Daniel Robles Pichardo, Developer in Tours, France
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Daniel Robles Pichardo

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Tours, France
Toptal Member Since
November 18, 2015

Daniel studied electronic engineering, but since his first contact with C, has become quite passionate about programming. He started to do freelance work using Python and JavaScript, mainly on websites. He's also worked at Intel as a BIOS application engineer, providing excellent customer support. He is a blossoming leader and coder.


Elixir, Agile Software Development, Go, React, JavaScript, Electron, Flutter...
PepsiCo Global - Main
Elixir, Full-stack Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines...
Spin.pm (via Toptal)
Go, gRPC, NATS, Redis, Sidekiq, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), MQTT...




Preferred Environment

Arch Linux, i3, Python, Git, Vim Text Editor

The most amazing...

...project I've done is a remote medical monitor for patients that stay at home. I defined the protocol for the medical equipment.

Work Experience

Technical Lead | Software Developer

2022 - 2023
  • Added multiple devices to EliteLab that supported TCP instead of a wired connection.
  • Upgraded and cleaned up an old JavaScript and Go codebase.
  • Added CI for releases and added tests. Before this, the deployment and testing were done manually.
  • Gathered requirements and defined a new protocol together with the electronics team to support a new press that is being built.
  • Started a new Flutter app to replace the old Electron/React app.
Technologies: Elixir, Agile Software Development, Go, React, JavaScript, Electron, Flutter, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines, Back-end, GitHub, GitHub Workflows, Microservices, Technical Leadership, Docker, Front-end, REST APIs, NoSQL, Full-stack

Full-stack Elixir Developer

2022 - 2022
PepsiCo Global - Main
  • Developed multiple reports using internal metrics using Snowflake.
  • Generated a new PDF report using JavaScript. The main users were really happy to share it with other members of the company.
  • Created a new portal to display the reports in a friendly manner.
Technologies: Elixir, Full-stack Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines, Back-end, GitHub, GitHub Workflows, Docker, Front-end, Full-stack

Lead Developer | Architect

2020 - 2022
Spin.pm (via Toptal)
  • Architected a platform to support over 60,000 scooters. It required decoding, encoding, and keeping their connection and state.
  • Proposed changes at an enterprise level to improve speed, lower the costs when adding new protocols, and keep a linear cost while adding more devices to the network.
  • Simplified and cleaned up a complicated legacy repository, improving it by adding new features and debugging.
Technologies: Go, gRPC, NATS, Redis, Sidekiq, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), MQTT, Linux, TCP/IP, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines, Back-end, GitHub, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Microservices, Technical Leadership, Docker, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, NoSQL

Project Lead Developer

2017 - 2020
Lab Society
  • Built a desktop program for distillation and scientific processing.
  • Assembled and led a team to improve and add new features to the platform.
  • Implemented an architecture to detect automatically multiple devices using different protocols as serial communication, FTDI, Modbus, and Bluetooth.
  • Controlled users, handled licenses, and stored log data using Elixir Phoenix with React.
  • Designed and built an Elixir REST API for user control, licenses, and remote data storage.
  • Created the GUI using React, Redux, and sagas and packed it using Electron.
  • Designed and built a Go API that enables the connection between the drivers and the GUI and provides information for plotting and synchronizing the account data with a remote server.
Technologies: Elixir, React, Go, JavaScript 6, Bluetooth LE, FTDI, JavaScript, Linux, PostgreSQL, Phoenix, TCP/IP, Test-driven Development (TDD), Back-end, GitHub, Technical Leadership, Docker, Payment Processing, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, NoSQL, Full-stack

Project Lead Developer

2018 - 2019
  • Built and designed an MVP to enable a general contractor, to control the flow, and check the progress of each development project.
  • Used Django Framework to create a friendly RESTful API.
  • Used React, Redux, and sagas for the GUI, with a custom architecture to reduce the friction of changing multiple files simultaneously.
Technologies: PostgreSQL, React, Django, Redux, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Test-driven Development (TDD), Back-end, GitHub, Microservices, Technical Leadership, Docker, Payment Processing, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, Full-stack

Lead Developer

2018 - 2018
  • Built an MVP to provide or verify rental insurance.
  • Used Elixir and Phoenix Framework to provide a RESTful API.
  • Imported users and addresses from a CSV file to start the validation process.
  • Made a flow control for the call center and insurance brokers.
  • Used Sentry to handle payments and client credit cards.
Technologies: JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Elixir, Python, Linux, Test-driven Development (TDD), Back-end, GitHub, Technical Leadership, Payment Processing, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, Full-stack

