Intranets, AWS Cloud Architecture, Technical Architecture

Product (Freelance)

2018 - 2018
Orbital Insight
  • Developed and documented a process for collecting/geocoding locations of interest involved in the global construction supply chain. Many other freelancers then used this process to build out a dataset that the company used to build a new offering.
  • Communicated regularly with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Provided weekly updates on progress, including descriptions of challenges that the team of data-collectors may face when implementing the data collection process.
Technologies: Google Sheets API, Google Sheets, GeoJSON, Google Maps API, Geocoding, Engineering

Full-stack Engineer (Freelance)

2018 - 2018
  • Refactored the permissions system for making and approving financial transactions.
  • Wrote extensive automated tests to protect against future bugs.
  • Overhauled the front-end user experience for managing permissions, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.
Technologies: OAuth 2, Heroku, Django REST Framework, Django ORM, Django, ECMAScript (ES6), React, JavaScript, Web Development, Architecture, Full-stack, Back-end, ETL, Linux, Engineering, Delivery Management, Cloud Architecture, Microservices, REST APIs, Webpack, Design Systems, Technical Architecture

Product Engineer

2016 - 2018
  • Updated the company's payments infrastructure, saving them over $100,000 per year in transaction fees. This also streamlined the payments process and drastically reduced the time required to pay freelancers. (Integrated with the Payoneer API).
  • Unblocked over $10 million in sales pipeline as the interim security point-of-contact. This involved describing the company's security posture to prospective customers and proposing the technology team's security roadmap.
  • Heavily contributed to the internal platform that was used to manage the company's active projects with over 600 freelancers.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Payment Security, Payment APIs, Online Payments, OAuth 2, Express.js, React Redux Form, React Redux, Redux, Angular, Heroku, Amazon EC2, mLab, Mongoose, Docker Compose, Docker, MongoDB, Node.js, ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript, Web Development, Architecture, Full-stack, Back-end, ETL, Linux, Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Microservices, REST APIs, Flux, Webpack, Design Systems, Enzyme, Google Sheets, AWS Cloud Architecture, Technical Architecture

Product (Internship)

2015 - 2015
  • Ran multivariate tests on an email list of millions of small business owners to reduce churn in the customer base of one of the US's largest financial services firms.
  • This included designing and executing experiments.
  • Wrote Python scripts and SQL queries to analyze customer churn data from millions of small businesses across the country. The goal was to understand campaign performance in reducing churn.
  • Performed cohort analysis for merchants going through email marketing campaigns.
Technologies: Experimental Design, Cohort Analysis, Analytics, Analysis, Product Strategy, Product Analytics, A/B Testing, Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Multivariate Testing, Email Marketing, Drip Email, Email, Scripting, SQL, Python 3, Java, Engineering, B2B, Design Systems, Data Scraping, Web Scraping, Technical Architecture

Co-Founder: Fulfillment/Campaign Management

2013 - 2014
  • Directly managed campaigns for our largest advertising clients.
  • Led the four-person campaign management team that was in charge of ensuring smooth client outcomes for all projects.
  • Developed statistical models to predict our future capacity and inform our sales process.
  • Developed statistical models for predicting clicks on influencer endorsements, boosting our margins.
  • Conducted over 200 hours of user interviews and participated in sales.
Technologies: R, Scikit-learn, NumPy, Pandas, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Python 3, Full-stack, Back-end, Linux, Engineering, B2B, Data Scraping, Web Scraping, Team Management

Mechanical Pen Plotter Utilities for Enthusiasts

This is a JavaScript-based set of utilities for creating generative art and plotting it on a mechanical pen plotter called an AxiDraw v3.

The code allows users to generate SVG files that will be drawn on the machine.

I wrote a line-deduplication algorithm that decreased plotting times by 96%. Drawings that previously took over four hours to print now take only 10 minutes.
2012 - 2016

Bachelor of Science Degree in Math and Computer Science

Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA


Django ORM, React, Node.js, Twilio API, REST APIs, React Redux, React Redux Form, Google Maps API, Google Sheets API, Google API, Google Maps API (GeoJSON), Google Geocoding API, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn


Google Sheets, Celery, HubSpot COS, Microsoft Excel, FullStory, Sentry, NGINX, Flow, Git, GitHub, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Zapier, Docker Compose, Mongoose, Geocoding, Webpack


Django, Next.js, Material UI, Express.js, Django REST Framework, Tailwind CSS, Jinja, Angular, AngularJS, OAuth 2, Redux, Cypress, Flux


JavaScript, Python, Python 2, Python 3, TypeScript, CSS3, CSS, HTML, HTML5, GraphQL, SQL, CoffeeScript, ECMAScript (ES6), Java, R


Testing, Unit Testing, Agile Project Management, Test-driven Development (TDD), ETL, B2B, Microservices, Data Science, Automation, Test Automation, API Architecture


Twilio, Unix, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, New Relic, Linux, Amazon EC2, Heroku, Mapbox, HubSpot, AWS IoT


PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MongoDB, mLab, SQLite

Industry Expertise

Project Management


APIs, People Management, Task Scheduling, Task Automation, Task Management, Leadership, Project Leadership, Scripting, Analysis, Code Review, Source Code Review, API Documentation, Documentation, Full-stack, Engineering Management, Web Development, Architecture, Back-end, Software Development Management, Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Design Systems, SaaS, CTO, Team Management, AWS Cloud Architecture, Technical Architecture, Workday, Bandwidth APIs, SMS, SMS Bots, Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Email, Email Marketing, A/B Testing, Product Strategy, Analytics, Streaming Data, Containers, Containerization, Storybook, Human Capital Management, Delivery Management, Data Scraping, Web Scraping, Intranets, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computational Statistics, Gatsby, Web Project Management, Scope Management, Online Payments, Payment APIs, Payment Security, GeoJSON, Drip Email, Multivariate Testing, Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Product Analytics, Cohort Analysis, Experimental Design, Software Architecture, Database Schema Design, Framer X, Framer, Framer Prototyping, Enzyme, OpenAI GPT-4 API, OpenAI GPT-3 API

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