Danilo Prates, Developer in São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil
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Danilo Prates

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
November 28, 2016

Danilo has over eight years of experience in front-end development, including contributions to the largest website in Latin America (over 7.4 billion visits each month). Coming from the advertisement field, he has an eagle eye for details and a passion for building great interfaces and user interactions. He is especially interested in the React ecosystem and also has experience with AngularJS, Vue.js, Mithril.js, and other frameworks.


BarDog Technology, Inc.
Sass, Redux, React
UOL - Universe Online
Browserify, Webpack, Sass, Comet, WebSockets, Apache Velocity, React, Mithril.js
Materialize, Craft CMS, Browserify, AngularJS, jQuery, Sass, PHP




Preferred Environment

NPM, MacOS, Unix, ITerm, Sublime Text

The most amazing...

...project I've contributed to is a Brazilian election scoreboard. Packed with features and real-time results, it got seventeen million visitors on one peak day.

Work Experience

Lead Front-end Developer

2017 - 2018
BarDog Technology, Inc.
  • Led the front-end project.
  • Set up a React/Redux project using the RE-DUCS architecture.
  • Brought in developers who instantly started to build new features.
  • Created an Excel-like page, making it possible to easily edit items on a catalog list.
  • Integrated the web app with a REST API.
Technologies: Sass, Redux, React

Senior Front-end Developer

2015 - 2017
UOL - Universe Online
  • Contributed to the largest website in Latin America.
  • Worked on UOL's homepage, which receives over 7.4 billion visits each month.
  • Developed the Municipal Election Scoreboard, using Mithril.js and powerful web sockets. It received seventeen million visits in one day.
  • Worked on a tennis scoreboard using React.js and Reflux.js.
  • Developed applications using ES6.
Technologies: Browserify, Webpack, Sass, Comet, WebSockets, Apache Velocity, React, Mithril.js

Senior Front-end Developer

2014 - 2015
  • Implemented the Arabic language for the Visit Britain website, making it possible for Great Britain to advertise tourism spots to the Middle East. The Arabic language is is right-to-left oriented, so Sass variables and HTML properties were used to flip the whole content.
  • Implemented new features for the Visit Britain website, such as a competition module.
  • Worked remotely from Brazil for over a year.
  • Created prototypes for BBC's TopGear website.
  • Developed the new website for Bayer Innovation.
  • Developed the new website for Alfa, a new fintech company.
Technologies: Materialize, Craft CMS, Browserify, AngularJS, jQuery, Sass, PHP

Senior Front-end Developer

2012 - 2014
UOL - Universe Online
  • Worked on UOL's exclusive CMS.
  • Created new features for the UOL journalists.
  • Reduced the time a journalist would take to create a photo album from several days to five seconds.
  • Speeded up the journalists' process for adding a new article.
  • Worked with complex XML data.
Technologies: PHP, Apache Velocity, jQuery, XML

Front-End Developer

2009 - 2011
  • Created demo products using video, voice, and text services.
  • Worked for Requestec important companies in the US like Verizon and Time Warner Cable.
  • Developed the award-winning SayPage.com website.
  • Developed cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Created a video-integrated website.
Technologies: RhoMobile, jQuery Mobile, PHP, jQuery

Front-end Developer

2008 - 2009
  • Developed the largest street map website in Chile, Planos.cl.
  • Worked with YUL framework.
  • Create an API that could work with both Google Maps and Planos.cl API.
  • Manually created sprite images.
  • Worked on the Argentine Yellow Pages.
Technologies: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache Velocity

Municipal Election Scoreboard

I was in the four-member team that developed the scoreboard for the 2016 Municipal Elections in Brazil. I helped choose the languages and settings. Packed with features, like the ability to save favorite cities and candidates, open maps, and view real-time results, it received seventeen million visits in one day.

UOL Homepage

UOL is the largest website in Latin America. I was in the four-member team that developed and manages its homepage, which receives over 7.4 billion visits each month.


Working for a small creative agency in central London, I had the chance to develop new features for the official website for Great Britain's tourism organization.

I was first hired to implement the Arabic language, which allowed them to advertise their tourism spots to the Middle East. The Arabic language is is right-to-left oriented, so SASS variables and HTML properties were used to flip the whole content.

Redux Synth

This is a personal WIP project. I wanted to gather two things I really enjoy: React.js and synthesizing. Moreover, I was very keen to test Redux.js on a more interesting project. It was equally challenging and enjoyable to see how great Redux.js can be when handling the application state.

In this synthesizer, every piece of state is kept in the Redux store. It's a state-of-the-art piece of code.


CSS3, CSS4, JavaScript, CSS, Less, ECMAScript (ES6), SCSS, PHP, HTML5, ES7, HTML, Sass, XML, CMS-2, GraphQL


Redux, JavaScriptCore, Materialize, Jasmine, Apache Velocity, AngularJS, Mithril.js, Angular, AJAX.OOP, PhoneGap, StrongLoop, Loopback, Twig, JavaScript MVC, Flux, Relay


jQuery, jQuery Plugins, jQuery Easing, jQuery Mobile, jQuery CDN, jQuery UI, React, Node.js, Handlebars, WordPress API, Google Ads API, Google API, Apple Maps API, Google Maps, jQuery SVG, jQuery Validation, Vuex, Jasmine-jQuery, Chai, WebGL, Vue Material, D3.js, Three.js, P5.js, JavaScript API for Chrome, RefluxJS, Mongoid, Underscore.js, Snap.svg, Vue, Immutable.js


BEM, Kanban, Asynchronous Development, Asynchronous Programming, Promise, Clean Code, Agile Software Development, Agile, SMACSS, Unobtrusive JavaScript, Functional Programming, Agile Product Management, Scrum, MEAN Stack, JavaScript MV* Framework, Model View Controller (MVC)


Firebug, Mocha, Git, Bitbucket, GitLab, Aptana, Sublime Text 3, Sublime Text 2, Sublime Text, Adobe Photoshop, Browserify, Webpack, NPM, Photoshop CC, Babel, Gulp, Grunt, OsCSS, GitHub, VirtualBox, Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator CC, Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6, ITerm, Eclipse IDE, Xcode, WebStorm, VUE Infinite, GitHub Pages, Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad++, JavaScript Testing, Osclass, MongoLab, Mongoose


WordPress, WordPress Theme Design, MacOS, Craft CMS, Backbase, Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, OpenShift, Heroku, Firebase, Firefox, webOS, WebQL, Backendless, Magento 2, Magento, Apple, DigitalOcean, Magento API, Unix, Linux


Enzyme, HTML to WordPress, SVG, CCSS, Illustrator to HTML, MacBook, BEMIT, PSD to WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Illustration, RhoMobile, WebSockets, Comet, Google, Google+, Google V8, Agile Software Testing, Async.js, Ajax, Universal JS, Isomorphic, v4l2loopback, Websites, Wireless, Blaze, Cordova, Content Management Systems (CMS), Git GUI, APIs, Processing.js, Unix Shell Scripting, Private NPM Modules


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Sync, Firebird, MongoDB, MongoEngine

2000 - 2003

Bachelor's Degree in Advertisement

Faculdade Casper Libero - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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