Senior Back-end Developer

2017 - 2017
Yewno (Toptal Client)
  • Designed and built a distributed crawler engine using Node.js.
  • Wrote many crawlers for static and dynamic websites.
  • Optimized the memory footprint and speed of the crawler engine.
  • Built a Dashboard using React, Node.js, and an Express REST API.
  • Used Redis to handle the pending crawlers to process.
  • Used S3 to store crawled information and a few metadata to compare content changes before pushing a new version.
  • Defined a common format between crawlers to simplify the processing of the information.
Technologies: Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Redis, Express.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Linux, Test-driven Development (TDD), Web Scraping, Back-end, GitHub, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, NoSQL, Full-stack

Back-end Developer

2016 - 2017
  • Got an incomplete codebase and made a complete RESTful API for the front end.
  • Used Django with Django REST Framework to improve an old API.
  • Deployed the project using Elastic Beanstalk from AWS.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, Celery, Python, Django, Linux, Test-driven Development (TDD), Back-end, Payment Processing, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, Full-stack


2016 - 2016
Yweno (Toptal Client)
  • Extracted content from WARC and ARC files using an old Python library, which I had to migrate to Python3, and improved code overall to be more Pythonic.
  • Used Python to extract metadata from HTTP and PDF files.
  • Grouped the information from WARC files even when the source was from different websites.
  • Worked with the front-end to track UI bugs and fixed them. Added a few new features.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), WARC, React, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Test-driven Development (TDD), Back-end, GitHub, Front-end, Full-stack

Full-stack Developer

2016 - 2016
Kite.com (Toptal Client)
  • Built a recruiting tool that helps to filter possible candidates and connects with Jira to track the whole process.
  • Created a RESTful back end to improve loading speeds.
  • Created a CLI for loading, updating, and refreshing data.
Technologies: Jira REST API, PostgreSQL, React, Emacs, Flask, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Web Scraping, Back-end, GitHub, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, Full-stack

BIOS Application Enginner

2014 - 2016
Intel Corporation
  • Helped customers to fix bugs in their platforms and power on their platforms.
  • Supported and reduced technical debt of an internal tool used to clean intellectual property.
  • Helped other teams by giving them Python scripts that improved different processes such as documentation, testing, and preparing releases.
  • Updated documentation and started a process to improve how this is done.
  • Taught Python and best practices to multiple teams.
Technologies: Python, UEFI, C, Linux, Web Scraping, GitHub

Full-stack Developer

2010 - 2014
Xaguar Soluciones
  • Built an API and PhoneGap app for P&G LA to take different measures in supermarkets.
  • Created a Windows service that connects Excel and our API to show BI resumes to the customer with auto-update.
  • Generated reports using different metrics for the customer.
  • Added functionality to the internal framework, such as an easy way to generate a REST API, logging, and improving database connections.
  • Created our cloud using RabbitMQ for processing the information coming from different resources.
Technologies: PyWin32, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, jQuery, Knockout (Knockout.js), PhoneGap, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Python, Linux, Back-end, Technical Leadership, Front-end, REST, REST APIs, Full-stack

Software Developer

2008 - 2014
  • Built-up to ten small-medium websites using Django.
  • Designed and developed a web interface for remote medical devices.
  • Built a planning manager for social events and provided support to the customer.
  • Created an ERP for a small-sized company that helped them to track inventory, personnel, incomes, and outputs.
  • Built a tool that calculates how many bottles of alcohol are needed for an open bar party.
Technologies: JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Flask, Django, Linux, Back-end, GitHub, Front-end, REST APIs, Full-stack

Event Planner

A website application that handles multiple events and helps to organize personal selection, ingredients to buy within a range of days, payment control, checklists, and inventory. I created it and supported it for more than three years.


A desktop program to monitor, log, and control laboratory equipment, requiring to connect using different technologies such as serial, FTDI, TCP, Bluetooth LE, and ModBus. It supports multiple devices, each one with a different protocol.

It was implemented using Go and Electron to achieve cross-platform support.
2002 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering

Universidad Iberoamericana - Mexico City


REST APIs, Node.js, RequireJS, jQuery, Flask-RESTful, React, Jira REST API, Sidekiq


Vim Text Editor, RabbitMQ, GitHub, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), i3, Emacs, Celery, Git, MQTT, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)


Django, Phoenix, Redux, Django REST Framework, Flask, Knockout (Knockout.js), PhoneGap, gRPC, Express.js, Electron, Flutter


REST, Test-driven Development (TDD), Microservices, Agile Software Development


JavaScript, Python, Go, HTML, CSS, Elixir, SQL, ECMAScript (ES6), C#, Elm, HTML5, C, JavaScript 6, Ruby


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), JSON, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MySQL


Arch Linux, Linux, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bluetooth LE, AWS Lambda


Back-end, Front-end, Full-stack, Web Scraping, Technical Leadership, PyWin32, WARC, UEFI, Gitolite, Scraping, FTDI, NATS, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), TCP/IP, Electronics, Calculus, Laplace Transform, Microprocessors, Image Processing, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biomedical Skills, Full-stack Development, CI/CD Pipelines, GitHub Workflows, Payment Processing

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