Dan Raoelinarivo, Software Developer in Antananarivo, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar
Dan Raoelinarivo

Software Developer in Antananarivo, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar

Member since February 12, 2020
Dan likes to build responsive, highly reactive, and FAST web applications. He developed a website generator that outputs fully functional websites that would perform under a very heavy load. He was also the tech lead of an ERP company and propelled that company to be the leader in that field in Madagascar. He focuses primarily on delivering simple, maintainable yet performant code.
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  • Hazenfield
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, Puppeteer, Android, Socket.IO, AWS, Scrapy...
  • Atout Persona
    PHP, JavaScript, Odoo, Python



Antananarivo, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar



Preferred Environment

Git, Trello, Visual Studio Code

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a a web application that would generate a complete website to host virtual fairs (like this one: https://www.salonsme-online.com/).


  • Senior Full-stack Engineer

    2017 - PRESENT
    • Developed a Facebook bot with Node.js that would take the user's order and save it to Odoo, a Python ERP. Along with this, I created a near complete support of Facebook API from Odoo, allowing the app to post products directly to a page's feed, and respond to any comment on those publications. Odoo would also send a messenger message to the user as his order's status changes.
    • Built a module in Odoo, a Python ERP, that would generate an online fair static website powered by AWS resources (Lambda, DynamoDB, IoT) and supporting very high loads (thousands of concurrent users using built-in chat).
    • Scraped thousands of phone specifications from websites like GSM Arena so I could build an Android app to check if a phone is a counterfeit or not. To build this Android app I used all available API present on the SDK to collect the user's phone specifications.
    • Built a module in Odoo that would export a complete financial report for Madagascar's tax input. The user would just use the Python ERP to invoice their customers and to record their supplier's invoice and by calling a wizard, export as a PDF up to 6 different financial report. Later on, I added an UI layer on top (using Vue.js) to have a simpler interface.
    • Scraped the list of all companies in Madagascar, resulting in the company having 10,000+ additional leads. I used Scrapy, a python scraping package.
    • Built a website with Django and Vue.js for people to share the good things God has done in their lives to empower others that may face similar issues.
    • Built a chat app using React, Node.js, Socket.IO, and Redis.
    • Built a module for Odoo, a Python ERP, for DHL Madagascar that would evaluate the number of trucks required for a delivery, based on the number of crates and their size and the size of the trucks (like knapsack problem, but in three dimensions).
    • Built a sheet-like app using Django and jQuery that would allow users (some authenticated, some not) to work simultaneously on workshop records in order to plan and organize them.
    • Coded a React app embed into an Odoo backend that would be an interface for employees to record their working hours. Also did some work on the Odoo backend for reporting and input validation purposes.
    • Scraped events on various websites for the website https://touquan.co. Some websites were well protected and their data was asynchroniously loaded into the page, making it hard for scrapy, a Python package, to get the expected fields. So I had to create a Node.js app and puppeteer to proxy some requests made by scrapy.
    • Built a complex configurator in Javascript that would take a certain number of input and, upon sending that data to a Odoo server, create a quotation or an order (depending on the input) that can then be processed like any other quotation/order.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, Puppeteer, Android, Socket.IO, AWS, Scrapy, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Odoo, Django, Python
  • Tech Lead

    2016 - 2017
    Atout Persona
    • Led a team of very young developers to build and ship hundreds of Odoo modules, working mostly with Python and Javascript.
    • Handled 20 and more projects over the course of one year of employment.
    • Talked directly to customers to convince them of our technical capabilities, resulting in customer loyalty for every customer I met.
    • Supervised three interns that all ended up building a completely useful tool for the company : an app that syncs a pointing machine to the pointing inputs in Odoo ; and an app that allows us to monitor web servers and to control them through a web interface (using Ansible).
    • Built an Odoo module that would evaluate with precision the need in raw material of a product. The difficulty was that raw materials were for intermediate products, and there are several levels of intermediate products.
    • Extended Odoo's point of sale that's using Backbone.js as its store to add some additional payment methods.
    • Built an Odoo module to manage a large garage here in Madagascar. The module would mimic and record every step that is taken in the reparation of a car, reporting at the end the time spent on a car.
    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Odoo, Python


  • Merci J├ęsus

    A web application that I created so users can share the wonders that God made in their life to empower others that may be facing similar challenges. The app was built using Django and Vue.js. It's not an SPA though, I wanted my URLs to be directly shareable on the internet (mainly Facebook) and I did not have the time to implement server-side rendering on it (more difficult, because I was not using Node.js on the back-end).
    I developed everything from start to finish (front end, back end, and deployment). I had a product owner that would guide me through the requirements, but I had the freedom to choose the type of implementations I wanted for each feature.

  • A Simple Chat App

    A random group-chat app that I built with React, Node.js, Socket.IO, and Redis. I did everything on the app: the front end, the back end, and the deployment. It's an app to display my proficiency in those technologies, and I did not advertise it too much, hence the lack of users on it.

  • Static Fair Website Generator

    An Odoo module that would take some information about a fair (fair name, exhibitors, stand guides, deferred announcements) and transform them into a static website hosted on AWS S3 and powered by AWS Resources :
    - Cognito for authentification
    - DynamoDB to store data
    - Lambda for computations
    - IoT for a built-in chat
    - SQS to log user's activity on the website
    The generator was built using Python.

  • A Quotation Configurator

    For a company that creates pool accessories, I built a configurator wizard that allows user to enter some inputs (like pool size, pool depth, pool type, stairs, etc.) and the accessory they want to buy, and the Odoo app would guess all the requirements for that quotation like :
    - how much of that accessory is required
    - how much is the delivery cost
    - what are the sub-accessories that need to be included in the quotation
    - in the case they manufacture those accessories, the app will guess their bill of materials and launch their products.
    All done using Python and JavaScript.

  • Event Scraper

    An app that would scrape six websites that contain events to fill the website https://touquan.co.
    This was done using scrapy, a Python scraping library.
    For one particular website, scrapy was not enough because the website had async content loaded by JavaScript, so I created a Node.js app that would act as a proxy for my scrapy requests.
    The Node.js app in use was Puppeteer.

  • An Android Phone Checker

    An Android app that would check if the device is a counterfeit or not. It checks if the specs of the phone (like the processor's clock speed, available RAM and storage, APN resolution, screen size) matches the specs on our database.
    That database was filled by scraping websites with phone specifications like GSM Arena or Phone Arena.
    The scraping was done using scrapy, a Python library.
    The Android app with Java.


  • Languages

    Python, JavaScript, HTML, C#, CSS, Python 3, Java, PHP
  • Frameworks

    Django, Django REST Framework, Scrapy, Vuetify.js, Material-UI, Serverless Framework
  • Libraries/APIs

    Vue.js 2, React, Vue.js, Vuex, Facebook API, Node.js, Socket.IO, Puppeteer
  • Tools

    Odoo, Git, uWSGI, Webpack, Trello
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Phone, Visual Studio Code, AWS Lambda, Docker, Android
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Other

    Vue-router, AWS, AWS API Gateway, Slack App


  • Master's degree in Probability and Statistics
    2011 - 2012
    Science Faculty of Ankatso - Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Bachelor's degree in Numerical Analysis
    2008 - 2011
    Science Faculty of Ankatso - Antananarivo, Madagascar

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